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The Legend of Angels: Trails in the Snow Review



Since I did just play Trails in the Sky game and I find it was quite interesting, I decided to parodied it into this week VNTS Review. And since we have both of Angel Beats and Yukikoi releases, I changed 'Heroes' into 'Angels' and 'Sky' into 'Snow' (TL Note: Yuki mean snow). I know that there's old manga that was basically the Japanese word for 'The Legend of Angels', although of course I based my title on the Trails RPG so obviously I wouldn't review the continuation of the manga here (Not that I can review it anyway, seeing that there's none in the first place). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week we have several numbers of releases along with several release announcements here. So overall this week here was be a busy one, and to say what I think is that it's an interesting week. Let's see what I can write for this week below.

For the first release announcement, we have Sekai did announce Riajuu Plus release date at Friday later. What I can say is that I almost forgot the VN seeing that I seldom see the update for that, but I guess good for Sekai in that they cleared yet another of their backlog. Other than Sekai, we also have JAST announce a new VN from Amayakase developer which judging from Amayakase safe to say that most likely it would be a nukige focused on a single heroine, and in this case the focus is a daughter who have a case of Electra Complex to say it simply. We also have Wanko to Marriage release date announcement at 13th later, which more or less is like Nekopara with dog girl instead of cat girl. Last but not the least finally we have the release date for the full version of Ouka Sabaki, and the release date in question will be at June 12th later so you may note the date if you already play the first three cases and been waiting for the fourth case here.

In case you've own a Switch and been wanted to play Aokana on that console, finally the wait is almost over because PQube announce that they'll release it at July 21st later. There's also the matter of PS4 version in which it's only have digital version in that it's very easy to guess that Sony did enforce their censorship again, although in the end it's just a speculation and PQube state that they'll talk about it more in the latter date. Speaking about console, we have Project Sakura Wars released for PS4 back at April 28th. What I know about this VN is that we'll going to have a male MC going to fight in a giant robot against some demon (Youma), the time setting was at Taisho era (Japan at 1920's), and of course it's not a part of Winged Cloud's Sakura series. Other than that, it's also quite a well known franchise for Japanese that been available since back at 1995 and that it's a gameplay VN which focused on SRPG. Still no word in regard of whether there'll be Steam version, but if you own PS4 and been interested with it then go try the VN and have fun.

For this week fan translation updates, we have Shin Koihime Musou was at 33% edited, Miotsukushi Ura was at 34% translated, Loverable was at 82.28% edited, and Eustia was at 88.88% translated. Still no word in regard of Ginharu update from Tsurezure, but perhaps they've been busy at their business recently so they didn't have enough time to work on this. With Angel Beats released, of course we have Alka start their work on the next project and the next project in this question is Kud Wafter in which recently they finally manage to work on the image editing after their initial difficulty. I guess that's all for fan translation section here, and I'll try to talk about Angel beats more later.

For Yukikoi release, actually it's not quite surprising if you've been pay attention at VN news. Still it's easy to forget that Frontwing only say it on AMA Reddit, so it's understandable if the plan is easily slipped from the mind here. Anyway with this it mean that they finally managed to released one of their two planned overseas release, and if we remember Frontwing AMA Reddit it mean that they only have Hatsumira left for overseas release. We also have controversy happened here, and in this case it happen that the common route was only available through the use of 18+ patch. While granted that it's not the first time that Frontwing did lock the majority of the contents of the VN behind 18+ patch (See Subahibi), I think it's the first time that we have the common route being locked. Anyway the premise is simply a MC who sensitive to cold and somehow manage to attract the girls was forced to join the Winter Club, so more or less it's just a moege. Still go get Yukikoi if you want some light moege (Just don't expect Grisaia here), and have fun.

In regard of Angel Beats, from what I read in one of the review actually the first part here is very misleading. Of course it's still true that it's really the first part, but the misleading part here is come from the perception that the first part here would be quite a short one only to be wrong because even the first part here would took a while to be finished. Not to mention that KEY have a plan to make routes for all of 18 characters across six parts, so yeah it could be a massive VN if all of six parts completed. Of course currently it would be hard to do considering Jun Maeda (The man behind Angel Beats) suffer a harsh health condition, in that he need a heart transplant. Anyway the premise of Angel Beats here is still the same if you follow the anime, so I guess I wouldn't need to write it here. In any case this time Alka manage to release this before official release, so of course any future official release of this would be a redundant one if they ever manage to release it (No news from them since the last year other than it's been halfway translated). Anyway get the Angel beats if you content with only three routes available, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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