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VN of the Month September 2006 - PP -Pianissimo- Ayatsuri Ningyou no Rinbu



Gameplay intensive visual novels don't participate in the race, so VN of the Month is PP -Pianissimo- Ayatsuri Ningyou no Rinbu. I'm reviewing it as well as Ayakashi H

1. Love+Laby らぶ+らび [060901] Le.Chocolat
A planet similar to the Earth of the 18th century. There is no electricity there, because there is magic and alchemy. Weird monsters become active and attack human communities. Main character is a warrior who stands up to protect these people.


2. Men at Work! 4 ~Hunter-tachi yo Eien ni~ メンアットワーク!4~ハンター達よ永遠に~ [060901] Studio e.go!
Hidden in a forest in Europe sits an old castle that has stood there for over 1000 years and inside this castle lays a magic school. Both wizards and monster hunters in training attend this institution. In the previous installments you were either playing as these very monster hunters and spell casters, or attending magic school like the current game. In this fourth game you play as a son of a well established Cleighton family. However, despite your potent lineage you’re aptitude has been measured to be one of the lowest possible. Regardless, you’re still admitted to the school (along with two friends who’re twin-sisters). Suddenly on the way to the school, the train you all were riding suddenly becomes derailed. It is night and monsters lurk--will the batch of new students get to the castle safe and sound?


3. Aria The Natural ~Tooi Kioku no Mirage~ ARIA The NATURAL ~遠い記憶のミラージュ~ [060908] Regista 1
Akari Mizunashi continues her job as a gondolier along with her friends from the other two rival companies, Aika and Alice. As they continue their training to become Undines, they continue to meet new people and partake on mysterious adventures, all in the quiet, scenic, and peaceful city of Neo Venezia.
Anime spin-off with introduction of a random male who studies and lives together with girls.


4. Magical Summer Kaiketsu Tenshi Execute まじかるサマー壊決天使エグゼキュート [060915] Ankh
Two deities compete since ancient times. If Guardian wins, then humanity continues to exist. But when Constructor takes over - humanity is annihilated followed by birth of new life on the Earth.
Main character's grandmother passes away leaving him public bath complex. Then Guardian  Riruka arrives with the mission to save life on the planet and occasionally causes huge destruction on the landing point partially demolishing the baths. Protagonist agrees to help her prevent global annihilation. He forms a team of acquaintance girls to develop public bath business and confront enemies together.
Basically all girls belong either to Earth Defense faction or Bath Business faction, so route content varies. But one thing unites all the girls - all are at least partially nuts or really weird. Development is a typical moege with some trashy jokes. Everyone loves protagonist from the start, so sudden H insertions aren't rare. Heroines can't be treated seriously, but as a bakage it's fine.


5. Ryuu-Koku 龍刻 [060921] KID 1 2
When water shortages are reported, Tsukasa sees the image of a girl looking at her and shedding tears. Soon he meets Miru, a girl who claims to know him although he's never seen her before. As the attacks by the supernatural demons known as Ayakashi begin, where will it all lead?
Another half-baked and unmemorable KID console release. Common part takes about 70% leaving individual routes at disadvantage. Game fails both because of simplistic development and unattractive heroines. Just the usual KID chewing gum.


6. Kikaijikake no Eve -Dea Ex Machina- 機械仕掛けのイヴ ~Dea Ex Machina~ [060922] Ninetail 1 2 3 4 5 6
Masaya Ibuka is Chief Researcher at the Software Development division of "SHE" (Soichiro Honma Electronics). Because the corporation wants the futuristic technology created by the male protagonist for military uses, he plans to desert to the competition with his AI assistant Tierra, the research data and the first prototype developed so far. But Masaya is discovered and pursued by "SHE" because he knows too much of their secrets. Are Masaya and friends going to win the battles against "SHE"?
There are English reviews.


7. Kokyou no Uta 故郷の詩 [060922] Waffle
An isolated island, Rat Island. Time passes slowly there even people are poor. One day, a tragedy hits them, a big earthquake strikes with a huge explosion and almost all of houses are destroyed. Also, a tsunami hits there and destroys everything.... His father saved a girl, Ruruho, at the expense of his life.... Calto and Ruruho make a living together since then but no farm product grows.... Calto makes up his mind to leave the island and goes to the belfard.
Basically, it's a SIM to rebuild the island and increase favorability with heroines. Duration is 10 years and events are rare, so interpersonal interaction is lacking. Even strategy part is ridiculously difficult. A rare kusoge.


8. StarTRain [060922] Mixed Up 1 2 3 4
Motoki Tsukasa is the main character. From a long while back, he liked lying down in this meadow and looking up into the sky. One day, a girl came by. Her name was Aida Nami. She was two years older. From that day, they watched the sky together every once in a while. They became good friends. Eventually, Tsukasa fell in love with Nami. One day, he confessed his feelings to her. They ended up getting together...
There are English reviews


9. Otome no Jijou 乙女の事情 [060928] Nine's Fox 1
Otome no Jijou is an adventure game that tells a story of Kihara Genki, a mediocre high school student who is bored because all the days are the same for him in the Subaru Gakuen high school. But it's only until the day when he discovers the secret of his childhood friend and classmates. Now an exciting summer begins for him.
Protagonist makes a bet with a bad friend to find a girlfriend by the end of summer vacations... already feels disgusting. Add cliche heroines, boring routing and and saving on art a lot - and you'll get our patient. Nine's Fox is a sister brand of Princess Soft, so it successfully competes with KID for the title of kusoge of the month.


10. Ayakashi H [060929] Apricot 1
This is a fandisc for Ayakashi taking place one month after the ending of the original.
Somewhere in a forest, three people -- one man and two girls -- arrive to the Akino residence. They ask to meet her but are denied so by the guards, for it is late at night and they weren't noticed of any visitors. Trying to chase them away, one guard summons his Ayakashi but it gets defeated easily by the girl who seems to be the leader of this group.
Meanwhile, inside her mansion, Akino is talking with Kajiwara Heima and Maekawa Akio. They're suddenly interrupted by one of their guards who, though injured, warns them about the intruders. At their arrival, Heima promptly conjures Nurikabe and charges them but his Ayakashi's attack is cancelled easily by the same girl...
It's a fandisc, but I'm reviewing it since there seems to be actual story here.


11. CooL!! ~Tsuyoki na Otome no Pure Love Story~ CooL!! ~強娘純恋歌~ [060929] Micro
The stage is a high school that became coed five years ago. But the power of female students is still strong.... Yohei is in his second year of this school, feeling small at school. One day, he receives a summon from the student council... and his life changes....
Finally tsundere start getting their own specialized games. Game is surprisingly enjoyable. Tsundere lovers won't be disappointed, but those who don't like this archetype should not bother.


12. Ina☆Koi! ~Oinari-sama to Motemote no Tatari~ いな☆こい!~お稲荷さまとモテモテのたたり~ [060929] Whirlpool
You play as an average high school student. After dreaming a strange dream, he somehow comes across a fox-goddess who starts living with him. He tries to keep this fact a secret from his classmates and childhood friends, but soon he begins to show signs of the "curse" of living with a goddess of the harvest. His touch will get girls turned on and soon enough his very presence starts affecting them (as well as the goddess herself). Could this be too much of a good thing?
A light slapstick comedy with very substantial H tilt. All individual routes feel the same. Scenario is non-existing. Just a moege with nekomimi.


13. Konna Ko ga Itara, Boku wa Mou...!! こんな娘がいたら僕はもう…!! [060929] Akabei Soft2 1 2 3
Toru is a high school student. He has been living inactively since the accident. One day, he meets a mysterious cat. The cat tells him that it's dying and people's love is necessary to recover.
Triggered by this meeting, he becomes friends with different girls... And when the cat disappears, what will happen to the relationships between Toru and girls...?
There are English reviews.


14. Mahou, Hitotsu Kudasai na. 魔法、ひとつくださいな。 [060929] Actress
The hero of this story lives away from the clamor and noise of the big cities. He actually works in his family’s candy shop that’s nestled in a small town. A sign in the window says something about how ‘magical’ the candy is. Most would view this as a jest, but these candy makers are actually magicians. It’s just too bad that our protagonist isn’t any good with magic yet. Suddenly he’s getting help (moral support and otherwise) from all kinds of places to become the magician he was meant to be and make the best damn candy around. One of the more notable helpers is his grandmother’s familiar/cat who has become cat-girl.
Relaxing story focusing on daily life with only couple routes have some drama in the form of battles. Routes open up in fixed order. Atmosphere and daily conversation is fun enough. Nothing exceptional, but at least nothing bad either.


15. Megachu! -Megamisama Chuuihou- めがちゅ! -Megamisama Chuuihou- [060929] Frontwing 1
Kousuke is a university student. He enjoys his life, living alone. But one day in summer vacation, he meets a very cute girl, like the goddess. She suddenly tells him: "Please die for world peace."
There is an English review.


16. Otaku ☆ Masshigura おたく☆まっしぐら [060929] Gindokei 1 2
This is a geek’s dream come true! Having just graduated from high school, our protagonist goes to live in Tokyo, where he frequently embraces his otaku-dom by visiting Akihabara. During his visits, he meets a wide assortment of women--each with their own inklings of otaku-ness. From garage kits, to role play, to UFOs, to video games; and each one is into cosplay and is too hot for her own nerdiness. What self-respecting otaku could resist!?
There is an English review.


17. PP -Pianissimo- Ayatsuri Ningyou no Rinbu PP -ピアニッシモ- 操リ人形ノ輪舞 [060929] Innocent Grey 1
Place: Tokyo in the year 1936.
Kudou Sousuke is a pianist, usually plays at a jazz bar. One rainy day, he gets involved in a peculiar case: he is suddenly attacked by a woman on the way home. He defeats her although he gets injured. The following day, the master of the jazz bar he works at tells him "You are fired. I don't want to employ a murderer."
With this his normal everyday life ends, he can't go back home to his younger sister, Yuzuha anymore. After wandering around aimlessly, he eventually meets a really beautiful, yet really arrogant girl with shady connections offering him temporary protection... at the cost of doing various shady jobs she requires.
Few days later he saves a girl who is attacked by cutthroats. He finds out that coincidentally she's Ayane, the girl who led Sosuke away from the military police on the night when he was attacked by that woman. She promises him that she'll look into the mystery behind what really happened that day to eventually prove his innocence.
I found only a single Russian review, so I need to undertake it myself.


18. Silvery White ~Kimi to Deatta Riyuu~ Silvery White ~君と出逢った理由~ [060929] Ohgetsu
Shinya always has a trouble with others due to his special ability. One day, he receives a letter from his former teacher. He offers Shinya to move to a high school on a small island and Shinya accepts his offer. His letter says that there are some girls who have a special ability like his and he will be able to become friends with them. He spends a peaceful life in a new environment but he is getting involved in a mysterious phenomenon... and the curtain of this story rises slowly....
Game incorporates legends, fantasy and previous life concept. Current reincarnation of characters is modern Japanese, but previous lives took place at some fantasy land that was in war between ten nations. Basically, all interesting parts of the game are about past life while modern life is notorious maybe only for long H scenes.




1. Imouto Bloomers 2 いもうとブルマ2 [060901] Moe.
Three months ago, Jun's father got remarried and he became a brother of four younger sisters. They are different and unique but they somehow loosen up. It's this that allows Jun to bond with them.


2. Kanojo-tachi no Taboo 彼女たちの禁忌 [060901] FlyingShine Black
Yoshiki Saito is an 11th grader who is a kind, popular, intelligent, athletic youth. His good name and reputation will soon be held suspect when he becomes hypnotized by one of his own teachers. Not only is the teacher perverted enough to use our hero as a sex slave, but she sends him to acquire schoolgirls as more sex slaves for her amusement. How willing will these new students be to this erotic double life?


3. Neko no Hime ネコノヒメ [060901] Lilith Soft
One day, a cat girl appears before you and settles in your house without your consent!!
Sperm is her only food!!
She loves eating sperm, especially yours, more than anything. (but also sucks blood sometimes...).
There are two ways to take in sperm in her body, from mouth or p**sy.
She turns out to be a princess of Cat world!!
You finally deprive her virginity. But later you get to know that she cannot be pregnant without a first man, you. The future of the Cat world is all up to you!!!


4. Rensa Byoutou 連鎖病棟 [060901] Selen
Two hours from Tokyo by car, there is "Kiyosato Hospital", where Shuuji is transferred. Shuuji's father died during an operation when he was a uni student. After the death, Shuuji studied hard to be a doctor and started to have doubts about his father's death. But since his father died ten years ago, it is difficult to examine the case. One day, he finds out that Takao, who performed his father's operation, is the vice director of Kiyosato Hospital at present. On his first day there, he meets Misako, who Shuuji used to love. But he is shocked to find that Misako is Takao's wife. Shuuji makes up his mind to take revenge on Takao since he took his father's life and his first love...


5. Bomi Namaitdeon Jari 봄이 남아있던 자리 [060902] TeamPETS
Our heroine, Yeon Ha-Jin returns to school after her first spring break after entering high school. She leads a relatively normal life. However, in the this time, a series of events happened that she has yet to realize. Should she hold old relationships dear or follow the string of new encounters and build new bond? With this the story starts with our heroine Yuen Ha-Jin...
Korean Doujin


6. Wasurerareta Kyoushitsu 忘れられた教室 [060902] Pure White
Main character creates new "Wonder Exploration Club" with two female friends. He becomes a sex buddy with one of the girls, and the other one starts to feel jealous. A small mischievous adventure in the school's science room at night suddenly turns into a nightmare as rumors behind anatomical model and dark incidents of the past come to light with unprecedented realism.


7. Boku no Sensei ぼくのせんせい [060905] charme
Main character approaches an important exam, so he asks his two female cousins to tutor him. They are very eager to share their experience. But why do they bring cosplay costumes?
Doujin Nukige


8. Heaven ~ Tobenai Tori - Koi ni Itaru Yamai HEAVEN~飛べない鳥・恋に至ル病 [060906] ANGEL/BLOOD
A few years have passed. Both boys lead a happy life at the college now. On the summer vacation  Ryo decides to tutor his childhood friend. Ikuto fiercely opposes at first, but eventually gives up. This part-time job will be anything but boring.
Doujin Boys Love


9. Osekkai na Imouto 2 おせっかいないもうと2 [060907] Hanbaidairiten
They are back!!
We are childhood friends. But she is the most popular and prettiest girl in the school, while I am only a seclusive person who have failed to get accepted at a university of my choice and is seeking another chance. I always feel miserable before her, but she is an amazing person never leave me alone. Today, I have cosplay sex with her....
A new character Kotoha is featured.


10. Amakara Twins ~Futanee to Issho~ あまからツインズ~双姉といっしょ~ [060908] Unicorn-A
The main character is Riku, who is back to his hometown. Since his parents have gone abroad on business, he starts to live at his uncle's house. After a five year interval, he is back to his hometown, Fukasawa Town, but there is nothing interesting.... At his uncle's house, there are girls, actually twins, Haruka and Natsumi. They are older than him and uni students at present. He is surprised to see them grown up. One day, his uncle has gone travelling with his wife for a while. This means there are only Riku and grown up twins at house.... His busy summer holiday starts now!


11. Imouto Gyaku Rape ~Midara na Tsubomi no Sasoi~ 妹逆レイプ~淫らなつぼみの誘い~ [060908] Under Lip
Haruto is a high school student. He has no interest in girls..., he actually has no one to fall in love because his younger sister, Maika, is very beautiful and kind. One day, when he is sleeping in the bed, Maika comes into his room and kisses him, and goes out. He is so surprised that he can't move. From that night, Maika comes to his room every night, and her deeds get bolder.... At last she says, "I wanna sleep with you."


12. Valis X ヴァリスX [060908] eants 1
Valis X is based on the old Valis games. You get to see your favorite Turbo CD heroines getting raped by monsters!
Valis X is told through five different episodes, each one with a different main character. It follows the events of Valis I-III with a few adjustments to the story so that some characters get introduced earlier than usual. The last episode involves all of the characters at once for the big finale at the end.


13. Ore no Dorei ~Hikawa Shizuku オレの奴隷~氷川雫 [060909] Trust
Main character belongs to a powerful family. He gets weary of playing with women, but he meets a girl who shows no interest and vows to make her his possession. All his initiatives are rejected, so he prepares methods to force her love.


14. Ore no Koibito ~Hikawa Shizuku オレの恋人~氷川雫 [060909] Trust
Main character works at a part-time job to fulfill his dream. There is a girl Hikawa Shizuku at school who constantly points out at protagonist violating school rules. But her attitude softens as she learns boy's goal in life. Eventually young people become lovers. Drowned in summer days of pleasure Shizuku starts to plan their future communal life. And to reach it they need to part temporarily...


15. To L●VE Ru x 2 とL●VEる×2 [060909] Sweet Sage
Lala's energy gets depleted and she appears in full nudity before the protagonist. With the use of a certain medicine it's possible to replenish the enery.
At the same time Haruna runs away from a tentacle monster, but eventually gets caught...
Doujin Nukige


16. Tomitake Princess トミタケ・プリンセス [060909] Yakiniku Banzai!
If you suddenly become to have twelve tomitakes, what do you think?
More over, they are so pretty, sweet, charming... and loving you so much!


17. Broken Hearted: A 9/11 Story [060911] Rest in Peace Production
Broken Hearted follows Nat Levy, a 23 year old New Yorker, as he remembers the love of his life, Heather, and tries to cope with her loss on 9/11. It is a story of love, sadness... and hope.


18. Dorei Iinchou ~Haramase Choukyou~ 奴隷委員長~孕ませ調教~ [060911] SCREEN
Main character is an ordinary student boy unpopular with the girls. One day he overhears girls badmouthing him. He vows to have revenge over ringleader - class chairman - and to make her his slave.
Doujin Nukige


19. Maid-san de Asobou! メイドさんであそぼう! [060911] Side Effects
Main character is the only son of a famous family. Parents send him to a private house in a village with  only one maid to learn country life. There is very little entertainment there. When maid finds a naughty book in the house, she finds a way to provide the necessary entertainment for her master.
Doujin Nukige


20. Eternity [060915] Prism Orbit
”Our Heroine, Haruna, receives a letter just before summer vacation starts. Said letter, is a request to tutor her cousin from the uncle she hasn’t met for several years.
Meetings, reunions, partings. The truth found at the end of summer is–"
Doujin Otomege


21. Harami Hime ~Reijou Ninshin Choukyou Keikaku~ 孕姫~令嬢妊娠調教計画~ [060915] Utamaro Soft
Toru always looks for a chance to go into the upper-class society. One day, Toru gets a wind that ex-noble family, Kousaka, is up to his neck in debt. Toru offers Kousaka that Toru will help Kousaka finacially in exchange of Kousaka's daughters. But Kousaka refuses his offer. Toru confines his daughters during Kousaka's absence. He tries to make them pregnant and become the heir to Kousaka's family. Will he be able to get their bodies and hearts...?


22. Kairaku Izonshou 快楽依存症 [060915] TinkerBell Nanigashigumi
Ryoko is an ordinary serious working OL. One day she surfs the Internet and discovers a site where women confess their sexual experiences. Ryoko gets strongly interested in a certain arousing post, so she decides to play it out herself. That leads to Ryoko's immersion into the world of pleasure, and that becomes her point of no return.


23. Osananajimi to no Kurashi Kata 幼なじみとの暮らし方 [060915] Hiqo Soft
This is a story about the protagonist, Yuuki Makoto and Nekomiya Nono from Yotsunoha living together, while enjoying their romantic life and time under the same roof, despite all the hardships they have and will have to face.


24. Pia Carrot G.O. Toybox ~Summer Fair~ ぴあきゃろG.O. TOYBOX ~サマーフェア~ [060915] Cocktail Soft
Contains 3 mini adventures:
-Rumi no Cosplay Contest
-Sweet are the uses of adversity
-Koharu no Fortune Cookie


25. Tappun Oneecher たっぷん☆お姉チャー [060915] Momo Hina
Masamune likes his older sister, Minaho. But she has gone abroad to study soon after he entered a high school. He really likes her, her smile and her big and soft breasts.... "I wanna touch them!" He always feels down at the classroom and Momoko, his old friend, tries to cheer him up. At first, he doesn't see Momoko as a girl but when he takes a good look at her, he finds out that her breasts have been getting bigger since she entered the high school. One day, a fill-in teacher comes to his class. It is his older sister, Minaho! His life full of H starts..


26. Kyonyuu Tenshi Freitia 巨乳天使フレイティア [060916] Crepe
AFter a strange turn of events, an originally highschool girl with big breasts is singled out to be the "bishoujo fighter". Her mission is to wipe out an evil syndicate!!!
Doujin Nukige


27. Oji-san おじさん [060916] agony/Kinshiiku
There are rumours of a ghost going around Sacchan's school.
One afternoon as Sacchan is alone in the schoolyard practicing playing the recorder, she is approached by a mysterious older man...


28. Other Age [060916] Zeiva Inc
You are the Princess of Zeiva Kingdom. In order to celebrate your 16th birthday, Green Mage Nitarou gives you a special machine that allows you to summon your dream guy.
Enter the world of Other Age, where Genetic Glow and Imaginary Realm characters collide. There are 10 obtainable characters to choose from, complete with various mini-games, events and endings.
EVN Otomege


29. Renzoku Rape ~Manatsu no Ryoujoku Kiroku~ 連続レイプ~真夏の陵辱記録~ [060916] Pumpkin
You play a boy who have experienced deep humiliation in front of others in the officebecause of a girl, and you did rape the girl to avenge. Since then, you cannot get over the sexual pleasure of raping women...
Doujin Nukige


30. Gekka Bijin 月下美刃 [060917] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE
Main heroine is a second year high school student. She is trusted to open and manage the 20th store of the nationwide chain. It's 10 days before the grand opening. She acquires to ability to see "obake", so both develops relations with various boys and fights the evil spirits that can pose a threat to the opening.


31. Harukanaru Toki no Naka De ~Maihitoyo~ 遙かなる時空の中で 舞一夜 [060921] Koei
Based on the movie of the same name, this game is a re-telling of the original Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 1, where the story is based in a different setting and with a new character added.


32. Kamen no Goumonshi 仮面の拷問士 [060922] Black Lilith
You play a man who tortures the princess knight Miell, the only one who knows the method of breaking the holy barrier surrounding the castle. You have only 1 week. Can you find it out within the time frame, and save the army of the devildom? You play with 3 beautiful knights, Miell, Mary, and Rose. Their fates vary by your command selection!
Wooden horse, whipping, tentacle, gangbang, cum drinking, and more.


33. Love Love Boin Imouto no Kyonyuu らぶらぶボイン 妹の巨乳 [060922] Flap
A pretty young sister Kotomi with big titties wanting to get heavy with her older brother!
Doujin Nukige


34. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o その花びらにくちづけを [060922] Fuguriya 1 2
The first installment of the series, this particular game follows Oda Nanami who is a new freshman in high school. However on the first day, she ends up in an accident in which a senior student from the school comes to her rescue. Ever since that meeting with Matsubara Yuna, Nanami just cannot get her mind off of her and later decides to join the student council. But one day…Nanami catches Yuna doing something very strange, while also calling out Nanami’s name.
Girls Love


35. Toriko Hime ~Hakudaku Mamire no Reijou~ 虜姫 ~白濁まみれの令嬢~ [060922] Guilty
Young master Tsuruma, son of the owner of Tsuruma Consulting, has access to an institution full of inmates used for testing. He abducts female classmates from his school and has his way with them, letting the inmates rape them too. They endure multiple rapes as they try to find a way to escape with the help of a female guard.


36. Type R3 [060923] Zero-One
Male students Aida and Niki finally humiliated a lovely girl Yurika on the occasion of their graduation. As though a dam inside of them had broken, they humiliated her over and over again in an abandoned building.....
Doujin Nukige


37. Inniku Dorei no Tane 淫肉奴隷の種 [060926] PichiPichi Gallery R
The sisters of Gundam Seed Destiny are enslaved and have sex with human beings, dogs, and pigs.


38. Pokoge ~Shokujara no Tou~ ポコゲー ~触ジャラの塔~ [060926] Poco Black
Jet-black towers in the secluded mountains are rumored to bear countless treasures. Many adventurers ventured there, but none have returned. Today a new group of female adventurers come to the tower. They are captured and forced to play a game with the lord of the tower and his tentacle minions. If they win, they gain freedom. But if they lose, there is no limit to the humiliation to suffer.


39. L&M [060927] Studio-Sakura
This is an adventure game about the rape La**s and Me*r, main characters in Gu*dam SE*D DESTINY.
Doujin Nukige


40. Frust! Revolution ふらすと!レヴォリューション [060928] Yoogle Syndicate
Main character is an unpopular student who is often ridiculed in class. Only a few nerds keep him company. He finally meets some unique girls who don't look down on him. But it turns out that girls bring not only love. Young people approach a great test that has an impact on the world's fate.


41. Gouin My Way 強淫マイウェイ [060928] Dennou Club
Takeshi is an ordinary college boy who lives with his stepmom and stepsister. However his stepsister's been trying to get into his pants for the longest time, but she can't figure a way to do it... His stepmother on the other hand knows best, and she's the enormous "fortitude" that Takeshi can't resist climbing.


42. Akogare no Mio-nee wa Boku no Ninshin Dorei 憧れの美央姉はボクの妊娠奴隷 [060929] Cybele
Kouhei lives with his older sister, Mio. She is more than a sister for him, actually he loves her. She also loves him, but it is forbidden to fall in love with each other. To cut off her love toward him, she becomes Yusuke's girlfriend. Kouhei can't forget her, and starts to stalk them. One night, Kouhei goes to pieces and rapes her... Since then, he starts to insult her, and she can't stop it...


43. Asuka Josou Bishounen Choukyou Simulation あすか♂ 女装美少年調教 シミュレーション [060929] Mocking Soft
In this game, you take a role to train a cross-dressed beautiful boy Asuka. His soft voice and good looks only makes you want to dominate him more. In a dim room, with a sexy female assistant Chiri, give him hard sexual training!
Doujin Nukige


44. Classmate wa Chijo Bakari! クラスメイトは痴女ばかり! [060929] Zero
Our protagonist is of the small, timid, and sickly sort. However, since he's just returned from the hospital with a clean bill of health, his teacher and classmates waste no time in jumping his bones. It would appear that many of the women in the classroom are desperate for a man, either out of lust or for experience for the future. Not like our hero minds - he has a soft spot for the fairer sex.


45. Custom Reido F カスタム隷奴F [060929] Kiss 1 2
The protagonist Nano, a female vampire, got struck a deep wound by the female hero Olivia. She managed to run away, but thought for sure she was dead, after living 500 years without knowing love.
However, St. Gia appeared before her and gave her her own blood. They spontaneously fell for each other. Since they were both female and Nano was a vampire, however, such a forbidden love could not be allowed to surface. Because of that they continued their strange relationship as friends.
One day, Gia talked to Olivia about Nano. Olivia felt her trust betrayed. She branded Gia as a heretic and had her imprisoned.
Nano found out about it and went to rescue Gia. However Gia was already dirtied by multiple guys. Unable to stand it all, Gia killed herself.
"If I'm reborn again, I want to live happily with you. Forever." -Gia's dying breath
Nano heavily grieved at Gia's death and started to hate the current world where homosexual love is prohibited. She magnificently embraced Gia and wished she had the courage to always stay at her side.
Drowned in sorrow, Nano remembered that the "Orb of Soulscream" can be used to revive a person. She decided to obtain it at any cost.
However, Olivia foresaw Nano plan, and snatched and hid Gia's soul.
Furthermore, Olivia was already in possession of the orb.
To find out where Olivia hid the orb, Nano decided to secretly kidnap and interrogate the royalty of various nations...


46. D-spray 2 Biyaku de Motemote Kachou Dairi Yukemuri Ryojou Hen D-spray2 媚薬でモテモテ 課長代理 湯けむり旅情編 [060929] UnderMoon
Daisuke, working at a big medicine company, has got married to Reiko, who invented a love drug. One day, just when he leaves his house to work, he accidentally gets squirted with liquid love drug. But there is no effect at all.... He leaves his house and gets in the train just in time. He meets his co-worker, Sayaka, there. Luckily, the train is full of people and her body pushes to his body.... He gets sexually excited and looks at Sayaka... she gets sexually excited, too! They get off the train and have a sex in the toilet.... After that, during lunchtime he shags with Ai at the roof of the building and Kaoru in the elevator.... He doesn't know what's going on and Reiko tells him the secret. "If you think about something H, women around you get sexually exicited as well." On the next day, he is sent to a spa hotel on business. But what for? He doesn't know what's happening and just enjoys H life there....


47. Inkou Haden Amatsu ~Hakudaku no Juin~ 淫皇覇伝アマツ ~白濁の呪印~ [060929] Atelier Kaguya DREIZEHN
A peaceful island, Amatsu... but the peaceful life on Amatsu is about to finish due to the invasion of Brevis. Seito fights against them but he is defeated, captured and cursed.... He somehow runs away from them and comes to Nakuru. There is a tradition in Nakuru taking over generations that if one gets "St. Gun", they will be able to get rid of any curse. Seito makes up his mind to go for it and sets off on a journey with two Mikos....


48. Mahou Shoujo Mana 魔法少女マナ [060929] Touchable
Mana is a girl's high school student. She does a ritual of calling the devil, a magician taught her how to do it through the internet. But the devil comes up is a wimpy devil, Kurou. She starts her plan reluctantly with Kurou..., to conquer the world. At first, she starts to look for the magic book but various mysterious cases happen at school.... Mana thinks it is related to the magic book and transforms herself to a witch. She searches around the school with her friend Kaori and Kurou.... Ordeals waiting for them... mysterious rituals taken place at school... female devil... and.... Little witch insulting story starts...


49. Nozokima NOZOKI魔 [060929] Maika
Main character inherits grandfather's apartment complex. The good news is that residents are beautiful and attractive girls. It turns out that grandfather had a secret hobby as peeking spots are found everywhere. Protagonist faces a whole new experience.

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