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KEY All Stars Memories Review Part 3



For this week title since we have Summer Pocket Ao's patch released and that Summer Pocket story here is basically resembled KEY older VN story, I treat Summer Pocket as KEY All Stars an combined it with PreCure All Stars Memories so we have 'KEY All Stars Memories', only that the most obvious reason is we wouldn't have all KEY VNs heroines in Summer Pocket. And since we already have three patches released, I did treat this as the part three of the review. That aside since we didn't see a releases we can say that this week is more or less a calm one, although with Mangagamer finally announce Bokuten release date after six years along with Ao's patch released, this week is turned out still interesting to me. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

In case you still want your otome VN Alice Taisho to be retranslated, be happy because we have a well known translator Verdilish retranslate it. As far as progress concerned, it's almost ready for the release. Or to be exact we already have the release date for that and it'll be at 28th later, so if you've been want ed to read Alice Taisho with better translation feel free to take note on the date. For the info, we already have this translated for a while with the localization company did their best to translate and dubbing the VN. Although in this case the hardwork of the company is not appreciated though, mostly because of their translation fiasco (Hiragana Alice and Katakana Alice anyone?) and that the dub is not the best quality to say it lightly (Apparently it's only been dubbed by one person). As for me, even with the better translation and I took a liking of otome VN I still wouldn't interested with Alice Taisho though, and the reason is because we only have one part being translated and therefore we need to wait if we want to play the full version here.

Congratulation to Sekai Project in regard of their successful Rewrite+ Kickstarter at 207,200 funded, and hopefully it mean that they'll work on this more intensive now that they already got the new translator for it. Still not going to change my mind that the main game is a redundant one even with the so-called revised script in the Plus version, but at least the fandisc is still nice if you've been waiting for it since back when Ixrec finished Comyu's translation (At 2014 for the reminder). Of course we still need to wait for Sekai to finished the main game first, but let's just hope that it'll be done quickly. We also have some updates from Sol Press like I said back at last week, and for the updates currently we have Sakura Celebration was at 48% translated along with 38% edited, Himawari no Kioku was at 69% translated along with 58% edited, and Nukitashi was at 58% translated along with 7% edited (I can see that Sol Press will delay Nukitashi's release at 22nd later with the current progress here). For Sol Press here, I'm just hope that we can see both of Witch's Garden and Mirai Radio progress in the near future.

As for the aforementioned Bokuten release date, Mangagamer did announce it back at NYC. The release date for that will be at December 19th later, in which it should make a good Christmas release here (Although Mangagamer may have one more release to announce after Funbag Fantasy 2 release though). For a bit of history, Mangagamer did announce this back at 2014 which mean that it need five years to be finally released. Granted that there's a lot of porting work in order to allow both of Mac and Linux user to play this, but to me it's not like it's necessary seeing that most of PC user would using Windows. If anything else, at least it's good that Mangagamer willingly to approach OS user outside Windows. For the story, granted that I only read the review but at least I can say it'll be more dark compared to other Overdrive VNs so much that it leaned towards utsuge. Also if you dislike Deardrops writing, you better just ignore this seeing that the writer is the same and that he's more or less will write in the same way (In that I just realized he might be on cynical side in regard of love).

From fan translation, currently we have Trip took a rest as Irru said so obviously we didn't have Ginharu update at this week. Of course we still have some other updates though, such as Miotsukushi Omote was past halfway (53%) translated, Loverable was at 73.06% translated, and Eustia was at 82.50% translated with Eustia's chapter was also already past 80% mark (84.84%) translated. For the big update here, we have Alka released the aforementioned Ao's patch so you can get it at their site if you've been want to play it only for Ao's sake just because she was designed by Tsubasu Izumi, and have fun. For Alka's next plan here, obviously they'll continuing Kamome's route translation in which it's been at a quarter (25.14%) translated and then they'll working on the true route translation.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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