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Doki Doki Literature Cure Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week we have JAST really fulfilled their promise in that they finally released Kimikoi after one time delay, although too bad that there's no physical edition release as of now which should be understandable given the current circumstance pandemy and all (I didn't mind the delay for physical release though if it mean that JAST will release their backlog faster). Other than Kimikoi release, this week we also have the updates from both of fan translation and Sekai (Along with their release), so I think overall this week is quite an interesting one with Kimikoi release. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Before going with Sekai's update, we have Cherry Kiss announced their another nukige and apparently the setting is based on isekai otome VN in which usually the female MC will be reincarnated as the villainess and currently it's been quite popular genre on it's own (Probably thanks to Bakarina). Although in this nukige we didn't have the usual female MC reincarnated as the villainess though, but rather we have male MC will be have sex with both of the villainess and her mother in order to change their evil way. Currently Cherry Kiss was attempted to get this accepted on Steam, we may need to wait for a while before the release. Oh and we also have the update from Aokana Extra 1 as well, and currently it's been at 20% translated.

From Sekai we have Nekopara 4 was at 20% for both of translation and editing progress, Eternal heart was at 60% translated, Island Diary was started the editing progress, and Daybreak was currently in more programming process (Can I interpret this as Sekai preparing the release build of Daybreak here?). For their release it's Riajuu Plus in which we'll going to have the lovely moment with the childhood friend, which of course would naturally mean more sex. An interesting feature to note is that we'll going to grow up together with the childhood friend, which mean that you'll spend the time from the elementary school up to the high school which to say quite rare to see (I only know that the similar VN that have the story telling like this is Ginharu, and it's just from middle school). So if you managed to be interested with this, get the VN and have fun. By the way if I may be honest here, I did forgot about Riajuu Plus until today seeing that it rarely have the updates.

For fan translation updates here, there's quite a number on that so let's look at it one by one. After several months with no update, finally we have Amagami updates in which currently the editing progress was finally reach 90% mark (90.5%) edited, and with it hopefully we'll be able to see the release in the near future. We also have Nursery Ryhme restarted the editing progress, in which it happen because the new editor chose to doing the editing from the scratch, and currently the progress was at 20% re-edited. After Angel Beats release here we have Alka give the new updates for their new projects. For Alka's updates here it goes like we have Kud Wafter all age version was at 5.04% translated, and Miagete FD was at 37.21% translated with both of Saya's and Hikari's routes already finished the translation with the next plan that they'll translate Orihime's route. For the rest of the updates, we have Miotsukushi Ura was at 41% translated, 5,285 lines of Pure x Connect was edited, and Eustia was at 89.11% translated along with 89.06% edited. Lastly Trip did tweet here in that currently he's been doing TLC job at halfway through Momiji's high school arc, so at least we know that Ginharu's work here is still ongoing.

The biggest release that we have at his week here is obviously Kimikoi, which as we know it's Nitroplus first attempt at creating moege seeing that the art is pretty much like usual moege. Or at least that's what I think back when Nitroplus reveal this and what Nitroplus promote the VN as, although of course we should know better that there's no way that Nitroplus wouldn't make a VN without some catch which most of us should already know what is it if you already finished the VN. The premise for Kimikoi itself is that we have Shinichi who pretty much an average boy and yet managed to have a strained relationship with school idol Miyuki who actually his childhood friend. One day Shinichi find an odd girl with the name Aoi who always muttered that the world is a game and that she's a heroine, and that she set up Shinichi and Miyuki in order to get the happy end. Thinking that Aoi might have some social problem, Shinichi decided to befriended Aoi together with Miyuki and from there they gonna face the problems in their friendship. Anyway get Kimikoi if you've been interested with it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For the title, well it should be obvious that I parodied Doki Doki Pretty Cure (DDPC) because Kimikoi Miyuki's seiyuu here is also Mana's seiyuu from DDPC (Nabatame Hitomi), and if you want to know another reason it's a very big spoiler although I guess at this point it's pretty much useless. Another reason is that Kimikoi here did have same concept that the well known Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC) following it, so it's normal if people thought that DDLC did follow Kimikoi's twist here. Hence I simply change 'Pretty' into 'Literature', in which while the main reason is because we have Nabatame voiced both of DDPC and Kimikoi characters and that DDLC did have same twist as Kimikoi here, it also have a pun if you know on how Japanese did pronounce Precure. For additional info here here, Nabatame did voiced Miyuki who as we know is more or less the Monika equivalent in Kimikoi, and surely you know that Monika is the one who involved with DDLC's twist if you already play it.

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