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Sakura Murder Case Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and I think it should be obvious that I didn't mean to review another Winged Cloud VN. For the title, seeing that we have Sakuramori release and the VN itself have murder I'll just use the word 'Sakura' from Sakuramori and 'Murder Case' from the tragedy that happened in the VN (Even though it's more supernatural compared to usual murder case). As for this week, it's quite a lively one seeing that we have new announcement from both of Mangagamer and Sekai in exchange for them to not being able to attend Sakura Con that was supposed to be held back at 10th seeing that it's been canceled for obvious reason (Corona pandemic), so we can say that we got Sakura Con announcements through the internet lol (Well I always get the VNs announcements through the internet anyway). Overall I'm quite content for this week thanks to Sakuramori release along with several announcements, and let's see what I can write for this week here.

From fan translation we have Maji Translation list A-4 as their next project, which mean that obviously it'll be their next project. Good for Majikoi big fan I suppose, and currently it's still at 0% translated so you need for a while if you want to read A-4 in English. There's also a release from fan translation in that the release in question is a nukige that have tentacle and miko, so good if you have interest with those two things combined I guess (I'm not interested by the way). For the rest of the roundup we have Loverable was at 81.65% edited, Angel Beat was reach 90% mark (90.43%) translated, and Miotsukushi Ura was at 18% translated. Lastly we still didn't have the update from Ginharu yet, so perhaps Trip still need some more rest and hopefully there'll be one in the near future.

For Sekai 'Sakura Con' announcement, we have Kimagure Temptation announced. What I can see is that it's leaned toward nukige or something like that if we just look at the succubus there, although if we remember the writer he also did write Nanairo as well so at least it'll have some mystery. The premise is that there'll be a serial disturbing murder case (Coincidentally same premise as Sakuramori), in that the MC will investigate the case together with the aforementioned succubus. While it sounds interesting, unfortunately Sekai would take their time to translate this anyway moreso if we consider a lot of their untouched announcements (ie Amatsutsumi and Nine Episode 3), so I'll just wait and see here. From Cherry Kiss we have them announced the release date for another nukige with a daring localized title (Welcome to Pussy Paradise), and obviously I'll skip on this. We also finally have Kogado announced the release date for English version of Yumeutsutsu after a delay, in which they'll release it along with the fandisc at 23rd later so you may the note if you already interested with it.

For Mangagamer 'Sakura Con' announcement, we have them announced Trinoline fandisc (Genesis) in which it consist a lot of big boob sex scenes that drawn beautifully and more importantly it's categorized as nukige which mean that back then minori was in struggle to gain the money seeing that they rarely produce the fandisc. I'll pass Genesis here for the obvious reason, and other than Genesis we have Mangagamer announced their first 2020 secret project in which it's currently at 67% translated along with 66% edited. Lastly we have Sakuramori in which it's pretty obvious that it's Mangagamer's biggest release for this week, and since we have a release it mean that they'll announce the next release and the next release in question is Matsuribayashi (Higurashi's EP 8 for the reminder) in which they'll release it at May 14th later.

As for Sakuramori itself, we have Shinji (The MC) have fun together with Madoka since his childhood. At least until Madoka brutally murdered after she said that she love Shinji and left Shinji alone with rage, and to make the matter worse the town started to show some supernatural disturbance in form of monsters. From there Shinji started to combat the monster together with his allies, and hopefully being able to end the tragedy along with being able to move on from Madoka's loss. As for the writer, I did say that I believe that Kure been want to write this since back at Suika thanks to some supernatural writing that he show at one of the route, and I think he'd show his full potential of the writing at Sakuramori here. Anyway get Sakuramori if you've been interested with this, and have fun. I also like to note that Sakuramori here got the sequel as well, although it's more like fandisc to me though. Still I think it might be possible for Mangagamer to license the sequel as well seeing that they have close relationship with Moonstone, so hopefully we'll see the sequel translated in the future.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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