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Concerto Note コンチェルトノート [Applique]



Foreword: I guess Concerto Note won the poll for extra review, because of partial English release that turned out to be a total scam covering literally only the first three minutes of the game where absolutely nothing is told, and no introductions are made. A lot of years ago I took this bait as well. Now it's time to satisfy that curiosity.

Shinya is stuck!
He is forced to leave school when he comes back to school after long hospitalization. But one day, he meets his childhood friend, Rito, and she tells him about a new school and an western-style old house. Like this, he comes back to his hometown and meets Wakana, Shirayuki, Seika, and Sayori there. Kind people and new house...
One night, a strange girl appears in front of him and says, "You'll die in ten days..." Her name is Tama and she kindly gives him the power to prevent it. However, this means he borrows luck from her in advance. From that day, various mishaps happen to Shinya and his friends. To stop it, they will need to get rid of other people's misfortunes...

Game type: Plotge
Character Design rating: 8/10
Protagonist rating: 6/10
Story rating: 6/10
Game quality: 7/10
Overall rating: 7/10

As usual, if game has review coverage, I'm happy to present it (1 2 3 4). I did not pick this game on my free will earlier, because I'm strongly prejudiced against games revolving around luck concept. It's just so unrealistic that it makes me want to facepalm.
Concept is rather simple and it's all in the synopsis. Tama prevents death and that eats up all protagonist's luck. Concerto Note is called a game for Rito and Tama for a serious reason. Other four main heroines have rather simple personalities and routes composition. In those routes H events are piled at the end, and luck mystery is resolved half-heartedly or even susbstitured with love, so protagonist can't see Tama anymore. Rito route on the other hand only has short H scenes in the middle, but the focus is on resolving the mystery up to the end of the route. Basically, only Rito route makes Concerto Note a plotge. Rito also has outstanding personality being an excessively rational genius and a childhood friend. But if you think that game revolutionarry breaks with tradition starting from ToHeart to present childhood friends as boring vegetables, you're only half right, because Wakana plays this role here just fine.
Don't have much to say about this game, so let's see its downsides. Graphics is rough in many CG. Flowchart is pretty much useless as its only meaning is to present routes in forced order. Game has little humor in it. True End reminds me of Air too much, and I hate Air. Main character produces positive impression in SOL scenes, but suddenly becomes abuser in H events. Other four main heroines did not impress me, even Seika failed to meet expectations. I evaluate the whole luck concept really low. After Rui wa Tomo o Yobu approach to dealing with the curse is much weaker in Concerto Note.
Basically, Rito is the only element that makes game memorable and outstanding. Interaction with her is always interesting, so I'll let the game slip as girigiri masterpiece. But there are other good features as well. Three male sub-characters are actually depicted rather well, not like usual placeholders for classmates. But what allows to keep reader's attention is good tempo and absence of forced scenes. Flow feels natural. So I'd say that text is skillfully written as it manages to advance story painlessly without tilt into humor or parody. I'd say that Concerto Note is a good game for beginners or those who can accept such concept. I could not suppress irritation during the read.


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