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Dogs on Your Lawn Review



Welcome to first 2020 VNTS Review, and yeah I know that I'm very late here. For the title, I decided to parodied Plant vs. Zombie ending song simply because we have Tsurezure released Hinata's patch and that her ending song title is 'Himawari' (TL Note: Himawari mean sunflower), and that we have Sunflower sang the ending song. Of course theres no zombie in Hinata's route (The real one obviously), so I changed the 'zombies' into 'dogs' (Because dog is very prominent in Hinata's route and thus we have 'Dogs in Your Lawn' as the title. For this week other than Hinata's patch there's no much do say here so let's see what I can write for this week here, and sorry if this week VNTS Review will be a short one.

With 2019 done, obviously Sekai will delay a bunch of their planned 2019 releases (Presumably they've been too tired after Baldr Sky release) along with Sol Press delayed Mirai Radio release. That said, I'm still hopeful a bit though in that Sekai may be able to release Daybreak at this year along eith Morning Mist, so let's see it later. Speaking about 2020 release, we also have Aksys planned to release Collar x Malice Unlimited at this year so let's see if they can do it later as well. We also will have Cherry Kiss will release their next nukige at 17th later, but like most of other nukige I'll just pass it.

I know that we'll have Utawarerumono sequel duology PC port release at 23rd later thanks to ShiraVN effort (Guess they like VN with ancient Japanese setting), although too bad that I can only say that my laptop probably wouldn't be able to play it. We also have Nekonyan released DLC for Aokana, in that it'll contain the content from Perfect edition. While apparently there's no much content in it, we should appreciate Nekonyan released this as their way to fulfill their promise at KS. Doubly so if we've know that we can get it free as their compensation for them having work on the DLC for a long time along with Senren Banka delay, and for the info initially Nekonyan want to charge the DLC at US$ 5.

From fan translation we have two nukige release with one of those are very heavy on lolicon content. While the other one surely wouldn't win an award for the story, at least the setting is interesting in that we'll going to have medieval setting. For the updates from fan translation, we have Eustia was at 87.11% translated with side route was at 16.33% translated, Loverable was at 78.39% edited, and Miotsukushi Omote was at 86% edited. For Ginharu here once again we have Hinata's patch been released as some sort of belated New Year prize from Tsurezure, so if you've been interested with Hinata and been wanted to play her route you can get the patch and have fun. Of course we also have the first 2020 Ginharu update here, and the update goes like currently Momiji's route was at 42.1% translated and overall Ginharu was at 51.74% translsted.

I guess that's all for my first 2020 VNTS Review, and sorry if it's been too short here. See you next week.


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