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Random translation: Silverio Vendetta's opening scene

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This scene is the opening of Silverio Vendetta, and the two monologues (one from Zephyr, one from a spoiler character who isn't named in the scene) define the nature of the game's theme.


What is victory?


What is glory?


I choose that path, will I be able to live without losing anything?


Can I save what is mine?  Can I protect it?  Can I really find happiness?


I ask this earnestly.  For victory is by nature frightening to me.  I know the poisoned fangs hidden within its glorious light better than anyone.


Honors that leave capability in the dust, more money than one can spend, success that can't help but be noticed...  Those things can't help but cause the holder suffering the moment they overdose upon them.


In other words, it is a reaction.


Amongst the more obvious would be jealousy from the defeated, the price of fame, the public's view differing from reality, and unfounded rumors and expectations.  The more extreme end can even go to death threats, worship, blackmail, etc...


Whether it is malice or berserk good will, they are both terrifying.


At times, that even becomes a suffering far more terrible than simple defeat, and it can even become the cause of utter ruin.


It is the same as losing your family as the cost for succeeding in business.  It's counterproductive.


It is an absolute truth that there are times when it is best to consider allowing defeat or showing humility. 


Of course, I'm not saying 'don't win'.  Anyone who says that is a total idiot and is blind to reality.


Humans... no all living things regardless of origin seek a victorious result.  That way of being is perfectly natural and a matter of course.  It is truly rare that victory is unadulterated.  In the first place, if you are always on the losing side, it is hard to even live, and the world isn't so kind as to infinitely forgive the defeated. 


That's why the ideal is to seek victories one is capable of handling and defeats one is capable of accepting.  I can't help but believe that the key to living a full life is acting while keeping an eye on that thin line. 


'Rather than suffering a terrible defeat as the result of pursuing a great dream, it is much smarter and less painful to avoid challenging your limits and be satisfied with minor victories and losses...'


That's the nauseating thought process of the weak, but there are a lot of people out there who talk this way... and I am one of them.

卑小? 凡人? そうだな、指摘されてもその通り。自分自身でよく分かっているよ。予め負けた時のために予防線を張っているだけだろうと誹られても、まったく、ぐうの音も出ない

Pathetic?  Mediocre?  Yes, what you are saying is correct.  I know that very well.  Even if you say I'm just making excuses for the time I lose in advance, I can't refute you. 


That's right, I'm a pathetic man.


Whether as a person or a man, I am only capable of so much.


I live without any real ideals or convictions, an opportunist who is quite satisfied as long as he can make enough money to live day by day.


I'm passive as well as pessimistic.  To sum me up in a single word... pathetic.




Still, if you'll let me make one excuse, I would like to report on the life I lived until I came to this realization.


I didn't end up this way because I kept losing but rather because of an unwanted set of victories.


That's right... nothing good comes of winning.


Without fail, the next, much larger tribulation follows it up.


That might seem like some kind of joke... but it was an absolute truth for me.


Really, oh really... every time, always, always always...


Whether an enemy, a mission, a difficult question, or a competition, achieving victory fails to improve the situation.  Moreover, I found myself facing similar situations at escalating levels of difficulty.  Seriously, what's with that?


The moment I won by running myself ragged, an even worse problem would always, without exception, pop up before me.


The moment I came out victorious, puking blood, another great enemy would appear before me.


It was almost as if the contents of fate's treasure box were scattered before me.  Problems, enemies, and every tribulation you could possibly imagine welling forth endlessly... the duty a victor must bear.


Is the world saying that, since I won, since I achieved glory that proceeding to the next stage is a matter of course, and I have to throw myself into a more fitting conflict?

それが勝者の宿命だから? ふざけろよ、こんな馬鹿げた話があるか

Because that is the duty of a victor?  Screw that!  Can there be anything more idiotic than this?!


Everyone seeks victory and glory to make their present better, but for some reason, in my case, that just strangles me.  You can't call that anything other than absurdity.


And of course, since I'm just a normal person, I lose as well.  No, it was actually more common for me to be crawling the earth, helpless.


There was a time when, because I didn't like that, I took the unfamiliar path of working hard.


However, if I won, I was doomed to face the next tribulation.  It was a hellish existence I was incapable of escaping.  I felt like I was going to go mad.


Placed into that kind of situation, the human heart isn't so strong as to be able to maintain an indomitable will.


And so, I decided I had enough, exhausted.


I chose to live going with the flow.


Though I hated it, I even accepted the fact that I was worthless trash.




Yest still, I found a girl I had to protect.


I vowed to use this pathetic life to save her.  For that reason, I forced myself to stand and go forth once again.


It was a once in a lifetime, final gamble... and for some reason I won...


And I achieved yet another terrible victory.


I foolishly failed to realize that that was doomed to transform into a one-way trip to hell...

(at this point, it changes narrators from Zephyr to another)


The grim reaper is called forth.  Trials and tribulations beyond my ability to handle arrive.


Protecting her to the end is absolutely impossible.  He will never become a true victor.


What comes is another enemy, another misfortune, another tribulation, another ruin.


The future he thought he'd reached continues to move forward, eaten away by darkness.


Rather, the miracle he managed to create becomes fuel for another challenge, turning the wheels of fate.


That is the nature of a 'counterattack'.


As it is a concept that exists through the weak destroying the strong, if the glory of victory is achieved, the right to use it is lost.


... He is an eternal loser, the cursed silver werewolf.


The gaunt evil beast who crushes all enemies in its great jaws while howling its despair from the depths of defeat.


He continues to struggle, even though he knows that the next hunter will be even more terrible than the last, unable to escape his destiny.


It is impossible to escape from victory.


It is impossible to escape from victory.


It is impossible to escape from victory.




... now, what will you do?


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It sounds really interesting, would have loved to see this VN receive a translation. Too bad that light went under, because that only makes it more difficult to acquire the rights for some other company for a translation. But maybe not all is lost since the third game is still in development. ( I just hope that leads to more interest in a translation for the predecessors.)

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