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KEY All Stars Memories Review Part 4



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title since we have Kamome's patch of Summer Pocket released obviously I'll reuse 'KEY All Stars Memories' with the 'Part 4' here is obviously meant that this is the fourth times that I use this title. For the reminder, I use that particular title was because Summer Pocket here have the older KEY VNs plot as some sort of KEY memorial (My interpretation) and we also have Precure All Stars Memories that the staffs intend as Precure memorial (By the way the writer for that movie will write upcoming Precure (Healin' Good Precure or HealGPC)). As for this week, well I guess I can say that it's more lively because we have several releases here although ironically the most interesting update here would be partial one though (And yeah it include Senren Banka demo release). Overall I think this week is better compared to the last week when it comes to updates (Duh), and let's see what I can write at this week.

We finally have some updates from Sol Press, although I would like to ask though why they didn't announce it on Twitter seeing that it's been a while since we see some updates from them (The CEO even announce three updates in Sol Press Discord only). I'll list the update at next VNTS Review, but I guess I can say that it's too bad that there's still no progress from Mirai Radio here. We also have Chuusotsu 1.5 release here, and what I can say is that go get it if you like Chuusotsu since the start and have fun. Almost forget that we also have JAST announced the release date for their (Redundant) Togainu no Chi at February 25th later, and that we have Cherry Kiss released their newest nukige (I'd pass on this, but if you already play it and like it then have fun).

From Mangagamer, as expected they announce their next release after they released Magic and Slash, and this time their release is Imopara 3 in which they'll release it at February 13th later (One day before Valentine day). As for the release itself, while female MC is always good turned out that it's not much special seeing that we have a lot of female MC in HRPG that was created by RPGMaker, and apparently Magic and Slash is one of those (Mangagamer did port it to Unity engine though). For more info, it also have action RPG gameplay which while it sounds interesting, actually we already have Baldr Sky release here if we talk about action RPG (And both of Rhapsody and Frontier have more interesting gameplay, at least from what I think after I'd read a review about Magic and Slash). Still if you want some action RPG that have cute female MC and will be raped when she lose, go get Magic and Slash here and have fun.

From Nekonyan we have Senren Banka trial released, which mean that they should be ready for their Senren Banka release in the near future. I know that they still didn't announce the date here and that it's up to them, but if I want to be hopeful perhaps I may expect March 30th release as their 2nd anniversary of Fureraba's release prize. In any case, our Nekonyan here is obviously far more successful in regard of bringing Senren Banka to Steam compared to Sekai. There's also Kamome's patch of Summer Pocket release like I mentioned earlier, and currently we already have Alka translated five files of the true routes. While we already have four heroines route translated, it's still not finished though because KEY recently like to write the true route and Summer Pocket here is no exception. From the progress, we have 32% script still untranslated and that amount did contain true route. Good luck to Alka there, and in any case let's see if Visual Art can resolve their problem and release it before Alka finished their work in true route here.

For fan translation, we have Loverable was at 78.56% edited, Eustia was at 88.07% translated (Side routes was at 22.58% translated) and 78.37% edited (Eustia's chapter was at 54.95% edited), and no update from Ginharu because apparently they took some rest or something like that. From Rhapsody, apparently the team get some more staffs to help with the editing and image translating, and as the result the progress for both of those are going smoothly (Hopefully we can get Rhapsody's full patch at this year if possible).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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