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Mersin Mew Mew Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (09/20/2020)

Seeing that we have Salthe release with Mersin as the main setting place and that we have Wan Nyan A La Mode was released back at 18 days ago, I decided to parodied the old anime Tokyo Mew Mew in that I changed 'Tokyo' into 'Mersin' which ironically quite fitting seeing that the producer for Salthe was also the one who wrote first three Nekopara VNs (Although obviously the tone is very different). For more trivia, Tokyo Mew Mew itself have sequel manga with the sub title A La Mode although the manga itself is quite infamous though. As for this week, I guess I can say that this week is quite active with several releases (Most of those are just nukige releases though) along with some updates as usual. That said, at least I can say that I find that Salthe here is quite interesting to a degree even with the fact that it have a lot of torture and rape and that it's a nukige as well. Let's see what I can write for this week as well, and sorry for being late.

I can't comment much on Monster Girl Breeder other than it's yet another isekai nukige VN release from Cherry Kiss Games that focused on Monster Girl, but if you like to play it because of the monster girl then go ahead. Other nukige releases are from fan translation section, with one of those have a very indicative title (Tomodachi Sex). The premise for Tomodachi Sex is that we have female MC was have sex friend who also his childhood friend and yet she already have a boyfriend, so essentially we play as a girl who have sex behind her boyfriend. By the way I want to nitpick about the appearance, in that the childhood friend is drawn more like a nice guy character while the boyfriend was drawn like some usual cool guy rival character, so perhaps the girl was wrong in regard of choosing her boyfriend because she should be with her childhood friend lol. Another releases was in regard of Appetite VN which obviously another nukige as well, although I can't say much on that as well other than it have goddess heroine. Go get two other nukige if you interested with those two as well, and have fun.

For fan translation update, we have Loverable was at 91.03% edited, Harugi's Branch was at 87% translated, Reflection Blue was at 15.29% edited, and Eustia was at 96.39% translated with side routes was past three quarter (76.58%) translated. There's also Noe's route patch from Steps to Love VN was released in that it's obviously translate both common and Noe's route, and with that it mean only one route left before the full patch release seeing that it only have two heroines (Although I'm not particularly looking forward to the release of full patch though). Lastly we have Table of N translation patch released, although I don't know much about it though other than it's short otome VN with vampire and that the staffs are experienced in writing otome mobile VN. Go get the patch from this thread here if you interested to know on what kind of story that the short VN have, and have fun.

We also have Taisho x Alice Episode 2 release, in that following the previous volume we'll going to have our female MC dating one of handsome version of fairy tale heroine, and this time we'll have the MC dating both of handsome Kaguya and Gretel. Also in case you worry about bad translation and bad dub, worry not because the translator is still Verdillish and that the voice of the heroes is still in Japan. Go get it from Steam if you like otome VN, and I hope you'll enjoy it. Speaking about otome VN, we have Mangagamer announced the release date for Steam Prison Fin's route DLC, and it'll be at October 15th later. From Sekai we have Bokukotsu FD currently waiting for approval, and more importantly we have Nine Episode 4 was halfway translated. 

About Salthe, first of all it's produced by Soiree who as I see from VNDB is Smile's imprint in that it's the same company that was produced Bokukotsu. Although Bokukotsu here is more or less very light moe nukige with same art as Nekopara (Same artist and all), Salthe here is far from light seeing that it have torture and rape. And apparently the contents of that was quite severe, so much that ShiraVN did need to release uncensored patch outside Steam, with the censored VN itself was already categorized as adult only game at Steam. The premise here is like we have our female MC titular Salthe who find herself act in what the VN call a comedy show in order to reenact on how she find her demise, and turned out that it full of torture and rape. Note that while the VN call it as comedy, obviously the comedy here is not like what we see at Bokukotsu although whether you'll agree that the VN itself is a comedy or not I'll leave it to each of their own. Granted that initial reaction would say that this VN is not a comedy, although I won't know though if the same can be said if you finished Salthe. If you want to see on how Sathe's act will going, find out more about that by yourself and have fun (You can get Salthe at Steam legally for the info).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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