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The Katana in the Stone Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have Senren Banka teleased at the Valentine days with the premise that remind us of Arthur legend I decided to parodied the 1963 Disney movie that adapt that legend. Although in this case since the blade is katana of course I change the sword into katana, and for a bit of info katana is the name of Japanese sword. As for this week, we have one big release from Nekonyan (Senren Banka) along with one nukige (Imopara 3), so I can say that it's been an active week if only if we look at the releases alone. Other than the releases we also have usual updates, with the most interesting update is that Trip back to have weekly update in regard of Ginharu. Let's see what I can write for this week here as well.

One day before Valentine we have Mangagamer released Imopara 3, which mean that now we have all three Imopara VNs are being localized. Also like previous releases Mangagamer did announce their next release, and in this case their next release is Sideboob 2 at March 12th later. For Imopara 3 here, well it's a nukige and for the premise it's still the Nanase family tradition in which we'll have one male MC love his five sisters a lot and will have a forbidden romance that was expressed through sex, though this time Moonstone decided to make new Nanase family instead of connect it from the first and second Imopara. Well get Imopara 3 if you like previous two Imopara and want more little sister nukige, and have fun. By the way I prefer little sisters in Onikiss if I may say what I think about the design, although finally I can see Moonstone manage to design cute youngest sister so I like her design the most followed by the fourth sisters (The rest of the sisters still have shadow from previous Imopara VNs).

About Harlem Blade, I only know that the translator chose PC-98 version to translate (Why not PC Windows version?), it's produced by GIGA (At least they didn't interfere with their forced censorship policy here), it's a gameplay VN (RPG), and that it featured the MC with the name of Cain who is a pervert man who also a descendant of a legendary hero. In any case, you can try it if you somehow interested with it and have fun. For the rest of the updates, we have Miotsukushi Omote was past halfway (53%) edited, Loverable was reach 80% mark (80.39%) edited, Eustia was at 88.13% translated along with 84.59% edited, and Ginharu was at 56.64% translated with Momiji's route was at 68.3% translated. By the way we also have Tsurezure did release new version of Hoshiori's full patch, so feel free to get it if you're not satisfied with the available translation of Hoshiori.

The biggest release for this week is obviously Senren Banka in which as we know it's been announced by Sekai first back at AX 2017, and apparently Yuzusoft decided to change their partner to Nekonyan seeing that they already have successful Sanoba release (My assumption). Anyway with Nekonyan took over Dracu Riot and Riddle Joker we'll going to have more Yuzusoft VN thanks to them, and perhaps it's only a matter of time to see Nekonyan took Tenshin Ranman license. For the premise itself is that we have our MC Masaomi visit his hometown that has been famous because of the tourist who want to see traditional Japanese village, and he somehow manage to break the katana that was stabbed in the stone that was supposed hard to pull. To add more problem, because the spirit of the katana acknowledge Masaomi as the new owner of the katana and that he broke one of tourist attraction, he must take responsibilities by having an engagement with the local shrine maiden who also the daughter of shrine's priest. Seeing no choice, our Masaomi decided to try to get use to his new life. Also while some review pointed that Senren Banka here have the plot, the safe approach here would still expect this as charage. In any case, you can get Senren Banka at Steam or Nekonyan (Or JAST, Mangagamer, and Denpasoft), and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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