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VN of the Month June 2005 - Ayakashibito



Both Jingai Makyou and Ayakashibito deserve to be called masterpieces this month, and I'm reviewing both. But my personal preference goes towards the latter Ayakashibito

1. Rainy Town -Eien no Basho- Rainy Town -永遠の場所- [050603] Frau
Do you remember the promise made in the rain? One small hope may grow into something more...
Orthodox school romance. Main character is so useless that he leads a boring life waiting for a miraculous encounter with one of six heroines. Individual "routes" only take 30 minutes including all the voiced phrases. All of them follow the same mindless flow. A truly pathetic work for the full price that's asked.


2. Reimei no Lavendura 黎明のラヴェンデュラ [050603] Noa
Mankind has populated the entire galaxy. But as the need for military forces is decreased, a lot of military facilities are downgraded to training schools. Main character is the instructor of a girl training corps. Together they board the training space ship Lavendula and jump out into the space...
It's a royal road story primarily about robot battles. The conversations and action scenes are nice, but game's not worth purchasing for scenario or eroge purposes..


3. Seven -Sympathy for the Fairies- [050603] Active
Main character enters university. He possesses a power called "Phantom Vision" that allows to  visually grasp feelings and emotions of others. One day he sees a beautiful girl followed by seven  phantom beasts. The next time he sees the girl there are dead bodies found on the campus. Girl jumps at him from the window asking to help her flee from the chasing beings.
There is just one girl, but with seven personalities representing seven sins. Unfortunately, personalities matter little in the end, and game ends just after four hours.


4. Koi Q! ~Koi to H no Midareuchi~ 恋Q!~恋とHの乱れ射ち~ [050610] Meteor
An angel girl falls down from the sky begging for main character's cooperation. To become a full-fledged angel she needs to help protagonist fall in love with a girl. There are three candidates to bring happiness to.


5. Daibubokan ~Oshioki da Game~ ダイブボカン~おしおきだガメ~ [050617] Nyotai Kougaku Kenkyuujo
Main character is a part of disciplinary committee. He needs to catch and punish offender girls.
It only becomes a visual novel in H scenes.


6. Pastel Chime Continue ぱすてるチャイムContinue [050617] Alice Soft 1 2
10 years have passed after the episodes of Pastel Chime. Nagihara Yuuki is a transfer student from Private Farneze AS to Kouryou Academy in the Rubens continent. Dramatic encounters and reunions occur as he is transferred. As he spends every day at Kouryou Academy it will help him walk the earnest way of becoming a mature adventurer.
There is an English impression.


7. Kiri Kiri Mai きりきりまい [050618] Studio Ebisu
Main character is a college student who has a perfect lover, but only formally, for the looks. Three years pass this way, but one day protagonist gets really interested in a cheerful and calm girl. Who will he meet this Christmas with?
It's a cheap work with weak scenario, no voicing and small volume. It still manages to create a favorable atmosphere with the little resources it has.


8. Futakoi Alternative: Koi to Shoujo to Machinegun フタコイオルタナティブ 恋と少女とマシンガン [050623] Vridge Inc. 1 2
Futakoi Alternative tells the story of Rentarō Futaba and his detective agency. One day a set of twins, Sara and Sōju, show up at his doorstep. They move in with him and work as secretaries for his agency.
Game is based on anime events, so watching anime is a must to get into the setting that's not really explained. Routes vary greatly in quality. Game actually turns in the way of moege rather than presenting a solid scenario.


9. Ayakashibito あやかしびと [050624] Propeller 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
In face of human technological advancement during the Meiji Restoration, the youkai of Japan were forced to make a hard decision:
1) To remain as youkai and watch over the land
2) To return to the netherworld
3) To give up their power and status as youkai and live amongst humans.
While there were some that chose otherwise, the majority of the youkai decided it was best to become human. It was tough, but as time passed these youkai were able to blend in with the human world and live peacefully amongst them.
However, blood is thicker than water. The offspring of these youkai displayed the powerful abilities of their ancestors in times of great anxiety, often manifesting in horrible and dangerous ways, and were labeled by society as monsters.
Officially their condition was named "Acquired Systemic Special Heredity variety Syndrome", or "ASSHS" for short and treated as a non-contagious illness, but the common people began to refer to them as Jinyous (half-youkai) nevertheless.
Of these Jinyous, most were sent to Kamizawa City: an isolated urban area walled off from the rest of Japan to keep all the Jinyous together and away from the human population. However, the ones that were deemed especially dangerous were sent to a medical facility on an uncharted island near the shores of Japan where they would be under constant surveillance.
Takabe Ryouichi was one of those who were sent to said island at the age of five. This is a story about him along with the girl called Suzu, his only friend on the island, escaping to Kamizawa city to live a normal life. What they didn’t expect was that Suzu carried a secret that attracted much unwanted attention…
Somehow I failed to find video playthrough of this game, so I'm up for it.


10. Jingai Makyou 塵骸魔京 [050624] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 5 6
The main character is a Japanese college student, who lost his parents in an accident and since then has been cared for by his landlady. He has a strange set of eyes, with one green eye and one red eye. His little sister Megumi, goes to boarding school in England, but still comes back to visit him from time to time. His best friend Ryou has always been supportive of the main character and has stuck by him through thick and thin. Still the main character is an unusual person for he has strange dreams in his sleep, seeing visions of a beautiful black haired maiden with a black umbrella, who speaks to him in his dreams. This begins to become more prevalent when he starts seeing her in the waking world, and does not understand what is happening to him. This leads him on a path to discovering the existence of the Narazaru and playing a vital role that will either save the world or lead it on the path of destruction.
I'm going to review it myself.


11. Majokko a la Mode II ~Hikari to Yami no Etranger~ 魔女っ娘ア・ラ・モードII~光と闇のエトランゼ~ [050624] F&C 1
Story takes place in Twinkle City long before the foundation of Mint Kingdom.
Main character Lyle is an apprentice wizard who is currently training at the Magical Academy. He spends days peacefully with his girlfriend Jessica.
One day a mysterious girl appears in front of him, and strange events start to pile up. Protagonist gathers girls to repel the invading monsters.
Game genre suddenly jumps to RPG which brings repeatability in order to capture all three heroines. There are funny dialogues and jokes, but actual romance is lacking.


12. Ouka 桜華 [050624] Carriere 1 2
The last descendant of a line of mystical protectors, Yuuya Furusaka has received the twin blessing of Life and Death, and now his touch has the power to save lifes or destroy them, although at the price of, respectively, his own life or his own soul.
But maybe the key for his salvation is hidden in one of the girls around him...
Officially released as a remake of Shinkirou, Ouka is more an alternative version than a real remake. Not only the artwork and the musics are entirely redone, the original story too has been vastly expanded (and often modified), and also includes new routes, new characters and new winnable heroines.
There is an English review.


13. Paimega ぱいめが [050624] Smart
Main character's ultimate goal in life is to make big breasted beauties wear glasses. But other members of the glasses club prefer other woman archetypes in glasses. He decides to prepare a suitable for the contest to prove his point of view.


14. Papikon ~Futago no Musume wa Doukyuusei?!~ ぱ・ぴ・こ・ん ~双子の娘はどうきゅうせい!?~ [050624] Le.Chocolat 1
Due to a mistake in documentation procedures, Kouhei suddenly became the parent of his twin classmates, Uta and Mai. They start living together, and a lot of strange happenings begin!
The older sister, who is mroe than happy to call him "papa" but doesn't want to be called his daughter, and the younger sister who's irritable towards him...
Their whole lives are turned upside-down, and there's never a dull moment as troubles keep piling up!
Not to mention Kouhei's childhood friend/senpai starts getting more aggressive towards him, and a girl trying to pursue the twins starts setting her aim towards him as well...
Will Kouhei be able to get along nicely with his daughters? Or will he succumb to his youthful urges and do something immoral with them? Not to mention his relationship with the other girls...
There is an English review.


15. Sotsugyou ~Next Graduation~ 卒業 〜Next Graduation〜 [050624] Wonderfarm
The protagonist from the first game encounters again all the girls he met back in high school, who are now single mothers with teenage daughters.
This time game moves from SIM to a more balanced approach. Another big change is introduction of female assistant teacher Yumiko.


16. Mai-HiME - Unmei no Keitouju 舞-HiME 運命の系統樹 [050630] Circus 1
You are Takamura Kyouji, a university undergraduate of archeology(and still in school). By help from Sears Association, you got a temporary teaching intern job at Fuuka Gakuen class 1-3(Miyu, Natsuki, Mai and Akane's class) teaching History. In reality, you're at Fuuka to research the Hime Legend.
There is an English review.




1. Beelzebub ベルゼブル [050601] Under Cover
It has become known that the ultimate purple Crystal that existed in the paradise times, is real. Some want it for money, others for power, and there are some who want to destroy it.
The treasure is placed inside lighthouse on an isolated island under triple top security measures, but it's still stolen by someone's invisible hand. But main character does not believe in magic. There must be an absolutely logical explanation to the trick and culprit's identity. You just need to figure out, which one.


2. Fetish 3: Omote no Kioku フェチ3 表の記憶 [050603] Ume Soft
The hero returns home after a long time away to meet up with the 5 heroines... for the "Omote" or Right/Bright side of the game, the scenarios unfold in a pure-love fashion, where the emotional connections are better between the hero and the heroines.


3. Fetish 3: Ura no Kioku フェチ3 裏の記憶 [050603] Ume Soft
The hero returns home after a long time away to meet up with the 5 heroines... For the "Ura" or Reverse/Dark side of the game, basically the hero takes the virginity of the heroines against their will and continues to sexually assault them, although as we all know the heroines would enjoy it in the end.


4. Omatase! Janbaraya おまたせ!雀バラや♪ [050603] Orange Peko
Main character learns about a mahjong-dedicated town at some internet site. He finds nothing at the sort upon arrival, though. He starts to play mahjong with the waitresses of the family restaurant. However, there is a mysterious person who operates girls' actions...
Card game


5. Sister Harassment しすたぁ孕すめんと♪ [050604] Parthenon
There's one night the protagonist found out his little sister was masturbating while thinking about him. That made him lost himself to rape her. And it began the forbidden love, but his classmate Satsuki found out their relation as soon. Satsuki was trying to prevent him to going to the wrong way, and Ayami was afraid he was being taken away by Satsuki. There began the sister and classmate fighting over the protagonist.


6. Ayakashi Ren'ai Kitan ~Kami-sama no Dashikata~ 妖恋愛奇譚~神サマの堕し方~ [050610] Marine Heart
Suou was seized while jaunting around on the miserable human world. It was rumored that he would be the next ruler of the heavens.
But Suou suffers more misfortune when the a sorcerer on the highest mountain, an earth emperor called Miyabi, has a devilish personality.
In that state Suou is pressured to swear absolute obedience to the beautiful demon, Ryuuto.
Moreover, Miyabi employs the stuck up white demon, Raika.
He suddenly finds himself living in Miyabi's mention.
Is more suffer awaiting the restrained Suou, or a beautiful dream that he doesn't see yet?
Boys Love


7. Fu-ta-ba ふ・た・ば [050610] Indigo
Main character's father remarries to a woman with twin daughters. After half a year father dies leaving protagonist in change of mother-in-law and step sisters. Girls start to pay excessive attention to their new guardian.


8. Gakuen Shojo Gari 学園処女狩り [050610] Black Package
The woman limits it to the virgin. Becomes not the woman but a female as soon as having opened the groin to a man. The leg won't be opened to men other than me, and there be desire in the female to which Nicbou is thrown in. If the leg is opened only to me, and she accepts only me, my woman is good in it. The woman of no virgin it is unnecessary for me. I commuted only by boys and girls from good families, and became a teacher at the girl school of all dormitory system without forgetting such a desire.


9. Imouto Ninshin 2 ~In-Tai-Mon-Zetsu~ いもうと妊娠2 ~淫・胎・悶・絶~ [050610] Valkyria
An ordinary family of four.
Father, Tomoyuki, an ordinary office worker
Mother, Rinne, a full time housewife
and then Taketo and Maasa, elder brother and younger sister separated by a few years.
Siblings that usually fight, before he realizes it he has become aware that his sister's body has begun to change.
And so, one sumer day.
"Hey, ..... do you want to try it?"
Taketo says teasingly licking his sister's body.
"Ohhh, .... ahh ... onii-chan ...!"
Unexpectedly his sister has a pained reaction.
But Taketo continues his relentless passionate assault, and so little by little his younger sister's body begins to crave the experience ...


10. Onsen Hotel xx Daisakusen 温泉ホテル××大作戦 [050610] Sol-fa-soft
The protagonist goes to a hot spring hotel with his relatives. He has to take care of his cousin, and he has already decided what to make her do!
Go to the men's bath, make her walk around with a yukata and no panties, or simply "play" in your room.
Doujin Nukige


11. degeneration [050611] Soft Circle Courreges
“DEGENERATION” is the name of a training simulation game (SLG), revived to tell the story of Aoi, who by some chance becomes your pet, and spends 45 days with you.
Will she be the “Virgin, and master of services”, or “Virgin who allows her asshole to be exploited in every way possible”, or “Virgin who allows her whole body to be assaulted, but is still new to the penis”… It is up to you to decide which path Aoi takes!
Doujin Nukige


12. Kawaisou e Youkoso! 河合荘へようこそ! [050611] Gyuunyuu Soft
By an accident, I happened to shack up with 2 young sisters in an old apartment. How it's gonna be?
A knock-about erotic adventure novel.
Doujin Nukige


13. Kono Koi☆Megane! この恋☆MEGAネッ! [050611] Lotte
One day main character drops his glasses to the pond. Then a goddess shows up from the water. She promises to send a glasses curse unless protagonist is able to find his true love within a week.


14. da! [050615] WLC Soft
A story in which a small devil imp is ordered by the master to bring a human suitable to become a familiar.


15. The Shocker ザ・ショ○カー [050615] Team-Tanabe
The Shocker is a secret organization aspiring to nothing less than total subjugation of (all the women in) the world.
Are you ready to take up arms for (Eroge) Evil?
The Shocker wants YOU!
Doujin Nukige


16. Eiken Kikaku 映研企画 [050617] Runrun Soft
Main character heads Film Research Department and dreams of becoming a movie director. The clum is under thread of dissolving with only one member remaining and lacking any success. The only chance for the club to persist is to win prestigious Sakai Film Festival first prize in two months and eliminate criticism from student council. Protagonist is going to coerce student council president with any methods required.


17. Engage ~Onee-sama to Watashi~ エンゲージ~お姉様と私~ [050617] Burston
There are two stories presented in a prestigious girl school entourage - "Yuri disc" and "Insult disc".
Nukige Anthology


18. Little Aid [050617] Takuyo
Spring, It's almost time for the cherry blossoms to bloom. I come back to South Aose where my mothers grave is.
My fathers job is finally coming to a stable place.
My life of constant movement is over, from now on my father, me, and my little brother will live together.
Winter, It's December close to Christmas.
A memorial service for the tearing down of the old Tenhou High school building is held. Even though it's a different kind of event from a usual culture festival the lively students plan many kinds of attractions.
Me and my classmate Kushige and the Morals Committee Chairman Sawato also start preparations.
On that normal day, I suddenly get informed that my father has been in an accident and is now in the hospital.
He was in a traffic accident and is forced to stay in the hospital for a few days. The doctors say that only sustaining that level of injuries is almost miraculous.
While I was sorting through the closet to find clothes for my father in the hospital I found it... this jade pendant.
Yes, I remember now, that was the beginning.
When I found this jade pendant everything started...


19. Para Para 3 ぱらパラ3 [050617] Studio B-Room
Main character is blessed with great health, grades, amazing mother and a girlfriend. But there is a widow Momoko who comprehends his anxieties. She pulls him in a whirlpool of relations.


20. Puri-Puri ~PrincexPrince~ ぷり・プリ~PRINCE×PRINCE~ [050617] Amanatto 1
Kurt is the crown prince of his kingdom. His father the king sends him off for one year to visit four neighbouring countries so that he can prepare to be a king by forging political alliances and finding out more about them. Basically, smex around the world as the opening song says. Kurt sets off for the year with his pet goat Candy and his trusty tutor Stellan.
Boys Love 


21. Sakura Relaxation ~Yon Shimai to no Love-Love Doukyo Seikatsu~ さくらリラクゼーション~四姉妹とのラブラブ同居性活~ [050617] Puzzlebox
Main character masters skills of chiropractor from his father, but lacks actual experience, so he enters a clinic. He is greeted by four Sakura family sisters and grandfather director who wishes to resign already. Protagonist is offered director position while living with four girls. Can he even fulfill his duties properly in this situation?


22. Ultra Mahou Shoujo Manana vol.5 ウルトラ魔法少女まなな vol.5 [050617] Alice Soft
Vol.5 Includes story №13:
13. A girl from a magic star 「魔法の星から来た少女」


23. Summer Schoolgirls [050618] Hanako Games
You play a girl just out of high school. In the summer before university, you have chosen to attend a special program where you can visit the campus and get to know your classmates. One of five characters will be chosen as your roommate and you must try to become friends with her, learn her secrets, and help her solve her problems. It will take clever detective work to form a lasting relationship.


24. Diorama ジオラマ [050619] Flat
The protagonist, Kajiki Mitsuru, is wandering about in this world, tormented by nothingness, chaos and despair.
---"Why am I still in this world of despair...?"
The only person he trusts from the bottom of the heart is his little sister Semi Haruna.
One day, he finds a scrap of paper in his shoe rack on which the name "Tousawa Yoshimi" is written.
Who has, for what sake, put that in there...?
"Tousawa Yoshimi" --- this is the name of a character who appears in Mitsuru's dreams.
The next day Mitsuru hears of a girl, Futami Moe, who is searching for Yoshimi.
Why does she know of him...?
Diorama is a story about perception, love and insanity, in which the real world and a parallel world intersect.


25. Natsu, Semi, Shoujo 夏、セミ、少女 [050619] KaTana
Boy meets girl. Boy wants to meet girl again, and arranges a date. Girl doesn't show up.
Saito’s pretty sure she was interested too, so he’s not just going to give up. All he has to do is figure out what happened to her...


26. Rakujitsu 落日 [050619] Nonono Tsuushin
Main character's life becomes a repeating bore-fest with the same flow every day. No entertainment activities are able to bring any fun like before. One day he watches at sunset in the part with a local school girl doing the same nearby. Is she here for the same reason.
A few weeks later later that girl approaches him again calling him "friend" and asking whether he liked that. This girl definitely has a different outlook. She still has dreams...


27. Mermaid Trip マーメイドトリップ [050620] INSOMNIA
The whole football team goes to the sea during summer vacations. Suddenly Shige falls from the top of the rock to the sea. He regains consciousness at a submarine country.
Doujin Boys Love


28. Tanetsuke Shimai Choukyou Desu 種付姉妹調教です [050621] Studio-74
A beautiful sister training simulation game with elite female pilots as receiving side.


29. Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden Gaiden: Kagami no Miko ふしぎ遊戯 玄武開伝 外伝 鏡の巫女 [050623] Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
The adventure game puts players in the shoes of Kobayashi Mariko, an original character created for the game, who is taken into the Universe of the Four Gods through a mirror. While searching for her friend, Mochizuki Takumi, who was also taken into the mirror, Mariko is aided in her quest by the Genbu no Miko and the Genbu Seven.


30. Iraira Yoku Bou 2 -Kasumi Hen- いらいら欲棒2 -かすみ編- [050623] Inspire
A gameplay game where stages are cleared with mouse manipulations while avoiding touching the sides. Each stage clear reveals new scenes with beautiful warriors in sailor suits.
Doujin Nukige


31. Ao no Juuai 青の獣愛 [050624] GuiltyN
Kasumi that grows up without wanting for anything as Miss in shop of old standing japanese-style confection shop in Kyoto. Usually everyone if walking inside the campus by a glossy black hair and rose lip and the neat behavior. at the time of be done even turning around and worshipHowever, it tore up it tragically with beasts' fingernails. Kasumi that is cheated by Iba and Furuya thought that it is friend until it is and the moment until yesterday and confined. The inside of Kasumi is gradually changed every day into which it is pulled apart from lover's Muromachi, and the semen that becomes cloudy in the body is soaked. It is not possible to subdue one's bodily desires, and even lover's presence finally makes the school bathing suit dig into, and swallows men's Nicbou to the interior of the throat.


32. Blue Flow Fandisc ブルーフロウ ファンディスク [050624] Kogado Studio
It contains 3 standalone missions that can be played without the original game. In addition, it includes artwork collection, walkthrough for Blue Flow, desktop accessories, RASETSU, RASETSU 2, Blue Flow game demos, 3-episode audio drama CD.


33. Boku no Hitozuma Onee-san ~M na Hitozuma x S na Miboujin~ ぼくの人妻お姉さん~Mな人妻×Sな未亡人~ [050624] Lilith Soft
A menage a trois of you, your friend's mom Reiko, and her young sister who is a widow Yuka. Which one you choose after all through the forbidden sexual relationship? You may have sex with threesome sex with the women, all depending on your sensible command selections!
Reiko treat you as her as a pet, but through the sexual experiences with him, she begins to aware of her masochistic personality....... Yuka is a gentle, friendly lady, but once she gets drunk.....it's on!!!!!


34. Caramel Box Yarukibako キャラメルBOX やるきばこ [050624] Caramel Box
This contains omake content from Caramel Box's other visual novels and some minigames. It contains:
- Sub episodes of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru
Yarukibako contains four additional sub-episodes and a special sub-episode of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru.
- One novel of Shamana Shamana ~Tsuki to Kokoro to Taiyou no Mahou~
This is a Ravi Roth's story entitled Little Knights. This episode is contained in the Shamana Shamana - DVD Edition.
- Visual novel Getsuyoutei Nite -At Moondance Diner-
The setting of this story is the same as Blue, though they are unconnected.
- Caramelic Bout
Caramelic Bout is a collectible card game on PC. This system was updated to version 2.1 in Fukkoku-ban.
- Splendid Reversi
A player can have a showdown with a character from Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru.


35. Clock Up Fan Disc 3GHz くろふぁん3GHz [050624] Clock Up team Dyo
In addition to new wallpapers, system voices and other extras, this fandisc features three side stories expanding the 'Defeated' ending in the Evil Route (Scenario 01), the Loli ending (Scenario 02) and the True ending (Scenario 03).


36. D-spray Biyaku de Motemote Kachou Dairi Hosa D-spray 媚薬でモテモテ 課長代理補佐 [050624] UnderMoon
The protagonist has been working at a job for several years but can't seem to rise through ranks anymore. With no respect from most of employee and rumors of restructure going on he is sick of his job. How ever one day he is called in by research department to test out experimental pheromone drug. After testing drug out to be real deal he starts to target women he works with making his job more interesting.


37. Futari de Marvel Shichaimasu! ~Kinou no Teki wa Kyou mo Koibito!?~ ふたりでマーヴルしちゃいます!~昨日の敵は今日も恋人!?~ [050624] MBS Truth
Main character gets to protect two girls from molesters on his way to school. Next day these girls join his class as transfer students and even get seats next to him. A fierce battle for his attention continues each day. At the same time PC components shop owner asks protagonist to defend the world from evil forces. He is supported by transfer students who turn out to be justice sailor warriors. The competition between girls comes to the new stage with their supernatural forces revealed.


38. Ganbari Daughter がんばりどーたー [050624] Wanko Soft
The male protagonist, "Papa-tan" (his real name doesn't matter a bit, trust me... ), has a fairly serious crush on Mini, his cute and YOUNG-looking niece.
Our hero(?) is therefore very happy when Mini's parents send their daughter to his home for some time, but tragically he catches a nasty flu on the same day of her arrival, and he's forced to absolute bed rest.
However Mini much cares for her Papa-tan, and starts applying her personal approach to nursing...


39. Hanabana no Omohi... 花々の想ひ・・・。 [050624] Libido
Main character is a student in a mountainous town rich in nature. As grandfather gets hospitalized, protagonist decides to leave for the city where his father with remarriage partner live. His female childhood friend decides to follow him. His life starts to change drastically in the new family surrounded by girls.


40. Hitozuma Net Auction 人妻ネットオークション [050624] H+
Select the girl you like and outbid your competitors at online auction to have her secretly molested and insulted.


41. Mugen Rinkan 無限輪姦 [050624] Black Globe
Main character dates a girl he protected from bullying. After some time together with former bullies they go to an inhabited island where they want to find truth about a terrible incident. Their boat gets crashed upon landing in the storm, so there is no way back. Protagonist understands that the one who controls the handgun becomes the absolute law here. It's his chance to avenge the bullied girl twofold.


42. Pixture Pixture-ピクスチャー- [050624] Hanjuku Nora
Main character is a new employee who falls in love with an office lady. Distracted by her legs, he fails the training course. He builds a "Pixture" that is able to manipulate the woman changing her personality the way he wants each new day.
Doujin Nukige


43. Sakura Machizaka Stories Vol. 2 "Sensei ga Oshiete Ageru!" 桜待坂Stories Vol.2「せんせいがおしえてあげる!」 [050624] Ivory
Main character is a popular student, but with poor grades. He will need to stay for another year if he fails next exam, so he is sent to the summer study camp. But the four hellish teachers there turn out to be small girls with superior academic abilities fit for university already. After all, this summer is going to be fun.


44. Sakutto Panda ~Kutsuu~ さくっとパンダ ~苦痛~ [050624] agony/Kinshiiku
Main character trains diligently to defeat his bullies one day, but things take an unforeseen turn. Legendary attack prowess opposed by epic defense! The degree of craziness increases with every minute.


45. Supacchu! ~Ikaga ni Watashi ga Hakimono o Aisuru you ni natta no ka~ すぱっちゅ!~如何に私がはきものを愛するようになったのか~ [050624] Studio Ring
Main character loves spats worn by girls. His female childhood friend understands his passion and is ready to do anything for him.


46. Tokumei Sentai Yuzu Ranger 特命戦隊ユズレンジャー [050624] Anim
An evil organization “Demagog” endangers peaceful everyday. At the memorial ceremony its member suddenly attacks the attendants. A mysterious girl shows up and passes bracelets to the three female cadets present at the ceremony. With the power of bracelets girls transform to the Rangers able to protect their town from this evil threat. 


47. My Pet Sion マイペットシオン [050625] MOON GODDESS
Extra episode in My pet Tsukihime series.
Alchemist Sion becomes a vampire. She gets into a trap and faces multiple obscenities.
Doujin Nukige


48. Sore Ja, Mata Ne それじゃあ、またね [050629] Luna Bless 1 2
A short story. Black and white. Sparse drawings. Sparse music. Three characters. One smile.


49. Angel's Feather -Kohaku no Hitomi- Angel's Feather -琥珀の瞳- [050630] Blue Impact
An explosion happens in the dojo Shou went to before.
Shou, who was taking a break from school, happened to meet the "brother next door" there, Kimura Kaoru, who he had learned kendo together with.
Shou was happy to see "Kaoru-san" again, whom he longed after in olden days. But Kaoru...---
Shou caught a cold.
Is the cold medicine that Kai made for him suddenly making him grow dog ears?!
There is a quarrel between the brothers, a long desired reunion, and a story with a comedic touch unfolds on the stage of Yuusei Academy.
This is an addition to the original story of Angel's Feather.
Boys Love


50. Chi no Hitori de Dekirumon! ち●のヒトリデデキルモン! [050630] Sage
Chobits story told from an unexpected perspective. Shameless carnal desires await heroines each new day.
Doujin Nukige


51. Nakadashi Chikan Ressha ~Joshikousei Chikan Hakusho~ 中出し痴漢列車~女子校生痴漢白書~ [050630] Under Lip
Main heroine has big breasts that often attract molesters. She is an adolescent girl, but she can't stand being forced. But after the pleasure she receives on the train one day, she continues to board the same train from now on...


52. Stamp Out [050630] Monoceros
Akae Masayuki is a sniper for a national anti-terrorism special force team know as ZAT (Zap Assault Team). During a criminal hostage-taking raid on a bank, due to a sniper mistake, a gunfight breaks out between ZAT and the criminal gang. During the raid, ZAT captain Hisakawa Takerou loses his right arm which Masayuki blames himself for and ends up quitting ZAT. Hisakawa, who's worried about Masayuki, decides to visit and asks him if he would like to work as a "killer." On his first day of work, he finds out that his former best friend, Shimada Shuuji, is also working as a killer, but his target is none other than Masayuki himself. Thus begins a dangerous journey as Masayuki tries to figure out what happened between him and Shuuji that makes his former best friend want to eradicate him from the face of the earth.
Boys Love


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