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juniper's knot: a beauty or a beast?



Juniper’s Knot

There are only two characters within this story. They are a small boy and a female demon, neither of which are named. The story starts off from the demon’s perspective. The small boy comes across the demon trapped within a circle; if she exits said circle she catches aflame. Upon their meeting, the demon trades cooked chestnuts for stories. The way the small boy interacts with the demon is quite interesting, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed this so much, as he has trouble deciding whether he sympathizes with the demon, or fears her. One of the main reasons I liked this story is because it has a very unique concept and interesting characters along with beautiful artwork. It’s also a good starter novel because it's short, while still retaining excellent artwork and story, allowing those who are not ready to commit a large amount of time to visual novels to give one a try.


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Juniper's Knot is probably the only vn I read on my iPad and I liked a lot. It really shows how far characterisation can be taken even if only two characters are present. The presentation is also unique. It is quite a model as how short vns should be, it isn't rushed at all and feels complete.

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I played Juniper's knot on iPad, too, and when people want to try a VN on iOS I'll usually send them first to Planetarian and then to J.K. I really enjoyed it for similar reasons to FinalChaos. Great experience.

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