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9 -Nine- Episode 3: Yoshikawa Haruka Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (09/06/2020)

I'll tell the title at PS later, and welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week, I guess I can say that it's being another active one with both of Wan Nyan and Nine Episode 3 release in that the latter is Sekai's first big release at 2020. Other than those two releases, we also have MDZ of Koiresort translation fame decided to being active and recently he released Kosaka-san translation patch. The rest of the updates are mostly the progress from both of Nekonyan and fan translation, and also we have JAST announced yet another of monoceros's nukige. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

For fan translation updates we have Harugi's Branch was at 82% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 36% edited, Loverable was at 90.38% edited, Reflection Blue was at 6.2% edited along with Alka reworking on the translation of original Summper Pockets (The translation on Reflection Blue is still resuming, and currently they working on the lines that mostly related on ping pong mini game), and Eustia was at 95.57% translated with side routes was at 71.24% translated. As for Kosaka-san, from what I read apparently the atmosphere of the VN is like Subahibi in that it's about the world that about to face apocalypse, and that it's quite short. For the premise, the MC was like to be going to the rooftop in order to escape from the bustle of lunchtime at school hours, and one day the MC met with a girl that was called Kosaka-san who inform that she want to commit suicide before meteorite destroyed the Earth in the short time. Go get the VN if you interested or want to see on whether it'll be really like Subahibi or not (I mean in regard of the atmosphere, not the twist), and have fun.

Turned out that Chinkamo here is indeed Love Lab's secret project and that it's been fully translated and edited, and for another update from Love Lab we also have Humbling of Holy Maiden was fully translated. JAST did have another monoceross's nukige, and this time is a nukige with the teacher with the name Kanosen. They also already have the release date for this, and it'll be at 25th later. This time I won't comment on how the heroine design make her look older like back at Shoujo Dominance, although her breast there is suddenly make me think that Wagahigh heroines breast are very small lol. Lastly we have Ninetails announced that they'll start the KS for Hypno later (ie today), so let's see on how they'll do the KS later in regard of their goal and their merchandise.

Since we have Mangagamer released Wan Nyan, of course they had announced their next release for the next month. And in this case, their next release is Mugen Renkan with the release date at October 1st later. Back to Wan Nyan, what I can say is that it's pretty much just very normal moege even with the sexy alternative costumes that they have, and for more info the heroines here are pretty much normal human who cosplaying as doggirl and catgirl to run the cafetaria although I have to wonder though on who would use dog and cat in real life family name. Also the MC here is a wanderer who have a lot of absence in the school and yet managed to be prodigy in sweet making because he's a bit obsessed with ultimate sweet, and that he managed to met all of six heroines in one way or another. If anything at least the MC have face and it's quite good looking so it's reasonable for the heroines to fall in love with him lol, which to say pretty unusual for this type of VN. Go get Wan Nyan if you want some pseudo doggirl and catgirl who run the cafe like Tokyo Mew Mew, and have fun.

Before going to Nine Episode 3 release, we have some updates from Sekai in that they fully translated Kimagure Temptation and that they have overall Rewrite was past halfway (55%) along with 44% edited. I won't bother to note that progress though seeing that it's too bothersome to count the lines for both of Rewrite+ and Harvest Festa, especially after I know that Rewrite+ cut some lines in exchange for adding some more new lines. For Nekonyan after their IxShe Tell release, we have them did usual updates. As for the updates, it goes like we have Aokana EXTRA 1 was fully translated and edited and currently the engine port for that is ongoing, both of Melty Moment and their secret project was at 40% translated, Riddle Joker was fully translated along with 98% edited and 40% in QA, and Clover Days editing will begin in this week with the engine port was delayed. After looking at both of Hello Lady and Riddle Joker progress, their next release might be Riddle Joker seeing that they decided to not port it to another engine unlike Hello Lady, although of course it can be change again.

For Nine Episode 3, this time the heroine is Haruka who is known as upperclassman heroines for Kakeru. As for the premise, this time Kakeru decided to infiltrate the rival group in that he suspect that one of the member might be the culprit behind the petrification case that was happened in the town. While at first the love between Kakeru and Haruka seem impossible because both of them are in opposite position, turned out that it can be happen there. Other than Kakeru x Haruka romance, this episode also reveal a lot of thing that was relevant in Nine and also the preparation for the finale at next episode (Which turned out might be not the finale seeing that Palette teased us for Episode 5 at 9th later). There's also some bugs happened in the translated version, namely that there's a CG that can't be displayed in the CG mode and some untranslated test, although it's more or less minor though (Not like I expect Sekai will fix those quickly anyway). Go get Nine Episode 3 if you've been like it since the first two episodes (Perhaps because of the arts that are quite beautiful), and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review and I'm sorry for being late here. See you next week.

PS - For this week title, seeing that we have Nine Episode 3 as Sekai's big release I decided to make seiyuu (VA) joke like my past VNTS Review when two parts of Nine are released. After 'Hoshizora Miyako' and 'Kamijou Sora', this time we have 'Yoshikawa Haruka' as the parody of the heroine of Nine Episode 3 (Kousaka Haruka). Of course 'Yoshikawa' here is the VA joke in question, in that it's from Yoshikawa Yuko of Hibike Euphonium and that the character share same VA as Haruka (Yamaoka Yuri). As for both of Yuko and Haruka. the only similarities that I can say is that both of them are the upperclassman characters for the MC of the respective works (Kumiko and Kakeru) and that both of the characters at first are more or less at odds with the main characters (Haruka is more serious though).


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