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The Whimsical Sky Review



For this week title I'd just literally translate 'Kimagure' from Kimagure Temptation and 'Sora' from Yosuga no Sora into 'Whimsical' and 'Sky' respectively then combined both words, so we have 'The Whimsical Sky' as this week VNTS Review title. I did a bit more searching and find out that there's a picture called Whimsical Sky, and of course I wouldn't write my opinion on the picture here. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week I would say that this week is quite calm after a big release (Sakuramori) and several announcements so more or less technically it's an average one. That said, I still like this week though if only because we finally have Yosuga no Sora fully translated after nine years of works along with the first update in Ginharu after three weeks of absences, so overall its not too bad to me here. Anyway let's see what I can write for this week VNTS Review here.

This week we have JAST released this nukige in which apparently it's a sequel of a doujin VN, and apparently based on Monster Girl Encyclopedia. While I must admit that it's not too bad here, in the end it's still smaller release from JAST so hopefully they'll be able to up their game to finally released Kimikoi on time (Shouldn't be affected by pandemic as long as they chose to release it in digital version only I think). We also have good news from Frontwing, in that they'll release Yukikoi at 29th later. I wonder if they'll reveal their next project to us later on, in which the next project could be Hatsumira if we look at several info seeing that they said that they've been planned to localized it.

From Sekai we finally have Nine Episode 3 release, in which it's at 5% translated. While it's pretty much inevitable that Sekai will get Nine Episode 4 here, I still hoping that Sekai will manage to get it and if possible repeat their achievement to release two episodes in a year like back at 2019 (If only for Tsubasu's art here). By the way Nine Episode 4 was scheduled to be released at 24th later, and hopefully it's the last episode for Nine VN here. For more updates, we have Nekogami back into QA in which it probably mean that Sekai was about to make sure that it's free of bug, and Amairo Chocolata was at 65% translated. In any case, I'll look forward to whatever Sekai will announce in their 'AX from home' here if they want it seeing that usually their bigger announcement was usually happened at AX.

As for Mangagamer's update, we have Escalayer finalizing the release build and Rance 01 was finished the testing (Both of those are coincidentally from Alicesoft). They also have one more secret project, in which currently was fully translated and edited along with finishing the image editing for the project. As for the first secret project, currently it was at 70% translated along with 68% edited. From the updates, at least I can estimate that the next release from them here would be Escalayer. While for the second secret project, for now I can only guess that it would be a short VN although of course I might be wrong here.

We have Angel Beats was passed 90% mark (93.60%) translated and Miotsukushi Ura was at 24% translated. For more updates, we have both of Yosuga no Sora Motoka's route along with Ginharu Momiji's route were fully translated. The former is more important, because Yosuga no Sora here is a nine years old project and Motoka's route here is the last route to be translated. While normally we should celebrate this occasion because we also have full translation patch available, the patch itself is still not completed just like Rhapsody because the team said that it's still need some editing and QC for the translation to be completed, so I'll just consider it as partial release. Still if you want to play Yosuga no Sora VN after nine years of waiting, feel free to try the patch and have fun. For Ginharu here, we finally have an update after three weeks of absences and with Momiji's route fully translated we have overall Ginharu was at 62.57% translated. While Irru did say that we better not expect the patch in another month, I'm still hoping that we'll get it in June's end at the fastest though so let's just wait and see here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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