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Ghost Beats! Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week title I just combined both of Seven Days and Angel Beats here because both title here are supposed to be our attention at this week. For more elaboration, the 'Ghost' part here is from Seven Days because we'll going to see ghost problem in there while for the 'Beats!' part it should be obvious where it's come from. For my overview on this week, we have two releases (The aforementioned Seven Days and Winter Polaris) and two new projects which should be good if you've been waiting for it. Although my focus is more on Tsurezure did resume their Ginharu work though, so I can say that this week is pretty interesting if only because of Ginharu's update. Anyway let's see what I can write for this week here.

Back at 12th we have Sekai suddenly released Winter Polaris, in which it's quite quick for them seeing that they just announced it back at May (To be fair it's only a short VN though). In any case, I didn't know much about this VN other than it'll involved a pandemic that caused people disappeared or something like that. Anyway get the VN from Steam if you curious about this and have fun. There's also an update from Nekonyan in regard of Aokana, in which they already have the the sex scenes for Perfect Edition are already in preparation for the QA and that they'll plan to release it at this month so let's see if they can fulfill the target. We also will have Nekonyan doing their usual updates at the next week, so let's see what they have at their next update later. By the way I'm not expected something like Senren Banka release here, but if they'll fulfill it at the next updates then it'll be a very nice bonus.

We have Cherry Kiss announced their redundant nukige (Bullied Bride) release date, and it'll be at 24th later. Not my choice of Christmas prize if I may be blunt here, but at least some people would appreciate the release seeing that it's finally available for legal. We also have Sukera (The company who behind Amrilato) will release their new VN (Oshi no Love yori Koi no Love or OshiLove for short) at February 28th later and unsurprisingly it's another GL VN like Amrilato, but instead the surprising part here would be that it'll be available for simultaneous release for English and Chinese version. For more info, it's also 18+ VN judging from the VA name and that the graphic is looking good, so hopefully they'll be able to release it on time later.

About Summer Pockets, apparently Visual Arts already have it in review by Valve so perhaps they'd really want to make the release it real as soon as possible. Whether the review time would be long or not it's up to them, but in any case I can only say that hopefully the review will be going smoothly. We also have news from Alka, in that they decided to translated Angel Beats in which as we know was stuck at halfway translated after Visual Arts issued C&D to the translator group who translated it. I believe they can do it, although whether Visual Arts will handle C&D later is still not known yet. In any case, I'll probably just pass on this seeing that Angel Beats here is still the first part and apparently there'll be more of that, which is impossible as of now seeing that Jun Maeda as the main staff did have severe health issue. Good luck to Alka though for tackling the project later. Almost forget to say that Alka already translated three quarter of Kamome's route, and that they'll try to release Kamome's patch in two or three weeks.

From the rest of fan translation, like I say we have a progress from Tsurezure in regard of Ginharu after a few weeks of no update. As for the update, currently we have Momiji's route was at 29% translated and overall was at almost halfway (49.29%) translated. Also Trip did find out that the first part of Momiji's high school arc are sex scenes, so he have some rough time to get through of it. Oh and currently he also still doing some TLC on Hinata's route, so it'll be a while before we can finally have Hinata's patch (Hopefully as either Christmas or New Year prize). For other progress we have Miotsukushi Omote was at 72% translated, Loverable was at 77.03% edited, and Eustia was show a number of progress in which currently it's at 85.65% translated (Side stories was at 6.85% translated) along with almost three quarter (74.36%) edited (Licia's route was fully edited and Eustia's route was past a quarter (25.87%) edited.

As for Seven Days, I remember that VN was created from the crowdfund that happened in Japan with the help of Fruitbat. After that, Fruitbat decided to localize it with the late Conjueror as the translator. After the loss, we have Steiner take care of the rest of the untranslated files until it's ready for the release back at 13th. As for the premise, we have the MC who manage to get a cursed Blu Ray disc that spawn a female ghost. While the ghost was easily defeated, there's another problem arise namely that turned out that there's seven ghosts that inhabit the ghost's body, and thus the MC need to calm down all of the ghosts within seven days each in order to allow each ghosrlt to move on. So essentially we'll going to follow on how the MC will try to calm all the ghosts within 49 days, and find some circumstances that surrounds the ghosts. If you interested with it, you can get it from Steam (No need to worry about censorship since Seven Days is the all age VN in the first place) and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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