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Draculius Characters




Ogishima (Brandole) Jun

The son of Id Brandole and Yukari of the Ogishima family.  He was raised as a human by his mother, who sealed his vampiric nature on a regular basis since early childhood.  While he seems mild-mannered on the surface, he has an incredible capacity for rage and ruthlessness in defense of those he considers family.  He is highly intelligent, even brilliant.  At the beginning of the story, Belche arrives to inform him that, if she thinks he is fit to rule, he will take over the Brandole Family of vampires and marry a woman of good family (Lian).  Jun, while he resents the intrusion at first, quickly adapts to Belche's presence in his life, coming to see her as a mentor, a second mother (who loves him deeply and makes it obvious in a number of little ways), and vassal.  His tendency to value 'family' (in a broad sense) over anything else is apparently shared by all men of his bloodline.  As a Shinso/First, he is technically immortal (he can be killed but will eventually resurrect given time) and will turn anyone he bites or shares bodily fluids with.  His blood, saliva, and other fluids feed his vampire virus to his servant vampires, maintaining their lives and powers.  



Belche (Elceranto De Annoyance)

Belche is perhaps the most interesting character in the game.  She was originally from Ireland (up to four hundred years ago, as the rumors and historical records are blurred and she herself states she forgot just how old she was), and she was turned into a vampire by Id Brandol in order to grant her revenge on those who had harmed her.  She relates her experience of growing into vamprism as a process of 'staining a white canvas, as my common sense was blotted out by a frightening darkness' in a tone devoid of any emotion.  To the entire Ogiwara 'family', she is a mother figure, gentle but strict, wise beyond words.  To the enemies of her family, she is death and horror itself, the Witch of Cacophany, who brings death and horror with her wherever she goes.  (it is also remarked a few times in the story that she is the most powerful Second to have ever existed)




"My flesh is untouched by age and undying.  Even should I die, I shall rise again and again for the sake of my master.  For my name is both the strongest and most terrible.  For those who hear my name, let those who are correct find tranquility... and for those of evil heart, may they hear the echoes of Hell... I am a servant of the Brandole Clan, Elceranto De Annoyance.  All of my existence is solely for the sake of my master... Pleased to make your acquaintance from now on, Master." 



Lian Lucie Dimermore

Lian is a lesser First of the Dimermore family, which is known for the sheer amount of the vampire virus they carry in their blood.  At first she comes across as arrogant and ignorant of the ways of the world outside of vampire society, but she is also deeply loving.  Having been raised as a noblewoman intended to marry the successor of the Brandole Clan, she was originally promised to Id (who was MUCH older than her), a fact that did not in any way displease her, as he was one of the few adult vampires that didn't treat her as a bother or a tool to be used.  She has the ability to alter the minds of those around her, and she has a tendency to use it with casual ruthlessness on those she considers lesser.



Rika Pembleton

Draculius's resident tsundere, a fake nun from a vampire-hunting organization who is insanely trigger happy, has problems with details, and is something of a zealot.  Her fiery nature causes her a great deal of trouble, and she becomes Jun's first 'child', to both their dismays.  Like many tsundere characters, she actually has an immense capacity for emotional dependence, and she also has a strong need to have a purpose in life, which is one reason why she is so zealous in her work.  She is also Jun's first lover.  She gains the ability to alter the flow of time, which also allows her to alter the trajectory of her bullets (an ability that was eventually given to the protagonist of 3rdEye's Bloody Rondo, along with part of the terminology used in this story).  Of the characters, Rika probably changes the most obviously depending on which of the two paths, the joke path or the true path, you choose to go down.  


Takayanagi Misao

One of Jun's closest friends, a trans girl who constantly clashes with Jun and Shuu for teasing her (because they both think of her as a boy and Japanese society didn't recognize trans officially at the time this was made save as a curiosity or a trope).  She is fairly simple-minded, though reasonably intelligent (she gets good grades but is easily tricked and manipulated).  She is something of a glutton and more than a little childish, constantly being mothered by those around her to a ridiculous extent.  She is not a heroine in the story, though she wishes she was.




Xeno Jailburn

Lian's werewolf servant (she is also a vampire, since Lian's and Id's virus was used to allow her grow up healthy) who is obsessively loyal to her mistress.  Despite her loyalty (which is absolute), one of her favorite pastimes is making fun of her somewhat naive mistress, and her sense of humor is definitely the most hilarious in the game.  Like her mistress, she has a deep capacity for love, but that capacity is very narrowly focused, usually limited to people she considers family (which is a very strict delineation in her mind, stricter than Jun's).  She takes great pleasure in rubdowns in her wolf form from those she trusts, but earning that trust is not easy, to say the least.  She has the ability to turn into a liquid, which allows her to do things like hiding in Lian's shadow or entering areas through cracks in doorways.  


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