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Why I dropped Tenmei no Conquista



Normally, considering how far I got into this game, I would have just kept going (I got halfway through, literally).  However, it needs to be said that I only kept going in hopes the game would get more interesting as things went on.

The answer was no.

This game uses a system that draws partially from the early Fire Emblem games, partially from the Disgaea series by NIS, and partly is drawn from other Eushully games.  The Fire Emblem elements include the basic 'flow' of strategy rpg battles, leveling up where stats randomly appear (it is purely random, I know from some deliberate testing with saves), and an intermission where preparation for battle occurs.  The Disgaea elements primarily reside in the 'Ritual' system, where you can use various rituals to strengthen your allies, level them up (by expending Ritual Points) and sacrifice or contract captured monsters (the former giving you Ritual Points, the latter giving you a new unit).  

A few negative aspects, first.  No battle is repeatable in a single playthrough, there are no 'free battles', and battles take a ridiculous amount of time to finish.  The reason for the last part is simply economical.  If you don't take the time to capture as many enemies as possible, you'll be unable to maintain a capable army.  As such, capturing a good portion of each map's enemies is not a convenience... it is a necessity.  This is not to mention the other Disgaea-like element, which is putting a bunch of sub-missions into each battle, which you fulfill for ritual points and items.   Treasure chests have to be opened by an ally unit with the unlocking skill.

The positives next.  If you aren't trying to capture enemies, the battles are actually quite interesting.  The ritual system has an immense amount of potential (if they'd taken the time to make it deeper with a wider variety of potential paths for unit evolution), and capturing monsters only to use them as sacrifices later is totally fitting with the game's aesthetic.

Now let's get to the story... never mind, there isn't one.  I'm not kidding.  For beating a battle that took you thirty minutes, most often you'll get a very, very short scene (think thirty seconds for a fast reader) and get sent back to the intermission.  There are technically scenes in the intermission (called interaction scenes), but these are generally equally short... and halfway through the game, I've only found ten total, for all the characters I have combined (most of them just excuses for h-scenes and new skill acquisition).  Technically, I guess you could count the ubiquitous contract h-scenes (one for each female unit type and one for a small minority of the males), but I don't.

All in all, this game wasn't providing me with any joy for the amount of time I put in (think thirty minutes of story for twenty hours of play), I so just dropped it.

Edit: As a side-note, the potential ways to improve this game are so blatantly obvious a five-year-old could figure it out.  They needed to create a large number of interaction scenes and extend the story scenes to make it actually worth digging into it.  As it was, the tiny number of interaction scenes I'd experienced halfway through the game (despite having leveled the named characters thoroughly) only taught me what the heroines were like when they were naked.


Recommended Comments

Do you think that the future expansion will make the game better ?


Also I'm studying Japanese, seeing that you have already play tons of VNs advanced Japanese Grammar, I want to ask do you have any tips for someone new?

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