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KEY All Stars Memories Review Finale



The reason for this week title is obviously because we have the full release of Summer Pockets here, and I add the 'Finale' here because it's the last time that I'll use that particular title. For the reminder I did treat Summer Pockets as the memorial for past KEY VNs and I combined that with Precure All Star Memories in which Toei did make the movie as some sort of memorial for Precure old fans, although to me the writing for that is quite sloppy though especially when the movie add the previous Precures awkwardly (By the way the movie writer so far did her job good enough at her new Precure series (HealGPC), although it's still two episodes to judge anything though). Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review, and our biggest release for this week should be Summer Pockets in which the one who release it first turned out to be Visual Arts (VA) instead of Alka, so Alka decided to take down their own patches because it's already released. Other than that, this week was comprised of some fan translation updates so I think overall this week is an average one. Let's see what I can write for this week here.

For fan translation, the most obvious update would be that since Summer Pocket released officially Alka decided to remove the patch and stop their project which is almost close seeing that they only have 3% left to completed the translation and preparing Alka's patch. If anything, at least they sort of glad that Summer Pockets was released officially on time so all goes well I guess (VA curiously never deliver C&D to Alka there). Anyway in light of that, Alka decided to change the focus to Angel Beats and currently it was at 4.83% translated. For the other updates, we have Loverable was at 79.74% edited, Miotsukushi Omote was at 26% edited, 9,704 lines from Pure x Connect are translated along with 5,043 lines are edited, and we have Ginharu update from Tsurezure again in which the current progress for the overall VN was at 56.08% translated with Momiji's route was at 65.3% translated. I guess that's all for this week fan translation updates here.

About Summer Pockets here, I think it's easy to say that it's KEY newest big VN although the main writer is different though because we have Niijima Yuu wrote the VN instead of usual Jun Maeda because currently Maeda have a severe health problem. That said even without Maeda took big role in the writing and directing, his influence is very high in that Niijima sort of write it like older KEY VN. While it may argued that KEY probably intend this as their 20th anniversary VN (I forgot if they stated like that or not), some older fan would understandably recognize some plots instantly. So I would say that if some new VN player want to play KEY VN, then Summer Pocket should be their first choice. I forgot to note that with this it mean that Summer Pockets here is the second Niijima Yuu VN that was translated after Majokoi, one of the heroine was drawn by Tsubasu, and that it's all age VN so don't expect sex scenes there (Nobody want KEY sex scenes anyway).

The premise for Summer Pockets itself is that our MC Hairi goes to an island to spent his summer at his aunt house (The beginning is like Kanon here), and in there he met with a mysterious white haired girl who introduce herself as Shiroha (Who also as the main heroine of Summer Pockets here) later on. From there Hairi did his best to enjoy his days on the island, although of course like Niijima Yuu previous writing (And KEY) there's something more behind that. Lastly you can get Summer Pocket at Steam if you've been interested with it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry if it's been too short here. See you next week.


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