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New Generation Comedy Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (08/30/2020)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since I have nothing to say about Zakabox at this week let me going straight to my review for this week. As for this week overall I can say that this week is quite active one with one release from Nekonyan (IxShe Tell), one release announcement from Sekai (Nine Episode 3), one new VN announcement (Salthe) and several updates from official company (ie Mangagamer, Sekai, and Sol Press). So overall I guess I can say that this week is pretty much quite an exciting one, although it's still too bad that Mangagamer still not revealed their secret project so for now we can only wait for them to reveal their own secret projects. With this done, let's see what I can write for this week and I'll tell the title at PS later.

I guess I should start from Mangagamer in that they gave a number of updates at this week in that some of those are finished the testing. For the updates that finished the testing, we have Rance Quest, Sukehime, Steam Prison Fin's route, and 3rd secret project. The other updates that we have from Mangagamer are Musicus was in programming, Sona-Nyl Refrain was at 92% translated, and Genesis was at 60% edited. With this it mean that currently there are seven projects that were already finished the testing, and if we look from the past pattern there's a big chance that they'll announce Mugen Renkan as their next release after they release WanNyan at September 3rd later. Although of course it still depend on Mangagamer though whether they really will do it or not. As for third secret project, what I can say is that they obviously must reveal it if they about to release it, so let's wait and see here. As for Rance Quest, while it's good news to see it finished the testing we still need for a while so we still need to wait for some times before the release. That's all for Mangagamer's updates.

Sol Press did remove Daresora from their own Steam store, which mean that they won't work on Daresora anymore. While it mean that Sol Press did technically cancel one of their license yet again, I can say that I didn't lose much seeing that Daresora here is more or less just an episodic release with volume 1 is very short so it's not exactly good format for the VN here, and not even episodic format excuse here can save this VN here because Daresora here is failed to resolve the plot (To be fair it's supposed to be released like that, and currently Japanese version of this was also inactive as well). With this it mean one less project from Sol Press and hopefully they can keep up the work from their remaining projects. For the updates, we have Nukitashi was at 31% translated, Sakura Celebration was finished the editing progress, and both Irotoridori and Sakura Celebration waiting for QA build (Why the updates are like Sekai?). That's all for Sol Pres updates.

We have Shira VN announced that they'll release Salthe at September 15th later, and looking from the writer's CV we can say that it'll be a comedy VN just like what the producer usually did with Nekopara. Although in this case the comedy itself is quite dark with torture and rape though, and the VN itself was called as dark nukige which to say not something that Nekopara writer did write in his Magnum Opus (Otherwise Nekopara franchise would be more well known because of torture and rape instead of usual lighthearted catgirl story lol). Other things to note would be it'll be featuring female MC (And no this is not a otome VN for the info), and that Shira VN was forced to censored it on Steam so they also provided uncensored patch that was supposed to work on Steam version (And the censored version itself is already categorized as adult games, so yeah it's says a lot).

From fan translation we have Chaos Head Noah projects did have some new activity after some times of being inactive, and apparently they bring some new staffs into working on the translation. For the progress, currently we have three routes are fully translated (Sena's, Kozue's, and Ayase's) along with Nanami's route was at 45% translated, Yua's route was at 44.36% translated, Rimi's route was at 37.93% translated, B route was at 12.40% translated, and common route was at 4.34% translated (Note that common route here is basically two third of the game). Other than translation progress, apparently the porting is doing well so at least there's some big progress on Noah. For the next update, they'll do it at October 1st later so let's wait and see in regard of that. There's also some other updates in regard of White Album 2 at Discord, and what I can say is that the work is currently going well thanks to the new translators already finished some routes in Coda chapter with the plan for release the full patch was estimated at sometimes in the near future (ie at 2021), although of course it can be change in the future so I can only say that I'll keep my eyes whether the team can achieve their plan or not.

For the other fan translation updates, first of all we have Pure x Connect script was at 9,324 lines edited while for the translation it was at 16,614 lines translated (Honestly it's hard to confirm if it's correct or not because the translator did the typo, but for now I treat it as 16,614 lines are translated). Other than that we have Miotsukushi Ura was fully translated, Eustia was at 95.32% translated (Side routes was at 69.61% translated) along with 94.67% edited, Harugi's Branch was past three quarter (76%) translated, Loverable was at 90.35% edited, and Reflection Blue was past three quarter (88.3%) translated along with 3.31% edited (Also Shiki's route is already fully translated). We also have Iro Yoridori patch release, in that it's a NTR VN with the premise the MC's female childhood friend was in danger to be fall to the school playboy, and it's up to MC whether the playboy can get what he want or not. Go get the patch if you want to play it and have fun.

For Sekai we have they did add two more secret projects, although for now I won't comment on this until they reveal it. For the roundup we have Rewrite+ was at 20% edited, Bouquet of My Beloved (Seriously I never pay attention to this announcement) was at halfway translated, Koiama 2 was fuly translated and currently waiting on English build, Nekopara 4 was fully edited and currently waiting on QA build, Island Diary was also waiting for QA build as well, and Nine Episode 4 was at 38% translated along with 30% edited. Last but not in the least, we have Sekai announced Nine Episode 3 release at tomorrow and of course this'll be another VN with Tsubasu's art along with that it'll reveal a lot of secret in Nine VNs. I'll look forward to the release later, obviously for both of the arts and the stories (And yes I know that Episode 4 here is Nine's finale).

This week we have Nekonyan released IxShe Tell, and while for sure it's not as big as either Hello Lady or Clover Days I would say that you can still look forward to play it, if only for the sake of the comedy that was available in there. While granted that it's still quite underrated as of now, I believe that some people may enjoy this VN especially if you're in need of some lighter VN that was full of comedy. So my suggestion for IxShe Tell here would be just treat it as pure moege instead of charage, and not expect much story from this. For the premise, we have our MC Hajime in that he's the so-called school hero who abolished a century rule that banned the romance in the school, and after he's being successful he enjoyed the result with five girls approaching him one by one. Seeing that Hajime didn't have enough time for romance beforehand, he's very confused about it so it's up to the player to help him find his love. Go get IxShe Tell from one of many stores like usual Nekonyan's releases, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For the title seeing that we have Chaos Head Noah big update along with Salthe announcement, I decided to combined 'New Generation' from New Generation murder case at Chaos Head Noah (Forgot to mention that Noah here is the upgraded version of Chaos Head) and 'Comedy' from Salthe (Because it put the emphasis on the word comedy very much at the premise), so we have 'New Generation Comedy' as this week VNTS Review. Note that comedy here is depend on each of their own in regard on how funny it is, and of course the twisted murderer of New Generation murder here would surely find it as funny.


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