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Thousand Battles Ten Thousand Masks Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I decided to combined both of Senren Banka (Because we have it's trial released at the last week) and Utawarerumono (Because we have the duology rereleased at PC) here into 'Thousand Battles Ten Thousand Masks'. The reason is because in Utawarerumono we have the MC from the first part wore his iconic mask and that there's a lot of battles happened being SRPG and all, and that we have kanji mean 'Thousand' and 'Ten Thousand' in Senren Banka Japanese name (Kanji 'Sen' and 'Ban' respectively). As for this week, I guess I should say congratulation to Shira VN in regard of their hard work to port Utawarerumono into PC, although I'm quite mixed on that though. Other than that, we also have some fan translation title along with Sol Press updates that they'd announce stealthily at the last week, so overall this week is more or less a bit plain to me here (Although it might be great though if you Utawarerumono's big fan). Let's see what I can write at this week.

For Utawarerumono duology port, once again while I should praise Shira VN for their hardwork and Leaf for still care about their initial market (PC gamer), unfortunately my laptop here can't play this so too bad that I can't join the fun. I also did wonder whether my reaction would be different if my laptop can play this, but after I remember my reaction to Grisaia trilogy even after it's been translated I guess my reaction to Utawarerumono would still the same in that I still thought that it's more or less just Leaf being milking Utawarerumono franchise in which actually the first game itself is already conclusive enough (The first game story is very linear). Speaking about the first game, apparently Leaf want to remake the first part as well and let's just say that perhaps it should be good for the fans who want to play first Utawarerumono in better graphic. Well go get Utawarerumono duology if your PC/laptop is strong enough and that you've been a big fans of it, and have fun.

Speaking about Shira VN, turned out that they also responsible for publishing Marco and Galaxy Dragon here. While I'm surely wouldn't have any problem with any publisher seeing that it's all age VN in the first place (I should praise Harukaze/TOKYOTOON to wisely made original all age VN after their blunder in Noraneko duology), it's still good that we have a new VN localization company bring active here. I also have a good news if you like otome VNs, in that Aksys will released their three otome VNs at this year with the closest one is Collar x Malice Unlimited in that they'll release it at this summer. There's also bad news as well, in that we have Ryuusei World Actor was being banned from Steam again. While I know that the writer (Kinugasa) isn't the capable one when it come to finished the story, it's still too bad that it's been banned here so hopefully it'll find a solution to resolve the case (Even though I'm surely wouldn't read it thanks to the writer's bad reputation).

As for Sol Press update, we have Irotoridori was at 45% translated along with 10% edited, Shitsuaru was at 30% translated along with 10% edited (I thought it's already been finished the translation), and Himawari no Kioku was at 67% translated along with 60% edited. We also have some hidden updates in which the CEO Xeviax only announce it on Sol Press Discord (Don't ask me why he decided to do it) in that we have Sakura Celebration was at 67% translated along with 60% edited, and Nukitashi was at almost three quarter (74%) translated along with 8% edited. Like I said last week, for now I can only say that it's just too bad that we still didn't have Mirai Radio update so hopefully we'll have that in the near future.

From fan translation we have Tales in Distress release in which apparently it's just a nukige with the graphic that resembled some old Tales series (The sprite). Other than the small release, of course we have some updates as well in that we have Eustia was at 79.28% edited with Eustia's chapter was at 61.54% edited, and finally we have Miotsukushi Omote fully translated. Lastly we have Tsurezure do their usual update after a week of absence, and for this week update currently they have Ginharu's overall was at 54.74% translated with Momiji's route was at 58.13% translated.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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