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Rhapsody of a Cherry Blossom Review



Welcome to my last VNTS Review for 2019, and as for the title I just joined 'Cherry Blossom' from Sakuramori (TL Note: Sakura mean cherry blossom) and 'Rhapsody' from Kami no Rhapsody so we have the title as 'Rhapsody of a Cherry Blossom'. After very active week from the last week, I did find that this week was interesting to a degree here. The reason was not because the official releases like the last week though, but rather it's because we have Rhapsody full text patch release which should be more than enough if one want to play it especially of we know that there's no proper narration patch for Eushully VN out there. I admit that I'm not seeing this coming seeing that I dismissed the chance for Rhapsody's patch release as the Christmas prize, so seeing that it's been released four days after Christmas is a very good surprise to me and therefore defeat my earlier remark here. Other than Rhapsody full text patch release, we also have some updates from both of Mangagamer and fan translation while at the same time we also have new VN announcement. So let's see what I can write at 2019 end here.

While I still think that Bullied Bride nukige is a redundant release, I guess it's good for Fakku to be able to release Chii-chan nukige at 2019. Not my choice of Christmas prize though, but then again some people out there may think otherwise so have fun if you like it. Also KEY decided to delay their Summer Pocket because they find some problem in the engine and apparently Valve like to debating with KEY for the age rating, so obviously KEY will delay Summer Pocket release. What I can say for now is that hopefully KEY will find a way to get through of it, especially if we know that Valve like to randomly banned VNs.

We also have Aniplex decided to join the VN localization with their two new VN Adabana and ATRI, and they'll release it at the next year. While it's interesting that Sony here joining the VN industry (Aniplex is a part of Sony) especially if we know on how Sony like to tightening the censorship, my concern is more to ATRI though in which it's Makura and Frontwing partnership project which mean that we may have a chance of Sakura no Uta localization however miniscule it is (I know it's just my wishful thinking here). Lastly we have Harukaze (Or rather Tokyotoon) announced that they're release their new VN (Marco and the Galaxy Dragon) in three language simultaneously (Including English obviously) at February 28th later, and apparently the MC will be female so looks like it'll be some sort of GL VN which mean at that date we'll have two GL VNs releases. No much comment other than since Tokyotoon already made this as all age VN, there shouldn't be any controversy in regard of censorship like back when they localized Noraneko duology.

No much word for Mangagamer here other than good job with their updates. For the roundup of their last 2019 updates, we have both of Uchikano and Mugen Renkan finished the image editing, Room No.9 beta testing still waiting the build from Japanese developer, Sukehime was in image editing, Sona-Nyl was at 65% edited, Escalayer was about to enter the testing, and Sakuramori was in testing. No much to say other than hopefully Sakuramori testing will going and that they'll release in the near future.

From fan translation, other than Rhapsody complete narration patch release we also have several updates. For the updates we have Eustia was at 86.51% translated with side stories was at 12.49% translated, Mitosukushi Omote was at 82% translsted, Majikoi A-3 was finished the translation and the editing work still hasn't started yet, Loverable was at 78.36% translated, 8,869 out of 43,896 lines of Pure x Connect are translated (Good job on that), and Ginharu was at 50.88% translated with Momiji's route was at 37.46% translated (Looks like there'll be no Hinata's patch release for new year prize as well here).

Lastly the biggest update for this week should be Rhapsody's full text patch here, in which it's should be help a lot if you want to play Rhapsody in English as soon as possible seeing that usually Eushully's interface patch is enough to understand the gameplay (Translation issue on interface patch aside). The translator still call it as partial patch though, seeing that his team still need to translate some image and that he also said that some of the translation is still unedited. So I'll call the patch as partial patch just like the translator here, and hopefully we can have Rhapsody full patch in the near future. As for Rhapsody itself, it's gameplay are very different from what Eushully made in the past (Especially Kamidori) so it might need some time to get use to the gameplay here. Go get the patch if you've been interested with Eushully VN here, and have fun.

That's all for my last VNTS Review at 2019. Happy new year, and see you next year.


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