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VN of the Month January 2008 - Fortune Arterial



Don't want to call anything a masterpiece this month, but Fortune Arterial fits the best to be VN of the Month

1. Lucky Star ~Ryouou Gakuen Outousai~ らき☆すた~陵桜学園桜藤祭~ [080124] Vridge Inc. 1
Have you ever wanted to play one of those games that Konata plays? Well now you can! Take control of a transfer student and join Konata and the others.
Anime Spin-Off


2. Fortune Arterial [080125] August 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Hasekura Kouhei transfers into Shuchikan Academy, a prestigious public school in the style of an English six-year school encompassing junior-high and high school students. The school is on an island named Tamatsu Island off-shore from mainland Japan, and the only way to get there is by boat. Soon after transferring, he discovers that Sendou Erika, one of the students in the class next to his, is in fact a type of vampire.
There are English reviews.


3. Garden [080125] CUFFS
When I regained consciousness, I was lying on the bed. I didn't know what happened to me, but I felt terrible. "Are you alright?" There was a girl in front of me....
After one week, I've been transferred to a new high school. Due to some certain events, I started to distance myself from everyone. I just wanted to be left alone in peace until the graduation. But two girls laid waste to all my plans...
I decided to take it up for review.


4. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! G.P. Pia♥キャロットへようこそ!!G.P. [080125]
There is a restaurant, Pia Carrot. Hiroto starts working there as a part-timer, but a big gas explosion occurs on his first day there. He is badly injured and loses his job. A masked girl suddenly appears in front of him and gives him some advice. By following her advice, he becomes a boss of a newly opened restaurant, a branch restaurant of Pia Carrot. He meets his classmates and old friends there and they start working at the restaurant. His life gradually gets busy...
So tired of this franchise that can only put a moege label and go on.


5. Sakura Strasse さくらシュトラッセ [080125] Palette 1
There is a restaurant in a small town where Harumi was born and grown up. But he now lives alone far from his hometown. One day, he is informed that his mother gets ill. He immediately comes back to his hometown and visits the hospital. Her condition is not that bad, but she will need to close the restaurant. He decides to take over the restaurant from her despite being a terrible cook.
When he is at a loss what to do, a girl named Marie suddenly appears in front of him... She is pretty, hardworking, and good at cooking.
But there is one problem: she is actually a witch...
There is an English review.


6. Trouble Twins -My Sweet Brothers- とらぶるツインズ -MY SWEET BROTHERS- [080125] TeraBytes Records
Main character is a mischievous student who has a calm twin sister  studying in the same school. Personalities are very different, so siblings fight all the time. But one day parents go overseas for two weeks, so young people need to cooperate. Every day is a big fuss at home, and school bullies add to the chaos.
All ages half price comedy. But main character draws to the limit of all ages by flipping skirts and doing chest massage. Three heroines can be captured, but story is centered around sister. There is also bonus harem part when protagonist gets all three confessions. Scenario is short.


7. Wondering Repair! ワンダリング・リペア! [080125] Escu:de
Shusuke is a high school student living with his grandfather, who runs a watch/clock repair shop. He wants to be like his grandfather, but instead, he just lives a lazy life. One day, a little girl comes to the shop. "Repair this watch."
He tries to repair it by himself and makes it. Just when she puts it on, she transforms into a girl of his age. It seems her time goes wrong. To fix it, they will need to make good memories together. Like this, he and the girl, Amiri, start making good memories...
System with the clock repaired with memories is difficult to cope and needs getting used to, walkthrough is also recommended due to complexity and long period - one month. Game is built around heroine Amilias with fighting capabilities, and she absolutely dominates in common scenes. Basically, it's a game about Amilias, and she is lovely drawn. Text tries to be erotic, but it does not live up to nukige having only one 3P and one pseudo humiliation scene.


8. Maken Shoujo Envy ~Blade of Latens · Honoo no Keishousha~ 魔剣少女エンヴィー~Blade of Latens・炎の継承者~ [080131] ZyX
Chronicles the events surrounding the girl named Envy, enrolled into Rittenburg magical academy.
Story begins with Envy, together with four other students, forming "extracurricular training group" to explore nearby ruins.


9. Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi 涼宮ハルヒの戸惑 [080131] Banpresto 1
This time Haruhi is a super-game-producer. She forces the SOS brigade to make the best game in the world. What kind of game will it be? The player takes the role of Kyon, and will have four weeks to make a game worthy of Haruhi's tastes. But beware, because if she isn't pleased, she may change reality or even close you inside a time loop...
Anime Spin-Off


10. Tsuki to Mahou to Taiyo to 月と魔法と太陽と [080131] Silver Bullet
Hayato is a high school student, studying magic. He lives a peaceful life with Tsuzuri, his childhood friend, Heineken, his close friend, and other classmates. One day, Hayato and Tsuzuri see aurora on their way home astride a broom, and the broom suddenly starts going down. They can't control it, and just when they hit the ground, they lose consciousness...
When they wake up, they find themselves lying in a sick-room. According to Kozue, his friend, when aurora appears, the sun also comes out. There is no sun in their world, so it means a sign of evil. They decide to investigate it, and Hayato reluctantly joins them. Like this, they open a door of a checkered school life...
Game is a comedy. The goal is to stop global disasters in the world where magic exists. Heroines are solid and each possesses her share of secrets. But solving their problems is easy and love relation feel rushed. There are some battle scenes with magic usage in individual routes. Game is not boring, but is not exciting either.




1. Cat's Arrest ~In Goumon ni Naku Bishimai~ CAT'S ARREST ~淫拷問に啼く美姉妹~ [080105] Akiyama Production
In order to cover up her boyfriend's failed criminal investigation, a woman single-handedly marches into the Department of Defense to overcome all his opponents only to be captured by them. Three sisters are captured one after another and sentenced to perverted and cruel sexual torture only to slowly become their sex slaves.
Doujin Nukige


2. Trick or Treat [080106] Aozora Youchien
One Halloween, the protagonist meets a girl dressed up as a witch. It turns out she wants to have sex with him!
Doujin Nukige


3. Tying Threads [080106] Summer Snow
After leaving behind everyone he had ever known to attend a new middle school, Allen learns the harsh reality that he can never again regain what he has lost. The rift between himself and others has become too large to overcome. And the expanse only widens, day by day. As the years pass by, Allen falls deeper and deeper into isolation. Until one day, a single smile in a sea of faces calls out to him...


4. Norukasoruka ノルカソルカ [080107] Kyoushuu Hanaya 1
"I want you to help me find the Oni"
So tells me the Tengu in the shrine I wandered to.
December, 22th.
Winter solstice.
The day where the shadows are longer.
The shadow inhabitants start to move.
A nocturnal game of tag.
"If you can find the Oni, I'll grant you one wish"
The main character, Shiawa, who wants to get happiness, starts to run in the long night...


5. G Cup Binkan Seito Kaichou ~Chichi Fetish Chichi Momi Hen~ Gカップ敏感聖徒会長~乳フェチ・乳揉み編~ [080110] Milk Pai
Ukyo is a high school student. One day, he meets a girl who looks for him. Her name is Arisa and she is the captain of the student council, having big breasts and wearing glasses. He is asked to be the vice-captain to support her. At first, he refuses her offer, but she doesn't give up. He tells her that if she lets him touch her breasts, he will accept it. She gets mad and leaves as he expected, but...


6. I Cup Bonyuu Kangofu ~Chichi Fetish Chichi Sui Hen~ Iカップ母乳看護婦 ~乳フェチ・乳吸い編~ [080111] Milk Pai
Ukyo is temporarily hospitalized as a guinea pig for development of new medicine. There is a nurse who exclusively takes care of him. Her name is Momoka. She is beautiful and has big breasts. When they are in a hospital room, she suddenly says to him, "I've got too much breast milk. Will you drink it?" Ukyo accepts it and sucks her breast milk. And he finally has sex with her.... What a great hospital life!


7. Lilith-Izm01 ~Fera Hen~ LILITH-IZM01~フェラ編~ [080111] Lilith Soft
The 2007 Winter Comiket Lilith Participation Memorial Production is now on sale for download!! All our previous productions, previously unseen productions have been turned into an extra erotic short story with references to previous works and new works!!
The entire subject of the short story is fellatio! Richly obscene, or maybe just disgustingly brute, this CG collection contains 50 pages written by 4 artists, and the visual insert illustrations are not to be missed!!
This short story takes images from the past 3 productions and...new images from the now in development production to be released in 2008! Female investigator Toko belongs to a special intelligence agency called Shinigami...and she meets again with Shiro, our main character, who is serving time in prison. From that meeting our story begins. But what is the connection between Toko and Shiro, who is serving our a strict sentence for political crimes??


8. Oba-san wa Mitsu no Aji 叔母さんは蜜の味 [080111] Uresen
Noboru is a high school graduate who is preparing for another chance to enter a university. One day, he starts living together with his aunt, Sonoko. He is happy to live with her because she is the one who taught him how to have sex. Sonoko seems cold to him at first, but they gradually...


9. OutRun:R [080111] ONE'S BRAND
World Innocentrea, two years before game events.
Main character is a magician who meets a knight and another strange fellow on the way. They start travelling together fighting side by side.


10. Shojo-tan Dai 1 Maku Goshujin-sama ni Shojo o Sasageru Kenage na Maid Hen しょじょたん 第1幕 ご主人様に処女を捧げる健気なメイド編 [080111] Nail
Maid wants to establish true master-slave relations. For her dedicating virginity to her master is a proof of loyalty, a trial on the way to becoming a full-fledged maid. And the long-awaited day has come.
Doujin Nukige


11. My Pet Tabitha マイペットタバサ [080112] MOON GODDESS
Main character is a talented student who creates a potion that instantly rises estrus. To his surprise, Tabitha volunteers to help with testing this potion. Will libido fully liberalize with erection active all day long? Is there a way back?
Doujin Nukige


12. Orihime Yuna ~Tsunagareta Futari no Seijo~ 檻姫ユナ ~繋がれた2人の聖女~ [080112] Pumpkin
In the large and powerful kingdom of Albus, the hand of a demon draws nearer and nearer to the next successor of the throne, Princess Yuna.
The tragic tale of the princess and her protector, a holy knight named Tenel who would give her life to protect Yuna, is just beginning, as the demons have made the princess their target...
Doujin Nukige


13. Inutomo - Aka Inu Kanchi to Nakama-tachi イヌトモ 赤犬カンチと仲間たち [080113] Blue One
Kanchi is a very easy-going college student dog-beast. He has lots of fun every day with his childhood friend Higa, bright and cheerful classmate Klobe and energetic sempai Azuma.
Doujin Boys Love


14. Shokushu Pet ~Fuuki Iinchou wa Shokushu no Toriko~ 触手ペット~風紀委員長は触手の虜~ [080115] Vanradou Max
On a campus that was supposed to be dedicated to upholding public morals, perverse tentacle events have occured!
A hardcore erotic tentacle comedy adventure!
Doujin Nukige


15. Suzumiya Hachiruhi no Inraku 涼○八ルヒの淫楽 [080115] Pham!
A collection of three short erotic stories about Suzumiya Haruhi heroines with animated scenes and optional glasses wearing.
Doujin Nukige


16. Crying Game [080117] FUNKY☆CANDY
Shin majors in piano at a music college. One day he gets acquainted with student who calls himself Sugi. Sugi disappears the next night. And TV news seem to have a clue about this sudden vanishing.
Doujin Boys Love


17. Bokura no Ikinari Dousei Keikaku! 僕らのいきなり同棲計画! [080118] Honki Shiru
Keisuke is a high school student, who has just moved to a new school. Michiko, his new classroom teacher, takes him to his new apartment, but there are also two girls, Ayana and Ruiko, waiting him in front of the apartment. Michiko says to them, "You now start living together here." They are forced to lend Michiko a hand to invent a brain stimulant drugs. No one knows how it works.... But when they take it, Ayana and Ruiko get sexually excited. What will happen to them in the end...?


18. Injoku Studio Take 2 ~Kangoku Kichiku Showtime~ 淫辱スタジオ TAKE2~姦獄鬼畜ショータイム [080118] Kuro Hina
At a recording studio for an adult game, Shinobu, a young voice actress, infuriates Saori, an experienced voice actress for adult games. "I don't wanna be an voice actress for adult games anymore!" Saori gets mad and asks Kenichi, a scenario writer for adult games, to rape Shinobu. He accepts her offer for his next game scenario....


19. Kango Sentai Nurse Ranger 看護戦隊ナースレンジャー [080118] LiLiM
"Crazy Doctor Army" suddenly appears in 20XX and threatens to conquer the Earth. Dr. Feelgood acknowledges flaws of this organization and leaves it in order to to oppose it. He drafts five girls to his elite squad "Kango Sentai Nurse Ranger". Girls are weak individually, but together they can exert powerful skills, so doctor trains unity of their spirit. But Crazy Doctor Army creates a "KKK" military organization and abducts civilian main character to remodel him for violating and training female enemies.


20. NEGI ma Mama Mama!? -Osananajimi mo Oshiego mo Minna H na Onna no Ko- NEGIままままま!?-幼なじみも教え子もみんなHな女の子- [080118] H:O:T(Kari)
An omnibus adventure in Negima Magister Negi Magi universe. Childhood friends and students gladly offer their virginity eventually participating in violation scenes and 4P.
Doujin Nukige


21. Boku to Kanojo no Yuganda Kankei 僕と彼女の歪んだ関係 [080121] Limit-Max
A shadow stalking the one I love. Play with the girls who inconsistently want to protect themselves, but want to get swept off their feet at the same time.


22. Ikiteiru Niku -Shokushu no Yume- 生きている肉 - 触手の夢 - [080121] Shikibu
There was a room.
This room has only enough space for one person to finally be able to live out their lives.
But there is no one living there now.
Living meat was overflowing out of that place.
Like previously stated, the meat was living.
That living meat had to violate females in order to make children. That was the only thing that could be done.
To animals, preservation of their species is the number one concern.
Therefore if on the verge of death, men's penises would be erect, right?
So, what of the women? What do the women want?
They want their warm, ripe flesh holes to be satisfied and filled with a thick cock...
While they embrace each of their desires and feelings...
Doujin Nukige


23. Kateinai Koubi 家庭内交尾 [080121] Akatsuki Katsuya no Circle
The first game to come from the Pregnancy series!
A child making full-length novel game that straddles all generations.
From a peaceful everyday life, slowly reiterating down to hit rock bottom...
What awaits these girls when they reach the end?
Doujin Nukige


24. Amazora no Shita de 雨空の下で [080122] Aozora Youchien
A five minute story happening during rain.


25. Kokuzai o Ukerubeki Mono 酷罪を受けるべき者 [080122] agony/Kinshiiku 1
Main heroine is a cruel mastermind behind bullying at school. One day she gets thrown from the bridge and next appears into another world. In this unforgiving fantasy world Western country "Sai" confronts Eastern country "Itora", and you either win or lose here.
Doujin Nukige


26. Zettsuu ~Henmi Taizou no Kioku~ 絶痛~辺見泰造の記憶~ [080122] Yuukan Madame
Construction of the underground city, known as Geo-city, has finally been completed.
During the celebration party of the first phase of the construction project, Geo-city encountered the unprecedented natural disaster. When the evacuation was over after the disaster, the main character found himself all alone in the deserted school. What is he thinking?
Doujin Nukige


27. The Rutabega [080123] Momocrat
Miss Reilly is a new teacher at school. Little does she know she will entangle herself in the greatest mess of political incorrectness in the history of kindergarten.


28. Valkrie Erofile ヴァルキリーエロファイル [080124] A2-Wing
Castle is attacked by gods and collapses. Royal family gets captured. Princess Aria spends days as sex slave and gets impregnated. A massive search with no forbidden methods begins for the two rebel valkyries. 
Doujin Nukige


29. Chiralmori キラル盛 [080125] Nitro+Chiral
This is a fan disc of the Nitro+ Chiral characters, featuring 3 mini games. Various characters from Togainu no Chi and Lamento -Beyond the Void- are included.
Play poker against cute chibis of the Togainu cast, or test your typing speed with the furry-eared guys of Lamento. There's even a strange version of the Puyo Puyo falling-block game for you to enjoy.


30. Denpa no Dorei 電波の奴隷 [080125] Studio Jaren
Kazuma works at a tv company. One day, he gets a special power by chance. He can now emit radio waves and people who receive it follow his orders. He doesn't know why, but he enjoys a full of sex life using it. A while later, he hears a rumor that girls often get involved in rape cases. He knows it's not him, so who does it...?


31. Futago Reijou 双子隷嬢 [080125] West Vision
The main character works for a big company. But he is actually a spy sent from a rival company. He collects their secrets and almost breaks it down.... There are only twin sisters of the company president left.... And he is allowed to do whatever he wants to them...


32. Goshujin-sama Daisuki ご主人様だーいすき [080125] Score 1 2 3 4
Toshiya is a descendant of a rich family. There is a tradition of his family - the heir must find his wife and marry within two years after receipt of the inheritance. And Toshiya has only a few months left.
Toshiya is smart and handsome, but he is in fact a pervert, so he wants his wife to meet his sexual demands. Toshiya decided to choose and raise his future wife by himself, and he with his personal maid Ema found 3 suitable candidates - Sakura, Kuu, and Hime. Their families had various financial problems, and he paid off their debts and hired the girls as his maids, without telling them his true purpose...


33. H Cup Namaiki Katei Kyoushi ~Chichi Fetish Paizuri Hen~ Hカップ生意気家庭教師~乳フェチ・パイズリ編~ [080125] Milk Pai
Ukyo's father hires a home tutor for him though he doesn't want it. Her name is Yuria. She has big breasts, but very highhanded. She apparently looks down on him. She says, "If you answer this question, I'll do whatever you want." He answers it easily....


36. Hime Kami 1/2 姫∽神1/2 [080125] Pink Question
By the light civilizations bring, the people in shadows are pushed into darker places.... Monsters..., devils..., and humans.... One day, a girl comes to a station. She is a newly employed miko sent to this world. Her name is Kuu....


37. Joshuu Kangoku ~1go Tou: Aoi Hen~ 女囚姦獄~1号棟:葵編~ [080125] Zero
Aoi has been put into a prison for murder. What awaits her there is a variety of sexual insults. Will she be able to reverse a false accusation and find the truth...?


38. Lapis Gunner ラピスガンナー [080125] MorningStar 1 2 3
Lapis Gunner sets out to rescue Ruby Striker from the claws of evil, but gets caught herself instead. Sacrificed to a joyfully wriggling horde of tentacles, Lapis Gunner's reason begins to crumble. And then, before the girl at her limit, Ruby Striker appears, but...


39. Mahou Shoujo Sae Vol.2 魔法少女沙枝 Vol.2 [080125] Mille Feuille
There is a country called the Etherland where magicians live. The Etherland and a human world are separated by a barrier. But some magicians break through the barrier and visit the human world illegally. The queen of the Etherland decides to train human girls and get rid of the violators. Like this, Sae starts working as a bouncer. But she is often sexually insulted by the violators. Shoko, her close friend, joins them and they begin to work together.... One day, a powerful violator comes to them...


40. Maria ~Tenshi no Kiss to Akuma no Hanayome~ Maria~天使のキスと悪魔の花嫁~ [080125] Tail Wind
Maria comes to the planet in search of Alp, her friend. Maria meets Ren, a devil buster, there and they pursue Alp together. But they accidentally kiss! Ren apologizes her, but she says, "Don't apologize..., my darling." It seems her first kiss means "engagement". He is surprised to know that, but they get married.... Alp also gets shocked to hear that. Actually, Alp loves Maria. That's why he teases her to get her attention. Alp gets mad and sends 4 angels, who used to be Maria's partners. They all wear black armors..., yes, they become succubuses! To save them, Maria needs to become a succubus as well and have sex with them. She hesitates at first, but she decides to become a succubus for Ren and the angels...! What will happen to them in the end...?


41. Natsukami 夏神 [080125] Atelier Kaguya
Riku is back to the isolated island where he was born and grown up. His parents passed away in a ferryboat accident when he was a kid and he was put in an orphanage. He meets Nanase and Kazusa, his old friends, and he temporarily stays at Nanase's house. He meets Toko, president of the local history club, and Sayaka, a mysterious girl. He gradually gets to know various secrets of the island as he talks with them....


42. Nightmare Knight ~Injoku no Resistance~ Nightmare Knight ~淫辱のレジスタンス~ [080125] Trance Soft
Nao is a boss of a resistance group. On the other hand, Aisha is a boss of national army. One day, Nao and Sarion, a young soldier, are trapped and captured by Aisha. Endless sexual torture now starts...


43. Niizuma Onna Kyoushi 新妻女教師 [080125] H+
Main character has to marry a childhood friend due to an old promise. But he is a student, and she is a teacher in his class, so their relations must be kept in secret. Female teacher starts to bully protagonist at school and fiercely oppress at home in bed. What will become of their married life?


44. Non-stop Chikan Tokkyuu ~Watashi no Oppai Sawaranaide~ ノンストップ痴漢特急 ~私のオッパイさわらないで~ [080125] ZION
The main character is a white-collar worker. One day, when he is on a packed train, his sexual desire suddenly arises.... "Just wanna touch it, lick it, and suck it...." His self-control breaks down now....


45. Onedari ☆ Princess ~Ecchi no Obenkyou = Sutte Kosutte Kosutte Sutte~ おねだり☆Princess ~Hのお勉強=摩って擦って擦って摩って~ [080125] Softhouse-Seal
Several hundred years ago, there was a continent filled with wars and battles. Croviria finally won it and the country powerfully developed. Now, the 13th emperor is Ral Croviria. This is a story of his son's bride search...


46. Prism Ark Lovelove Maximum! プリズム・アーク らぶらぶマキシマム! [080125] Pajamas Soft
This item features seven after-stories of the Prism heroines. Each character has her own story. Also, it includes a mini game and a 3D movie.


47. Reijou Gakuen 2 ~Shigyaku no Hanazono~ 隷嬢学園2~嗜虐の花園~ [080125] Psy-chs
Keisuke had a promised future, a well-paid job and a beautiful fiancee.... But he was betrayed by a man and lost everything. He decides to take revenge and starts working at a girls' high school. By taking advantage of his position as a teacher, he rapes female students randomly. As he goes like this, he gets to know a secret about the school. Yes, there was a serial murder case at the school in the past....


48. Ryoujoku no Mori ~Oyako Kankin Camp~ 凌辱の杜 ~母娘監禁キャンプ~ [080125] Utamaro Soft
During summer vacation a quiet family gathering at campsite become a scene of tragic crime after a visit of a heinous bank robbers. Thugs take protagonist hostage and violate his mother and sister in his presence.


49. Saimin Ryoujoku Gakuen 催眠凌辱学園 [080125] Liquid
Toshikazu is a guidance counselor. He likes to give hypnotic drugs to female students and have sex with them. "Who will come to me today...? I can't wait it...." His erotic counseling now begins....


50. Shimaizuma Marriage Disk - Shimaizuma Bubuzuke 仕舞妻マリッジディスク 仕舞妻ぶぶづけ [080125] 13cm
Several months have passed since he started living together with Aoi, Miku, and Momoko. He gradually falls in love with...


51. Tsukushite!? My Sisters つくして!? Myシスターズ [080125] Sumomo
Haruto is a high school student, living together with his older sister, Kazumi, and younger sister, Megumi. Kazumi is his classroom teacher and he loves her. One day, he tells Kazumi that he loves her, but she refuses it. He is so depressed and comes back home. Megumi consoles him and they sleep together at last.... Kazumi accidentally sees them having sex and she is shocked to know the fact.... A few days later, when Kazumi masturbates in her room, Haruto sees it and they have sex.... Thus, a battle for Haruto breaks out! No one knows what will happen to them in the end...?


52. Yokubou no Oukoku 欲望の王国 [080125] Puzzlebox
When Itsuki's parents die he inherits their mansion and business. Shortly after he is reintroduced to his elder sister Yuri Kimishiro and her younger sister Ran. Although they have different mothers their father is the same making them half siblings.
So Itsuki ties up his sister Yuri and rapes her then moves Yuri and Ran to the basement to live their lives as his sex slaves. There will be no challenge to his fortune.


53. Coupling かっぷりんぐ [080127] Pastelsoft
They're just a regular couple in love, but... when sexy play comes into the picture, it's abnormal all the way!
While the stuff they do is hardcore, it's somewhat soft as well.
Doujin Nukige


54. Tasogareru Sora, Dake ni Naku. 黄昏る空、だけになく。 [080127] Flora*Float
Main character gets invited to a breathtaking school stage performance by childhood friend and becomes fascinated with the actor. Protagonist learns that this play is a joint project with another school, so he hurries to join his school theater club and participate in staging a new play.


55. Ripples [080128] sakevisual
Koda is a photographer who dislikes people. But a chance encounter with Kuu may get him thinking otherwise... and it all started with cookies. This is a short voiced kinetic novel made as a family gift.


56. Anata no Koto ga Suki na no ni あなたのことが好きなのに [080129] Dieselmine
Hasegawa Reina is a female school teacher. Though she only just graduated from junior college, she is already charged with the responsibility for a whole class. She is a classy woman who serves as an adviser for the literary club, but she has a secret.
One of the members of the school's literary club, Takayama Yuichi, is her lover. And as if that wasn't enough, they live together under the same roof... As long as they are in school, they are forced to act as though there is nothing special between them.
One day, a female student comes to Reina for advice. It turns out the girl is in love with Yuichi. Her name is Morishita Kano and she is a member of the literary club, like Yuichi.
Trying to hide her bewilderment, Reina attempts to persuade her to give up on Yuichi. But Kano is determined, and she turns to Kimihara Kyo, who is the grandchild of the board chairman and a doctor.
Little does she know that as a result, the pair will fall from grace into a world of lust and desire...
Doujin Nukige


57. EVEning Course [080130] ATP Projects
The problem: You are in love with a foreign movie star. The solution: Take an evening course to learn the language, and before you know it, you'll have a date!


58. Oneshota DX2 おねショタDX2 [080131] Doujin3aries
A new set of episodes united by shota heroes:
1. Reiko. Part one. 「1話・麗子 ~その1~」
2. Judo story.「話・柔道物語
3. Haruki's Melancholy.「話・はるき君の憂鬱
4. Pong with cards.「話・カードでポン!
5. Reiko. Part two.「話・麗子 ~その2~
Doujin Nukige


59. Shitsuji Shichaimasu! ~Chijo na Ojou-sama ni Anal de Ecchi na Meirei o Sareteshimau no Maki~     執事しちゃいます! ~痴女なお嬢様にアナルでエッチな命令をされてしまうの巻~ [080131] MorningStar
Due to my parents being burdened by debts, I was sold to a very rich family, to work as a butler for their daughter!
However... the beautiful kimono-clad girl with her long, straight, black hair turned out to be an anal nymphomaniac who had her mind set on pushing me to the very limits of staying alive!


60. Twig Quest -little adventure- [080131] Mix Factor
Main heroine joins an adventurer guild that accepts all kinds of requests like monster extermination, ruins treasure hunt or searching for a pet. But in order to become a full-fledged member she needs to pass five trials. She is joined in this quest by a swordsman and a wizard.
Doujin Otomege


61. Your Memories Off ~Girl's Style~ ユア・メモリーズオフ~Girl's Style~ [080131] 5pb. Games
Umi, a high school student, starts working at a coffee shop as a part-timer. She enjoys her life there, being kidded by an owner and talking with co-workers. One day, Umi and Masato, her classmate, go to a concert of the Your. She is impressed by their play and begins to think about her future.... Several days later, the members of the Your come to her coffee shop. They gradually become friends and they invite her to their studio. She is confused at first, but finally decides to visit their studio expecting something....


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Correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that when you first started this "vn of the month" series, you said that either 2008 or 2009 would be the last year you'd be covering because there are already blogs doing great coverage beyond that. Is that still the plan?

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Fortune Arterial was the game that came to be the base for the 'August Game Rules'.  

1) August games have good concepts, good protagonists (heroines tend to be hit and miss).

2) August will always make their games look pretty.

3) August will always fumble the execution for the last third of the game.

Tsuki to Majo to Taiyou to is a Silver Bullet game... that in itself says a lot, but I'll elaborate.  Silver Bullet games always make serious attempts to escape the mundane trends that were beginning to take over when they were formed, but they always fail, due to a lack of writing talent.  Poor Silver Bullet.  Their last three games were almost total disasters (I should know, since I played them) and Consome is the best game they've made... and it is still not something I would go out of my way to play now.  Hanafubuki and Kachou Fuugetsu (based in the same setting) are interesting games that nonetheless inevitably feel derivative, even if they are sometimes eerie in atmosphere.  Setsuei is one of those games that would satisfy the mild horror romance crowd and few others (ironically, this was one of their few games I felt escaped being mediocre in concept, if not execution).


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7 hours ago, onorub said:

Correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that when you first started this "vn of the month" series, you said that either 2008 or 2009 would be the last year you'd be covering because there are already blogs doing great coverage beyond that. Is that still the plan?

I'm definitely taking a month or so pause after 2008 to add descriptions for recently added titles and refresh dead openings.

Main reason was to add missing descriptions and accumulate reviews for untranslated vns, and with so many English review sources disappearing right in front of my eyes, there's even more validity in it now as some might be lost otherwise.

On a grand scale I believe now that it would be best to stop one year before current time and move super slowly on par with real time. But I'm stopping recording videos as soon as I have problems with publishers, zero problems as of now, but if channel gets deleted again it would be too much of a hassle to revive.

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