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Bern Mirage Sessions Review

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Visual Novel Translation Status (09/13/2020)

Surprisingly Zakamutt was very quick with this week VNTS, so let me straight to the point with my late VNTS Review here and I'll tell about the title at PS. For this week, the most obvious big news here would be Hypno Kickstarter (KS) in that it's started back at 8th and already funded. Other than that, there's some fan translation updates and several releases announcements, although none of those are interesting to me though. I think what I can say about this week would be quite a calm one, although Hypno's KS itself is quite interesting update to me. Let's see what i can write for this week as well.

For the first updates, we have two news in regard of otome VNs release date. For the first news it's in regard of Taisho x Alice Episode 2, in that the release date of it was decided to moved up from October to 18th later, so if you want to date handsome Kaguya and Gretel then you can note the date. While for the other news, it's about the delay of the release in that Piofiore was delayed from 10th to October 8th later so if you already looking forward to Piofiore it mean that you need to wait a bit longer. Speaking about release date, we also have Sekai announced the exact release date for Nekopara 4 as well in that it'll be at November 26th later and they also already opened the Steam store for that. And we also have new VN annunced in that Cherry Kiss did announce that they'll release yet another isekai nukige with the name Monster Girl Breeder at 19th later, so if you want to see an isekai story when you'll breed a lot of monster girl then you can wait until 19th later.

The editing for Eustia was caught up with the translation progress in that currently it's at 95.57% edited with the translation number was slightly up with the current progress was at 95.60% translated with side routes was at 71.46% translated, Harugi's Branch route was at 84% translated, Loverable was at 90.56% edited, Nursery Rhyme was at 36% re-edited, Miotsukushi Ura was at 41% edited, and Reflection Blue was fully translated along with at 10.16% edited. For more elaboration on Reflection Blue, currently Alka have been reworking 10.6% of the original Summer Pockets so it could still take a while before the release for Reflection Blue full patch even though it's been already fully translated. Other than Alka manage to fully translated Reflection Blue (Summer Pockets new contents for the reminder), no much to say in regard of fan translation section so that's all for this week fan translation updates roundup.

As for Hypno's KS, like I said it's been already started and currently it's been already successful with the base goal was at 13,200,000 yen with the funds that they currently gather is at ~16,200,000 yen. So currently they tried to get some stretch goals, in that the highest goal will be worked on later if the funding reach 39,600,000 yen. For the Hypno itself, the setting itself is quite dark with human souls are easily usable as fuel for demon's weapons although our focus here is obviously not on human though, but rather the demon that would happen on the civil war after the biggest nation (Varganian) declare the war to conquer whole Helvetia (The world name in Hypno). You can try the demo first if you want to find out about the gameplay, and if you didn't like tentacle you can try all age version because 18+ version trial have two sex scenes with tentacle. They already estimate the release timeline for Hypno as well in that it'll be at December 2021, which to say pretty reasonable if you recall Frontier was released one year after it's KS at December 2019 and that Hypno story is 1.5 times linger than Frontier from what Keimaru (The director of Ninetail) said.

That's all for my VNTS Review at this week, and see you next week.

PS - As for the title, I decided to parodied Tokyo Mirage Sessions because this week we have Hypno Kickstarted and that the place setting is the world call Helvetia. Helvetia itself is actually the national personification of Switzerland and Switzerland capital is Bern, and so I change 'Tokyo' into 'Bern' seeing that Tokyo here is Japan's capital. As for Tokyo Mirage Session itself actually it's crossover of Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei, and so I likened Venus Blood with Fire Emblem seeing that both of those are strategy games even though it have different gameplay (And Tokyo Mirage Sessions itself is more like normal RPG than strategy games).

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