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Love & Dead [Liar-soft]



Foreword: Chose this game just because of the brand.



An omnibus story set around private school that attracts death incidents featuring three different male protagonists - student Fuuta, recently appointed teacher Romio and young actor Kai.


Game type: School horror moege

Character Design rating: 6/10

Protagonist rating: 4/10

Story rating: 4/10

Game quality: 7/10

Overall rating: 5/10


Liar-soft call this game class B and sell it really cheap, that's why there are some reviews, or rather impressions of it. Love & Dead was initially issued in three parts which is very rare, the last time something like that was done by C's Ware in Chikyuu no Heiwa o Mamoru tame, and it sold very bad, especially later parts. But Liar-Soft has a perfect reason for splitting their work this way. It's because each of three male editions include three heroines each having x4 good endings and several bad endings. As one reviewer counted, there is 81 unique ending, and 89 endings overall. Who in sane mind would want to play through 89 endings? I did not record bad endings (since they are basically either death or violation), but even I encountered 1-2 endings per hour of play, so you can see that this game is of episodic nature and thus quite difficult for evaluation. But I'll try.


The content is quite strange. There are some school dialogues with scenes (except for Kai since he does not attend this school), then usually physical hooking up with some girl and then branch to follow one of three girls available. Zombie girl Sonomi is present for all the male protagonists. Hazuki is an easygoing heroine for Fuuta and Romio, the other heroines are unique for just one protagonist. Somehow, only these bonus heroines are actually interesting personality-wise - Uri, Reisa, Hatoko.


As for protagonists, young actor Kai gives off the best impression of them all since he is just normal, nice and dates nice girls (except for Sonomi, but she's the marker heroine of the game, it can't be helped) and ends up on a date in a hotel every time. Fuuta is our good for nothing unreliable student, so girls have to be proactive. But teacher Romio is the worst since he coerces his heroines to H constantly, these routes are most H intensive.


Scenario content is quite fun and fast-paced, but endings are super chaotic. Humanity dies couple times there or gets infected, or bestialized or whatever. Protagonists get killed 39 times, but we also win Nobel prize, win parliament elections and do other crazy stuff. Game concept is very simple - you either get love or death, and quite often death after love. Every galge deals with love, but it's more tricky with death. Zombie girl Sonomi is introduced to all protagonists routes as heroine to emphasize this second element. A lot of death situations get linked to Sonomi this way or another.


So, Love & Dead is a very strange game. It tries to introduce evenly humor, H and shocking content, but becomes so complex structure-wise on the way that all these layers can hardly be tasted fully. In order to save structure logic I recordered only good endings, thus most of episodic shocking content and H gets missed. But at least love and humor are presented in full. Videos aren't long, so I don't see reasons not to sample some of Uri, Reisa or Sonomi routes and see how it goes.



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