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Nekotsuku, Sakura



*pukes a river of sugar*

*wipes his mouth clean*

Ok, I'm better.  This game is very much what you would expect if you came in knowing nothing of Lump of Sugar's past works and only knew the name of the company itself.  It is sugary sweet, adorable, and generally interminable to someone who likes a nice balance between the cuteness and ichaicha and other aspects of a VN.

That's not to say it doesn't have good points... the common route is pretty funny, if you are a cat lover, and I can honestly say the heroines are attractive, though not all are my type.  I will also be frank that I only played one path (and it was long), Tsuki's path.  I only played one because, by the time the path was over, I was dealing with ichaicha overdose symptoms (including a headache and a desperate urge to go to sleep).  

Understand, I could see from the beginning what type of game this would be, but mimikko girls are my primary fetish, so there was no way I wouldn't at least try to play it.  If it had merely been a standard charage with a standard-length route and a standard level of ichaicha, I probably would have had a better end impression.  Instead I got a game that had me plowing through literally hours worth of ichaicha in the heroine path before the atmosphere changed and there was some nakige drama that I couldn't fully enjoy because of how tired I was.  

If you want a game with an excessively fluffy atmosphere and a large amount of ichaicha scenes, this is a good choice.  Otherwise, there are better games out there, lol.

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Well at least it have super natural element if anything else, although I still don't know though whether I'll play this or not if Nekonyan was going to license this (There's should be a chance for it seeing that it's Lump of Sugar VN).

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