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Phantom Trigger no Rakuen Vol. 1 Review



As for this week title since we have Phantom Trigger Volume 7 was released by Frontwing and that it's supposed to be the finale, I decided to just combined Phantom Trigger with the last part of Grisaia trilogy (So-called) so that we have 'Phantom Trigger no Rakuen'. As for 'Vol. 1' part, turned out that the ending was sort of ended in a cliffhanger and will continue in the next chapter hence 'Vol. 1' as the subtitle. As for this week, other than Phantom Trigger Volume 7 release we have a lot of interesting updates especially from fan translation section, and more importantly we finally have Rhapsody's full patch being released in that it mean now we have three Eushully VNs did properly translated. So overall I guess I can say that this week is quite interesting one, and let's see what I can write for this week.

Cherry Kiss did release My Creampie Heaven nukige back at Friday, and turned out that it have three VNs that was bundled into one release. Furthermore, it also turned out that the MC did have different love interests at each VN even though the premise is exactly the same. It's not like it would make a difference anyway in that it's not interesting nukige to me, but you can get that if you like it and have fun. Speaking about nukige release, JAST also did release Shoujo Dominance in that the premise is telling the story about the daughter who have some Electra Complex towards the father (Our MC). What I can comment is that the main heroine design was looking more like a strict office lady instead of a high school student, although perhaps I'm getting used to see cute schoolgirl in VNs though. I never think that the writer may already envisioned the story between MC and his wife only to change it to forbidden love between father and daughter, and that the designer already finished the design for the wife heroine and they ran out of time. You can get Shoujo Dominance from JAST if you want to play that short nukige, and have fun.

Alicesoft decided to released the demo for Evenicle 2 at August 17th later, which obviously coincidence with my independence day. No much to say other than I look forward on how much that the demo will show the gameplay and story, and more importantly whether Alicesoft will be able to release Evenicle 2 at this year or not. As for Phantom Trigger Volume 7, once again turned out that the ending was ended in cliffhanger so we must wait for one more chapter before the finale. That said, the cliffhanger was apparently not as bad as Meikyuu though so at least you can play this if you want. In any case you can play it if you want to see Phantom Trigger team preparation for the final battle, and have fun. As for the Volume 8 release, we may have it longer so I expect that the development time will take some time in that it might take more than a year.

For fan translation updates we have Harugi was at 57% translated with Branch route was at 32% translated with Sumika's route was at 7% translated, Taimanin Yukikaze 2 was at 90% translated, Loverable was at 89.44% edited, Reflection Blue was at 40.7% translated with Miki's route was at 44.6% translated and Shizuku's route was past three quarter (77.2%) translated, and Eustia was at 92.45% translated with side routes was past halfway (51.01%) translated along with the editing progress almost catching up was at 91.65% edited. We also have sudden translated demo for Shukufuku no Campanella. As for Campanella itself, it's Windmill VN which mean that the VN usually did have fantasy setting, and Campanella here is no exception (My experience here is more with Sankaime though, in that while it's more modern it's still end up like fantasy VN). I don't know whether the translator will eventually translate the whole VN or not, but I hope he will seeing that a Windmill VN in English is good especially with Sol Press withdrawing from VN translation business.

Lastly we finally have full patch of Kami no Rhapsody, and with this we have another Eushully VN being translated. The team also did announce their next Eushully VN project, and in this case it's Fuukan no Grasesta or I'll just call it as Grasesta. As for Rhapsody itself, more or less you should expect Kamidori when it come to the MC seeing that he can recruit several people to help him thanks to his mysterious charisma. Of course you shouldn't focused much on story anyway if we talk about Eushully VN, but rather the gameplay. As for the gameplay, at least I can say that it's quite balanced enough on the first playthrough, although if you go to the post game dungeon beware though that it's not quite balanced. Granted that Kamidori also did have the same problem as well, but at least I can say that Kamidori here is still somewhat balanced in the post game dungeon. That said it's been a while since we have Eushully VN with proper translation, so feel free to try it and have fun. Lastly let me say that I'll look forward to Grasetsa progress later, and that I'm still waiting for Amayui full patch.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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