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VN of the Month July 2006 - Bra-Ban!



Bra-Ban! is VN of the Month. I'm reviewing it as well as Maid-san to Ookina Ken

1. Souten no Celenaria ~What a Beautiful World~ 蒼天のセレナリア ~What a beautiful world~ [060707] Liar-soft 1 2 3
In a world powered by steam many advances have been made, even as far as steam-powered airships. Utilizing this technology, a militaristic empire has already taken over half of the continent. The story surrounds a freelance airship crew trying to make ends meet in this war-torn world.
When Cony, the captain of the ship decides to save a girl from the ruthless imperial soldiers (with the help of a mysterious boy), she stumbles into a journey that will take her ship and all it's crew to the end of the world and beyond...
There are English reviews.


2. Namida-bashi o Watatte なみだ橋をわたって [060714] Xuse
Shougo lives in the country, enjoying his life with his friends and classmates every day. But he has a secret - he can see what people can't see such as monsters or ghosts. He still lives an ordinary life for now.... One day on a summer vacation, Shougo meets a girl.... This is the turning point of his life.... His enjoyable life turns to restless.... There are three girls around him. He falls in love with one of them and this gradually puts him in danger.... This is a quite mysterious and hearty story staged in a quiet town....
Genre is NVL and we pretty much only see faces of three heroines while many other characters remain faceless. Girl routes are abrupt with non-satisfying ending. Price is low, and as a result it's neither a good story nor a good charage.


3. Maid-san to Ookina Ken メイドさんと大きな剣 [060721] May-Be Soft
Makito lives an ordinary life with ordinary parents. But one day, his father tells him that his family is a "Zaibatsu", a large family that controls banking and industrial combines. His father thinks that Kazuki has grown up enough to tell the secret and tells him to live at the main house by himself for a while to prepare for taking over the "Zaibatsu". He doesn't want to live alone but his father gets several maids for him. He comes to the main house and meets the maids there. He is surprised to see them because all of them wear a sword with them to protect him.
I'm reviewing it myself.


4. Natsuiro Kouen ~Denpatou no Shita de Ai o Kataru~ 夏色公園 ~電波塔の下で愛を語る~ [060721] Juliette
The main character is out of work and he has been dumped out of his apartment because he had no money to pay for rent. When he was at a loss what to do with hunger in the park, a girl named "Empty" gave him some food.... His new life started like this.... A girl and her pet bird living in a tent pitched in a park, a high school student who ran away from her home and some other girls. He meets unique girls there and they ask him "What is love?"
Quite refreshing to have a homeless protagonist even though it's not really required for this story. Still nice to see heroes sleeping together without triggering a H event. The human growth part is solid, but it does not make work interesting. It's more of a slow warm charage with six different heroines rather a story.


5. Asobi ni Iku yo! ~Chikyuu Pinchi no Konyaku Sengen~ あそびにいくヨ! ~ちきゅうぴんちのこんやくせんげん~ [060727] Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
The story revolves around Kakazu Kio, an ordinary high school freshman living in Okinawa. A girl with cat ears appears before him during a memorial service for one of his family ancestors. The girl calls herself Eris and claims she is an alien. Before long, fanatical alien worshipers and a mysterious government agency are in hot pursuit of Eris, but Kio's childhood friend Manami — who wants to follow in her father's footsteps in the CIA — captures Eris. Kio finds himself having to protect Eris from everyone.
There are three alien cat-girls to develop relations with. Gameplay is quite bothersome as attempt to flag more than one girl brings a game over. Good thing there is anime now.


6. Kamaitachi no Yoru Triple: Mikazukishima Jiken no Shinsou かまいたちの夜x3 三日月島事件の真相 [060727] Chunsoft 1
Toru Yajima and Mari Kobayashi return to Mikazuki Island. They stay at the cursed "prison" mansion once again and are joined by a cast of characters including Yosuke Mikimoto, Toshio Kubota, Seiichi Kayama, Keiko Kitano and a woman named Haruko. A murder mystery is afoot where gamers go through the story from the viewpoint of four characters who look at events from different perspectives (both literally and figuratively) in order to deduce the identity of the killer.
Detective game.


7. Torikago no Mukougawa 鳥篭の向こうがわ [060727] Takuyo 1
You are summoned as a liberator in a world called Femto. A liberator is someone who can perform the ritual of freeing someone's mind. Your goal is to escape the world of Femto and return to your own world, and only way to do so is by freeing people's minds.
The game consists of two main gameplay elements. The adventure part which is where the story unfolds and the typical visual novel dialogues are gone through, and a puzzle part which consists of two phases, a phase for moving puzzle pieces, and a phase for moving to a location. The puzzle picture consists of 15 key pieces in total, and you need to put them all in their right place to be able to escape. Each phase gives you limited number of turns and/or points you can spend until it is finished, after which another phase will start. By determining location, you will move onto corresponding adventure part. In each location during adventure element, various events will occur and you will be able to talk to characters there. After the adventure part is over, you will return to the puzzle screen and continue with the next moving phase of puzzle pieces.
Basically, game is a nakige, and positive protagonist needs to fix things. Love is achieved through right answers, not via developing relations. Sensible protagonist gives a sick impression. Puzzles only harm here.


8. We Are* [060727] KID 1
Yuuya's summer life is overturned by 4 girls, 2 of which possess special powers and small wings that occasionally appear on their wrists.
Scenario is thin and individual routes too short. Mystery remains unsolved. As love story during the war with cute characters it's ok, for the story absolutely not. ESP is made in the basis of this work, but it's hardly used at all. Gives an impression of a game made in haste.


9. Bra-Ban! ぶらばん! [060728] Yuzusoft 1 2
You play as part of the brass section of the school band. However, they have closed your school due to low student population and have redistricted all who went there to another school. That school's brass band has already been well established there, and your new school cannot have two brass bands. Not only that, but they ridicule you and your classmates and consider the lot of you untalented. To remedy this situation, the two bands have been issued a contest--judged by the student body--to see who is truly better and who will be the formal brass band. You only have a month to practice and be the best.
There are English reviews, but I still can't just bass by first Yuzusoft game.


10. Kaiware! かいわれっ! [060728] FlyingShine
Society for the Study of Communication, in reality it's little more than a hangout for the club's sole four members. Yuuma leads a nice, comfortable and most especially dull life. Day in, day out, it's always the same and he starts wondering if this is what it will be like forever. His thoughts lead to imagining what it might be like to be someone else and he and his friends start discussing who they would want to be. Of course, nobody thought it would actually ever happen. But then it inexplicably does! The four of them ending up with their bodies and minds switched among each other.
Strangely enough, body transfer here is for revealing and solving human problems rather than for erotic comedy situations. Moreover, there is just a single H scene per heroine. Common route is too short to get to know heroines. The development is depressing even though True Route lightens impression to an extent.


11. Koichu! ~Koi ni Koisuru Kataomoi~ こいちゅ!~恋に恋するかたおもい~ [060728] Pizzicato
Mahiro works at a cafe owned by his mother. Each and every day he meets beautiful girls, family is no exception. In short, life is pretty peachy.
One day, Mahiro's mother declares that he will inherit the cafe, and that whoever he marries will also have their name included.
All is fair in love and war, more specifically, love! Mahiro will have to find a good wife for his future happiness and the good of the cafe!
It's actually not our usual moege. The first half of the story is relatively bright, but the second half is depressed or at least really heavy. Protagonist has distorted family relations, plus there's heroine's problems. Story is serious ans solid.


12. Miko-san Fighter! Ryouko-chan 巫女さんファイター!涼子ちゃん [060728] Studio Ryokucha
Ryouko is a shrine maiden who works at a mountain shrine. Apparently there was some bamboozling, because the spirits of the mountain have become restless. Now she must gather the four God Gems to be able to set things right.
The gameplay involves some classic side-scrolling action while you toss your adorable red panda mascot at enemies and have him return back to you like some kind of twisted boomerang.
Gameplay oriented game.


13. Sou, Atashi-tachi wa Konna ni mo Rifujin na Sekai ni Ikiteiru no dara yo そう、あたしたちはこんなにも理不尽な世界に生きているのだらよ [060728] Jitensha Sougyou
Main character's bus gets hijacked with everyone inside becoming hostages. With passenger girl Kako assistance he manages to persuade hijacker to release the passengers. But in the meantime bus drives into magic bomb barrier. Situation becomes desperate, but luckily Kako turns out to be a magician with the ability to defuse magical bombs.
Fourth installment of of ANOS system with multiple gameplay elements. Guess only for those who liked any of three previous games.


14. Tenkuu no Symphonia 2 天空のシンフォニア2 [060728] Cocktail Soft 1
One year has passed since the battle at "Kuuchuu Teien".... The stage of new adventure is the place where the ancient kingdom started, the continent of alchemy and dragons, "Altorio". One year and several months after the previous product.... Will stands up to save his sister Milfy, defend the seal of the continent, train "Majokko" and get over trials of "Spirit King". Will he be able to overcome bitter trials given one after another...?
There is an English review.




1. Zouka Fujin 造花夫人 [060702] Nora
Yuka-san comes to main character for a naughty afternoon.
Doujin Nukige


2. Hiiro no Kakera 緋色の欠片 [060706] Idea Factory Co., Ltd. 1
The protagonist is a teenage girl (Tamaki) who revisits a small village she remembers from her childhood and gets caught up in her family's history and the supernatural dangers surrounding it.
While walking along the hillsides waiting for the person who her grandmother sent to fetch Tamaki to the village, Tamaki comes across a small, white round object which has sticks for limbs and can talk. It runs off soon after with Tamaki chasing after it. Soon Tamaki finds herself in a place where "it does not feel like the world I came from." She gets attacked by three slime creatures, and a mysterious man comes charging in to save her by clamping his hands around her body and mouth then telling her to be quiet. After the young man (Takuma) saves her he walks her to the village where her grandmother is staying. Soon after her arrival she meets with her grandmother. It's later explained that she has to continue the role of ancestor princess (Tamayori), to seal the sword Onikirimaru with the help of her five guardians.


3. Kimi ni Getchu キミにゲッチュウ [060706] SALULU
A transferee keeps working so that he becomes a boyfriend of the pretty girl.


4. Harami Hime 孕み姫 [060707] Gyuunyuu Soft
In the kingdom of Bermuda, too many women died from unknown infectious disease. Eventually the queen died from the disease. The king was forced to reach a decision to find a princess from his people, and a beautiful girl Daria was chosen, but....
Doujin Nukige


5. Hikaei! ひかえぃ! [060707] Stellar
In 200X, Yuta accidentally gets "Inrou", a case for holding small objects, that makes any wish come true. According to the instruction manual, this "Inrou" works only when used by "Game" style. Yuta follows this instruction and plays "Inrou Game" with his classmates. To his surprise, "Inrou" works properly! The game gets heating up and they get bolder....


6. Persona Driver Reiki ペルソナドライバー 霊姫 [060707] Maika
In the summer of 200X, many witness information on mythical monsters is reported. The conspiracy schemed by multinational company, "Haryu Industry".... Miki, whose father developed "G Persona", stands up to become "Persona Driver Reiki" and destroy their ambition!


7. Reijou Club ~Dajoku no Ryoshuu-tachi~ 隷嬢倶楽部~堕辱の虜囚達~ [060707] D.O. 1
Main character knows weaknesses of his former girlfriend, so decides to turn her into a hostess in an illegal secret club specializing in humiliation and defiling. This way she can never betray him, and he can still love her even in fallen state.


8. Shokushu Hunter Yuri 触手ハンターYURI [060709] Shoku KING-Kai
Hardcore tentacle hentai, feat. a pretty witch Yuri. A number of tentacles screws her pussy one after another countless times.
Doujin Nukige


9. Hashi no Ue no Ouji-sama 橋の上の王子様 [060710] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE
Nashiko is an unhappy girl who grew up in a state facility. But she keeps image of a "Prince" who she met on a bridge 10 years ago, and that allows her to live through hardships with a smile. Will she meet a nice rich man?
Doujin Otomege


10. Love★Com ~Punch de Conto~ ラブ★コン〜パンチDEコント〜 [060713] Cavia Inc. 1
Love★Com is a love story between a boy and a girl. The girl, Risa Koizumi, is 172 centimetres (5 ft 8 in) tall—much taller than the average Japanese girl. The boy, Atsushi Ōtani, is 156 cm (5 ft 1 in)—way below the height of the average Japanese boy. Because of this, they are called the "All Hanshin Kyojin" after a popular comedy duo that has a similar height difference.
During summer school, a very tall student named Ryouji Suzuki (from another class) shows up and Risa immediately falls for him, as she has had bad luck with boys in the past because she is tall. There is a girl that Atsushi likes as well, so Risa and Atsushi decide to put aside their differences and help each other get their love interests. But as they get to know each other better, Risa's feelings for Atsushi begin to blossom, and her love life gets complicated from there.


11. Brave Story Boku no Kioku to Negai ブレイブ ストーリー ボクのキオクとネガイ [060714] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
The 18 year old protagonist lives together with his dad and younger sister.
His mother died when he was 13 in an accident and afterwords he had a sudden bout of amnesia and his relationship with his family deteriorated.
When packing to move out on his own he finds an old book from his middle school days that his mother gave him 'Brave Story'.
Suddenly thinking that he can change his fate like the protagonist of the story he goes to an abandoned building in the middle of the night and he actually gets transported to the world inside the book, while also being de-aged to his 13 year old self.
Console exclusive


12. Chou Man'in ~ Joshi Seido Shanai Choukyou 超満淫~女子性奴車内調教 [060714] Kuro Hina
The main character is a detective, his job ranges from lover affair researches to searching for missing pet animals. His job is easy but not lucrative. One day, he receives a job offer with great pay. It seems like just a background research but not that simple. "Sex Research"...? This is a research into sex knowledge and bodies of girls. At first, he is suspicious about this offer but decides to accept it once he sees photos of beautiful girls, chosen randomly, given to him. He starts to do "Sex Research"....


13. Cloth×Close ~Boku ga Queen!?~ Cloth×Close(クロース×クロース)~ボクがくぃ~ん!?~ [060714] Catear
There is a strange but traditional event at this boys high school. That is "Miss Contest". Students wear girl's clothes and compete for their beauty, even though this is a boys high school. All the students don't want to do it but this is a tradition lasting for a long period. The season of "Dressing Girl's Clothes" comes again....
Boys Love


14. Kinomino ~Cosplay Ken e Youkoso~ きのみの~コスプレ研へようこそ~ [060714] Marry Bell
Main character sews well from the childhood under influence of his clothes designer mother. One day cosplay club president learns about this skill and forces protagonist to help with making a costume. And protagonist feels affection towards club's girls who take on fancy dresses and are not yet spoiled by manga, animation and games.


15. Ryoujoku Disc NT-R 陵辱ディスクNT-R [060714] Urayoroduya
Main character has married a month ago, and honeymoon relations are at bloom. One day a CD-R disc arrives, and on the video inside is his wife violated by the strangers...
Doujin Nukige


16. Semerarete ~Onna Shachou~ 責められて~女社長~ [060714] Eroro
Main character yearns for eroge industry and searches for a vacancy in leading developer brand companies. But when he gets an interview, he arrives late. He terribly apologizes and tries to go home when female company president stops him with words "I'll try you".


17. Yumeiro Fuafua Milk Cream ゆめ色 ふあふあ ミルクくりぃむ [060714] Studio-74
Main character occasionally meets his female childhood friend in front of the station at dusk. It turns out that she now works as patisser apprentice in a cake shop. Engulfed by this pleasant scent their relations come to a new level.
Doujin Nukige


18. My Pet Merchant マイペットマーチャント [060715] MOON GODDESS
12th episode in My pet Ragnarok series.
The skies turn red, and men get insane with lust. Female merchant Seta falls victim to this hunt.
Doujin Nukige


19. Shame☆On しぇいむ☆おん [060715] 1
One summer, the protagonist finds a strange cafe where the waitresses are all tsundere!
Doujin Nukige


20. Boin ni Kakero! ボインにかけろ! [060721] Cacao 1
Kazuki is a high school student who likes big breasts. His parents are abroad on business and he is living alone. One day, when he comes back home, he finds his home is on fire. His parents on abroad tells him to stay at his relative's hotel and he goes there. When he arrives, he can't believe his eyes because all the women working at the hotel are beautiful and have big breasts. Moreover, there are beautiful Miko sisters at nearby shrine and a uni student with blond hair staying at the hotel. His new and wonderful life at the hotel starts!


21. Dain ~Kutsujoku no Coming Out~ 堕淫 ~屈辱のカミングアウト~ [060721] Heat-Soft
The main character works at a shop in a girl's high school. One day, he accidentally gets a notebook in which the secrets of ten girls are written. It seems the notebook is owned by a missing his predecessor.... He doesn't know how he got it but the secrets are written in detail. Also, there are their photos taken secretly and recorded voices.... By using it, he can control them as he likes... but his conscience stops him.... He tries to forget about it but his suppressed sexual desire arouses day by day and...


22. Onegai! Iinchou!! お願い!委員長!! [060721] Authoring Heaven
Stevenson is a genius and starts his career as a teacher. But he is young, innocent and has no sense of direction. On his first day of the school, he doesn't find even the teacher's room. While he walks around the school, a girl, Chigusa, helps him go to the teacher's room. Chigusa, Haruko and Kanae are good friends and Chigusa starts to like Stevenson. Triggered by Haruko's idea that "He has no confidence as a man.", he has lessons to be a man. Sometimes gently, sometimes severely.... Will he be able to be a real man through H lessons...?


23. Please, Maid Me! [060721] Anim-E
One day during the summer vacation, Minori is asked by Junya, who is her old friend, to be his living-in maid. Minori likes him so she accepts his offer. She expects a happy life with Junya living together during summer vacation but the dress Junya gives her is the "Maid Gear", body controlling system, that Junya developed. Her summer holiday turns to a stormy life due to "Maid Gear" and Junya's orders. Also, another old friend and classmates join them and their summer holiday gets into turmoil.


24. Yami no Kanata ヤミノカナタ [060721] Caligula Soft
Main character lost mother at an early age and was raised by his father who was much more interested in his scientific experiments. Protagonist's heart feels empty, so he gets accustomed to violence and shoplifting. Father remarries, and young wife comes to this house. There can be no excuse for her to trample dead mother's memory. Revenge plan comes to mind...


25. Henshin Inma Shoujo Karin ~Midara na Akuma wa H ga Osuki~ 変身淫魔少女 かりん~淫らな悪魔はHがお好き~ [060722] Crepe
Hard tentacle hentai sim game. Karin, the "succubus" princess who is a candidate for the next Satan, comes to the earth to have some human-being slaves. But a boy Kubota Suguru has her for lunch, and she is deprived of her virginity and ends up being a sex slave of Suguru!!
Doujin Nukige


26. Last Escort ~Kokuchou Special Night~ ラスト・エスコート ~黒蝶スペシャルナイト~ [060727] D3 Publisher
Addition disc for Last Escort.
Adds an extra capturable hero and new endings for the existing options.
Otomege Fandisc


27. Breed! Breed-Island. ぶり~ど! Breed-island. [060728] Gash
The player takes the role of Jun, a young man that falls overboard from his ship during a storm, only to awake on an island that is inhabited by young women. While he initially thinks he is in heaven, it is revealed that he is the creature known as a "man" that is destined to arrive at the island once every generation to help all women of age to "create new life".
While he takes the responsibility with gusto, questions begin to form in our protagonist's mind. Why is the island only inhabited by young women? Why are there no adults or elderly around? More importantly, how could such an island remain uncharted?


28. Clock Up Fan Disc 2GHz くろふぁん2GHz [060728] Clock Up
"Ghz" is the codename for CLOCKUP's line of fandisks, and this second release is basically a tribute to the most popular (and tragic) character of ECLIPSE, embellished with new graphics and new sex scenarios.
Basically an unvoiced prequel of ECLIPSE, it does add something new (and unexpected, too!) to the original story...


29. Happiness! Re:Lucks はぴねす!りらっくす [060728] Windmill Oasis
Unique four heroines, Haruhi, Anri, Koyuki and Sumomo and sub heroines, Ibuki and Saya who appeared in "Happiness" get together again for this fan disk! More exciting, prettier and more H! This fan disk includes seven scenarios in omnibus style. Enjoy seven stories full of love, laughter and "Happiness". Also, an additional game, "New Mahjong Happiness!" is added.


30. Inda no Himekishi Janne ~Ogre no Kodane o Sosogareru Kedakaki Hime!~ 淫堕の姫騎士ジャンヌ~オーガの仔種を注がれる気高き姫!~ [060728] catwalkNero
There is a beautiful princess, Janne, at a beautiful country. She has a special ability in sword technique and magic. The country is peaceful, but monsters called Ogre start to attack them. Janne takes an initiative and battles against the Ogre, but her younger sister Yuwa is taken by them. Janne goes to Dark Elf's fastness by herself, but she is trapped and caught by them... Janne is given a sexual training there and her body and spirit gradually change to...


31. Itsudatsu Ai ~Ore ni Yarasero~ 逸脱愛 ~オレニヤラセロ~ [060728] Sukaradog
"Let me do it. All the girls are mine...." The main character meets Emi, who has been looking for him. She gives him an offer.... "I have found a good family, only girls, beautiful. We can sell them and earn much money.... I want you to give them a sexual training. Please keep them virgins, otherwise the prices will go down...." He accepts her offer and goes to their house as a "boarder"...


32. Kaketa Tsuki wa Modoranai かけた月は戻らない [060728] Clock Up
Summoned by an unmarked telegram and meeting a woman, Ayae, at the mentioned location; Kenji arrives to a building seperated from the others in the town. Inside he finds a girl masturbating surrounded by flowers and another girl who keeps neatly arranging shoes and breaking them up again and again.
Ayae asks him to help these girls that are kept seperate from the village due to a mysterious illness. Kenji can't refuse her plea. As time passes sexual affairs to stop their fits gets bolder and bolder....


33. Maho Tama Series - Mimikko Hen まほ☆たまシリーズ みみっこ編 [060728] Erogos
The protagonist and his five "friends"; Miki, Mako, Sakyua, Chisa, and Mei explore the fetish of "animal girls".


34. Oshiete! Bloomer Sensei おしえて!ブルマ先生 [060728] Black Package
The protagonist is a licensed teacher who will take the job in a girls' school as a physical education teacher, thanks to a acquaintance of him.
The conditions for him to be accept as a teacher is to to teach four girls that are troubled childen, and rehabilitate them.
The hero all of sudden becomes ... enthusiastic.


35. Oshiete Re: Maid おしえて Re:メイド [060728] Unison Shift: Accent
It is a long road to becoming a maid so there is an academy dedicated to it. It is part of the curriculum to train somewhere and have a close relationship with their master. It is there that the girls fulfill their dreams to become fully elegant maids.
Akito accepts a contract where four below-average maids in training will come to live with him. These "leftover and unwanted" maids will be able to graduate all together as long as their master awards them approval.
And so Akito and the maids' first rough year together begins...


36. Otto no Mae de Okasarete... 夫の前で犯されて・・・ [060728] Elf 1
Zama Yuusaku works for one of those generic Japanese companies that do vague business stuff, like paperwork and what-have-you. One evening Chief Zama is invited over to have dinner with his meek, incompetent subordinate Akizuki Shouta and his wife Chihiro. Chihiro is beautiful and big-titted and Zama decides she’s wasted on Shouta so he takes it upon himself to rape her.
The Chief’s scheme to rape Chihiro involves blackmail, as these plots so often do.


37. Puri Saga! ぷりサガ! [060728] DisAbel 1
Lemiris is a swordsman, and he belongs to the Alchemist Training School. He is also the second prince of this kingdom. Therefore, after graduation, he will join the royal house. As he is second in line of succession to the throne, he enjoys his life at school. But, his older brother goes missing in a wrecked ship. Automatically, Lemiris takes over the throne. But, he needs to get the magic power for that. Also, he needs to find a fiancee by the time he takes over the throne. Otherwise, he will be pushed someone against his will....


38. Semerarete ~Onna Kyoushi~ 責められて~女教師~ [060728] Eroro
A female teacher next door who brings in a man or masturbates every night, has her moans leaking out.
The protagonist feels lucky about that, and is always peeking at her through a hole in his room while masturbating satisfactorily.
But one day, Eri stormed furiously into his room. Could it be that she discovered the hole?


39. Baby Doll [060729] Zero-One
You are going out with Sakuragi Sayaka, planning to have some fun with Sayaka during the forthcoming summer holidays. But Sayaka gives you the cold shoulder recently, turning down dates only saying "sorry, not today." One day, one of your friend asks you to go to the broadcast room in the school. A monitor in the room shows sex scenes of Sayaka and the captain of the drama club that she is affiliated.
Doujin Nukige


40. Ubugoe 産声 [060729] STARWORKS
You play a man whose wife is humiliated and has a baby by someone else.
Doujin Nukige


41. A.C.D.C. Rumbling Angel A.C.D.C.ランブリングエンジェル [060730] Circus
Jun'ichi lives with his sister Nemu and his friends in a prehistoric village in the island of Hatsune. However, a certain day mysterious cards appear, and all his friends start acting weirdly. So it's up to Jun'ichi to beat them using those mysterious cards and return them to normal.
A.C.D.C. includes card battle segments using the Rumbling Angel system.


42. Happy Teddy [0607] Mela en'coiamin
Main heroine loses her grandmother, so she is adopted by distant relatives. During her stay with grandmother there was a boy who treated her well and even gave teddy bear as a present while keeping the twin bear. Twelve years later protagonist returns back to home town in hope to find that teddy bear boy.
Non EN/JP Doujin

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Of these, I've played Kaiware and Maid-san...

Maid-san is... predictably a maid-themed nukige that happens to include swords.  I couldn't fap to it, so that should say everything that needs to be said about it, since it is a nukige.

Kaiware is a kusoge.  It was among a plethora of random games I played through at the time.  While I do have a mild gender-swap fetish, this was one of the few games where a rather abortive effort was made to take it seriously.  It failed.  

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