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A Certain Scientific Eleanore Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have pseudo AX at this week (Because the real AX was cancelled thanks to the pandemic) I can obviously say that we'll have quite a number of announcements. Of course the number is understandably less than normal AX, but I can still say that I manage to have took my interest on some of the announcements. Other than the announcements, we also have a lot of updates from Sekai and Mangagmer especially in regard of the reveal of their secret projects. Overall this week is quite an exciting one, and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

First of all we have Sol Press update, in that unfortunately it's not their new announcements at this time like back at last year. But instead they report that the translator of Himawari no Kioku was suddenly leaving so that the project is delayed (Whatever, and that's why they should make sure that it's finished before announcing the release timeline), Nukitashi was turned out only at 22% edited because of some re-calculation, and Sakura Celebration was fully translated along with 61.5% edited. From fan translation, we have Alka planned Miagete FD release at 16th later with sex scenes in which Pulltop certainly wouldn't translate it if they license Miagete FD. In any case, I hope that they can work on sex scenes restoration at original Miagete sooner or later. For the rest of the updates, we have Miotsukushi Ura was at 60% translated, Taimanin Yukikaze 2 was at 80% translated, 7,160 lines of Pure x Connect are edited, Eustia was at 90.86% translated with side routes was at 40.71% translated, and Loverable was at 87.58% edited. Lastly we have Humbling Holy Maiden from Love Lab was at 60% translated.


Mangagamer did reveal two of their secret projects and then they gained two more secret projects, so overall the number of the secret projects is still the same. As for the revealed secret project, one of those are Jeanne and the Clock Tower aka 2nd secret project in that it's one of Liar-soft VN. The art is quite different from usual Liar-soft style, but at least the typical plot of them still remain in that one of World War 2 soldier was somehow stranded into alternative timeline of French Revolution (Or that's what I understand). In any case, I don't know on how good Jeanne is but perhaps I may know later if we have it being finally released. Since this is their 2nd secret project, it mean that there's already a lot of progress and in this case it's already finished the translating processes (Translating and editing) and currently doing the image editing. As for their other project, it's Steam Prison Fin's route aka 5th secret project in which it's the patch that will add the PSV exclusive route into PC version. Not quite interesting to me, but at least you can date one more hero in Steam Prison later. As for the progress, it's been already finished the translated process.

As for the rest of the updates, we have the 3rd secret project was fully translated along with 91% edited, 6th secret project was at 60% translated along with 55% edited, 7th secret project was at 70% translated along with 66% edited, Musicus was at 94% translated along with 92% edited (Looks like they really aim to release this in English at this year), Sona-Nyl's Refrain was past halfway (56%) translated, and Rance Quest was in testing (So perhaps it mean that it's almost ready for the release). Lastly we have another exact release date announcement from Mangagamer, and in this case it's Room No.9 with the release date at August 6th later.

Sekai Project

We have a bunch of the updates from them, and some of those can be summarized as that they'll try to release the works at this year. Some of those VNs that they'll try to release at this year are Island Diary (At Winter later), Harumade Kururu, Koiama 2, Bokukotsu FD, and Nekopara 4 (At November). While I'm surely would like them to fulfill their promise later (Especially in regard of Harumade Kururu), I'm kind of wary with Sekai here so I'll guess that I'll just not going to expect them to release those VNs at this year. Before going to the announcement, let me try to do some roundup first. For the roundup, we have Kimagure was at 45% translated, Bokukotsu FD was in QA, Koiama 2 was have the translation and editing in progress, and that they'll upgrade (Redundant) Hoshimemo into HD version. For the announcement, we have Slobbish Dragon Princess (aka Sekai 3rd secret project) in which apparently they aim for the simultaneous release at October 30th later with the progress was at 80% translated. No much comment other than it's new Whirlpool VN, and that the MC will have the dragon girl harem.

Since we have Nine Episode 4 was released back at April in Japan and that Sekai did have the license for overseas release, it's only logical that they'll announce Nine Episode 4 sooner or later. And turned out that they just announce this after they dubbed it as their 4th secret project, with sizable progress was at 30% translated. Seeing that Episode 4 here is the grand finale of Nine, I understand that they may need some more time to translate this. In any case, for now I'll hope that Sekai will be able to release this at 2021 along with Episode 3 (Currently was past halfway (52%) translated along with 44% edited) later. As for the question why Palette released Nine in episodic, I think the answer is that so the writer can build the world and the setting bit by bit, and it's very important seeing that it might be possible that the writer still didn't have the full concept of the story at the beginning (Back when he wrote Nine Episode 1 obviously). I'll look forward to this, if only for Tsubasu's arts.


We also have age give us the updates as well, in which one of those are the release date for Photonmelodies that will be released at 30th later. Other than Photonmelodies, we also have Muv-Luv Unlimited - The Day After in which it's basically compiled four Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicle into one releases, and as for the release date the plan was to release it at this year. While those two announcements surely would give us more Muv Luv world building, personally I just see those as fandiscs and that first half part of Day After is basically redundant because we already have first and second Alternative Chronicle are already translated (And that Alternative itself is conclusive enough). If anything else, at least Muv Luv fans would be happy with the announcements.

For the last announcement, since the VN is a nukige I'll just ignore this. Or that's what I would say if the nukige name is not Venus Blood Hypno (Localized as Venus Blood Hollow) in that I've been quite interested with it. As for the premise itself, we'll going to have our MC who basically tried to took revenge by corrupting the heroines one by one together with his loyal subordinates and from what I understand apparently the story would be quite dark even for Venus Blood standard. Another Venus Blood staple would obviously will be present here, and it's the tentacle for the reminder. From what I see at Youtube video, the gameplay was apparently the improved version of Frontier which is good to me seeing that I like the gameplay back at Frontier. Like back at Frontier, Ninetail would work together with JAST in order to work on this VN and that they'll do the Kickstarter again. As for when they'll do it, it'll be at fall although still no exact month (They estimated that they'll do it at either September or October later). In any case, I'll keep my eyes on the KS later and I'll look forward to the eventual release of Hypno here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For the title, since we have Nine Episode 4 announcement and that Kakeru's VA is also Index's Touma's VA (Atsuhi Abe), I decided to parodied the spinoff of Index 'A Certain Scientific Railgun'. I also change 'Railgun' into 'Eleanore', simply because Eleanore is the name of one of five woman that you'll corrupt in Hypno and that Eleanore herself is a typical scientist.


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