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Making Model Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title it's simply because we have one of heroine (Reina) work as the model in Makeover so I changed word 'Lovers' into 'Model'. For this week it's surely more lively compared to the last week, and the reason is simply because we finally have Nekonyan managed to release Makeover back at 3rd (I've been waiting for this). Other than Makeover, we also have Majikoi A-3 surprise release which should be a good addition for Majikoi's fans even though I think that it's mostly just fandisc because Majikoi itself was already completed ever since back at the original game (There's almost nothing in the plot that could justify the sequel like both of Kajitsu and Utawarerumono, so to me all of Majikoi games after original could be classify as fandiscs). Two releases aside, we also have several updates from both of fan translation and Nekonyan, and also we have a surpising update from Sekai in regard of Rewrite. Let's see what I can write for this week as well here.

This week we have a new update for Rewrite in which it's been a while since the last update (If I remember, the last time they give the update is before the Kickstarter), and the progress is quite substantial with the main VN was at 60% retranslated. We also have them finally put the progress for Harvest Festa (ie Rewrite's fandisc), and they already finished halfway of the translation work for that. No much to say other than it good for Rewrite fans to see that finally they can see the progress for the fandisc after Ixrec started the work for this since back at 2014, and that Sekai is still on track for Rewrite here (Hopefully they'll be able to release this by November as promised). Almost forget to note that since it's almost spring, obviously JAST delayed their Sumaga release again and of course we wouldn't know on how long they'll delay it. Guess we have no choice other than more waiting here.

Fan Translation

For Majikoi A-3, while it's been a good surprise for Majikoi big fan in that they can see more Majikoi, my surprise is that finally we have another translated VN with 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' or in another word I'm only interested with the fact that finally we have Nabatame voicing a heroine in translated Majikoi VNs (She's Stacy's VA for the info). Almost forget that it's also contain Tsubame's after story, so good for Tsubame's fans. In the end, I guess I can say that it should be a nice addition for Majikoi's fan so go get A-3 and have fun. As for the continuation of Majikoi A translation, as of now still no plan to translating A-4 but we may have that in the future.

From Alka we also have Angel Beat was at 81.84% translated, and more importantly they announced that they'll translate Kud Wafter which as we know is Little Busters fandisc focused on our cute Russian dog-lover Kud. For Kud Wafter, the plan is that Alka will translate both of all age and 18+ version, so you didn't need to worry about the censorship there even though KEY sex scenes is not something that we interested with. Other than Kud Wafter, they also already have plan to translate Reflection Blue (Summer Pockets Updated Re-Release) as well so let's see if they can finished it as well before Visual Arts decided to localized it seeing that they decided to drop it as soon as VA decided to localized it. Almost forgot to note that they still have some technical difficulty for Kud Wafter, which is make sense considering that Kud Wafter using RealLive engine while they already been used to work on Siglus engine that newer KEY VNs used. In any case, good luck to Alka in regard of their Kud Wafter translation.

For the roundup of this section, we have Eustia was at 88.77% translated with side route was at 27.77% translated, 11,948 lines of Pure x Connect were translated, Loverable was at 81.64% edited, Yosuga no Sora was almost completed the translation (99%) with Motoka's route was at 93% translated along with 80% edited, and Miotsukushi Ura was at 11% translated. Still no update from Tsurezure in regard of Ginharu, but perhaps we may have some update at next week after Trip take care of his business at 8th tomorrow. That's all for this week fan translation roundup.


Normally I would call this section as Other, but since we only have the updates from Nekonyan at this week I'd change the section title to Nekonyan. As for Nekonyan here, other than aforementioned Makeover release we also have their usual monthly update so here's the roundup for that. The roundup goes like we currently have Aokana EXTRA 1 was at 10% translated, IxSheTell was at 65% translated (By the way I know that the pun of the title is 'Aishiteru' which obviously Japanese word for 'I Love You'), Riddle Joker was at 85% translated along with three quarter edited, and Kirikoi was at halfway translated.

Once again the release that Nekonyan have here is Makeover, in which it's most interesting release to me here because I've been looking forward to this ever since back when they announced it back at December 2018. For the VN itself, it's about a man named Kazuma (You can rename him by the way) who want to find a love through the normal way in that his family been waiting for their future daughter in law, and by chance he come across five girls including his stepsister that one way or another will become his couple. While granted it sounds cliche, please remember that the developer for Makeover here is Smee, and by that I mean Makeover got some interesting feature in that the comedy is exaggerated and I like it. While granted that the MC is already graduated from university instead of usual high school student is interesting on it's own, my focus here is more on the comedy like back at Fureraba. Get Makeover from one of many shop if you've been understandably interested with it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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