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Silver Colored Faraway Track 5 - Lieder ohne Worte of an Elder Brother and a Younger Sister



Because we have Yuzuki's route of Ginharu finally being worked, I decided to use the title 'Silver Colored Farway' for the title and of course since it's the fifth time I use it I add 'Track 5'. For the rest, of course it's from one of Kanon 2006 episode title and in this case it's episode 17 (Lieder ohne Worte of an Elder Sister and a Younger Sister), and I'll explain the title at PS later. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week I can say that it's sort of break after a number of announcements from the last week, although of course it's by no mean a plain week because other than Yuzuki's route being worked on we also have Reflection Blue update along with significant increase in Eustia editing progress. We also have Macchiato release, although in this case it's looks like a usual moege though. Overall I think I can say that this week is quite good, and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

We have Fakku stated that they already at around 40 to 50% in regard of Abaddon translation progress, which at least it's good for them. I know that it's turned out to be a gameplay VN and a hard one at that, although I'll just say that I still wouldn't interested with it because of the disturbing contents. That said, I hope that they'll manage to release it at this year. We also have Lilith-soft released Taimanin Yukikaze demo for Steam, and they gathered controversy because turned out that they apparently stole the available fan translation. Well it's a redundant release anyway. Also I'm sure that there'll be no sequel available for Steam because the sequel did have Yukikaze infiltrate the school, and we know on how the first Asagi was banned by Valve because of school setting (Not because the amount of rape). From Cherry Kiss, we have another nukige (My Creampie Heaven) release was planned at this year, and apparently it's an old nukige. And finally we have a new VN exact release date announcement (Trap Legend) in that it'll be released at 17th later, so if you like trap than you can look forward to it.

Currently we have Humbling of Holy Maiden was halfway in programming, and also we have the secret project from Love Lab in which it's currently was at 30% translated along with 20% edited. About Macchiato, I think I can say that it's more or less a VN with catgirls only that the MC was apparently less lucky. And that so-called luckless MC did somehow manage to have three lovers with all of those are catgirls, and the problem is that the MC can only choose one. So in order to solve the problem, the MC decided to do his best to get around of his situation. Well you better enjoy the sex scenes with the cute graphic because this is a nukige, and you just need to know that the MC also run the cafe as well just like the title said. You can get Macchiato if you've been interested with it, and have fun. Too bad that this time Mangagamer didn't announced their next month release, although I guess they already planned Room No. 9 as their August release.

For fan translation updates, first of all we have Miotsukushi Ura was at 65% translated and Loverable was at 88.3% translated. For Eustia, right now we have the script was at 91.20% translated (Side stories was at 42.87% translated) along with the editing was catching up at 90.68% edited (Side stories was at 39.54% edited). As for Reflection Blue, currently we have Shizuku's route was at 16% translated and Umi's route was past halfway (52.6%) translated (Looks like they'll focusing on Umi's route first seeing that it's quite short), and currently the overall script was at 9.9% translated. For the number of lines, turned out that Reflection Blue line count was at around halfway from the original VN so we can say that it's at around two third translated for rough estimation. Last but not the least we have Tsurezure did start translating Yuzuki's route, and currently the progress is that overall Ginharu was at 63.93% translated with Yuzuki's route was at 5.4% translated.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - As for Kanon 2006 episode 17, the story is about the fractured relationship between Shiori and Kaori who is younger and older sister respectively. Of course we'll not going to have two sister in Ginharu, but rather brother (Yukito) and sister (Yuzuki) even though they're not blood related. Lieder ohne Worte itself is a series of short lyrical piano pieces and it mean 'Songs Without Words', which it's quite fitting for Yukito and Yuzuki seeing that the song was composed by the composer himself with some help from his younger sister.


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