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Making Chocolata Review



This time I'll teach you on how to make chocolate, hence the title for this week VNTS Review. Or not because you can just search on how to make it on Google, and that I just combined the word 'Making' from Making Lovers aka Makeover and the word 'Chocolata' from Amairo Chocolata (Apparently Chocolata here is another calling from chocolate). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week it's quite less eventful one seeing that there's no release here. However it's not too bad to me though because we have Nekonyan did announce Makeover release date along with additional update in regard of Hello Lady, and that we also have Ginharu's update. So I guess overall this week is once again quite an average one, and let's see what I can write for this week here.

After I did think that Sekai wouldn't localized Amairo Chocolata into English, turned out that they already planned the English version of it. I have no idea though on why they hide the English version of it, but I guess they have some kind of contract that require them to hide the English license until a certain number of translation achieved (In this case it's at 30% translated). As for the VN itself, it's another catgirl moege VN out there which recently become quite booming thanks to Nekonyan big success (Especially with proper anime adaptation with the producer change the VA). Well if anything at least it'll be interesting if you want some catgirl moege and a bit of romance, although I'll just pass it. We also have some Nekogami progress, in which currently Sekai did finished the QA for that while at the same time fixing some bugs along with check some texts. If anything, we need for a while in regard of Nekogami release because usually it'll take a while there.

For fan translation, we have Eusta was at 54.6% TLC-ed, Angel Beats was at 69.63% translated, Loverable was at 81.44% edited, and Miotsukushi Ura was fully ported to the PC. For Ginharu's update, after a week break Trip finally finished translated the biggest file in Ginharu which apparently contained ~20,000 lines which to say quite a lot. For the numbers here, currently Momiji's route was almost fully translated with the progress was at 96.71% translated and with that it bring Ginharu overall to be at 61.95% translated. Trip also say that he'll attend some real life matter so he'll need two week to take a break or something like that, so perhaps we wouldn't have Ginharu updates for two weeks here. In any case, I hope that we'll going to have Momiji's patch by June's end if all goes well.

We have some announcements from Nekonyan, and one of the announcement is would be Makeover release date announcement in which they'll release it at April 3rd later which surely could make a nice early Easter gift. We also already have the Steam store for that, so you can get it from Steam as well (Duh). For another announcement it's in regard of Hello Lady like I said earlier, and the news is that they decided to localized the updated rerelease of Hello Lady that called 'Superior Entelecheia' or in another saying it would be the complete version of Hello Lady which to say was quite a nice move seeing that it'll contain the fandisc along with the original story that was added for the new version. With this I treat Nekonyan did took Hello Lady fandisc license, and that it'll be a while before they'll finished the fandisc translation seeing that it's still not translated yet. They also already set the timeline target for the release, and in this case it'll be at this summer although of course it may change in the future. Almost forget to note that we also have Aokana Extra 1 start the translation, so good for both of Nekonyan and Mashiro's fans.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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