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When the Wolf Cry Review



Seeing that this week we have Kemomusu release with the wolf girl as the heroine along with Ciconia release 10 days ago, I decided to parodied both title so I change 'Ciconia' word into 'Wolf' in the translated full title of Ciconia (When the Ciconia Cry) so we have 'When the Ciconia Cry'. By the way I know that the title here is basically the old localized title for both of Umineko and Higurashi here, and let's just hope that Ryuukishi wouldn't make When They Cry 7th part like my VNTS Review title here XD (It's not like I can prevent it anyway if he want to make it later). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week once again there's a number of the releases along with Nekonyan's updates here. So overall what I can say that it's nice to see that we can see a number of released VNs within a month here seeing that we have four weeks with average three releases per week, and let's see what I can write for this week here.

From fan translation we finally have Shin Koihime Musou reaching 31% mark edited, which is quite a big jump here seeing that it's been at 30% edited for months here. We also have Miotsukushi at 33% translated and a sudden progress from Majikoi A-3 in which we have 61 out of 95 scripts are translated, and of course we still have Eustia's update with the current progress here was at 79.05% translated (Eustia's chapter was at 59.85% translated) along with passing 60% mark (62.10%) edited and 53.04% TLC-ed. For usual Ginharu update, currently we have overall Ginharu was at 43.05% translated along with Hinata's route was at 94.52% translated, and apparently Trip will attend the conference at the next week so we probably wouldn't have the progress at the next two weeks here (Or in more simple term we probably wouldn't have Momiji's route translation started until November later). That's all for fan translation updates here.

As for Lilitales, apparently Frontwing wasn't in charge of the publishing anymore seeing that it was released under Kagura Games. In any case it's already released back at 11th, and if you're in mood of playing some HRPG then go ahead and have fun. Speaking about HRPG we have Ninetails announced the exact release date for Frontier, and the release date for that will be at December 20th later. We also have one news from JAST, in which Flowers Autumn was in QA so perhaps we may it's release at this year if all goes well, but then again it's JAST so perhaps we may wouldn't be able to see the release at this year. Just in case you're in need of some nukige, there's Magical MILF nukige VN from Cherry Kiss in which they announced that they'll release it at 22nd later. While I did say that I want to see more magical girl VNs being translated, unfortunately the breast here is too big so I'll just pass on this (You may be happy though if you like big breasts). Lastly there's NG from Aksys Games, and you may try it if you've been wanting some mystery VN here so have fun if you pick it.

Currently we have Lamunation was in Steam review, which mean that all of the translation work of that is already over and all that left is the release so good luck to Lamunation Steam review there. From Nekonyan we have Senren Banka delay here, which to say was not surprising to me at all seeing that they've still at at 45% translated according to the last month update here and yet the estimation release is at October. In any case, at least they admit that they've been overconfidence here and therefore they decided to set the estimation release at December later, which to say is quite surprising here seeing that currently it's just past halfway (55%) translated and edited. But if they already prepare some measure to make it happen, perhaps it might be possible here so good luck with that. Other than Senren Banka update, we have Makeover was at 86% translated along with 71% edited, Hello Lady was at 90% translated along with 80% edited, 2nd secret project was at 35% translated and 30% edited, 3rd secret project was at 15% translated and 5% edited, and the first secret project was planned for early 2020 release.

For bigger releases we have both of Amatarasu and Kemomusu, in which it's from Mangagamer and Sekai respectively. Both are charage, although as for Amatarasu here it have five routes along with three side routes while Kemomusu here is only a kinetic VN here. As for the premise here, in Amatarasu the MC (Takaya) will have to deal with the sudden arrival of several female that was happened at the same time when a shooting star crashed, while in Kemomusu here we have the MC (Shuuji) was find a wolfgirl who actually a human female that was stranded into spirit world for 10 years and somehow manage to grow a wolf ears and tail. There's also a comparison of sex scenes number, in which we'll have 31 sex scenes in Amatarasu (Make sense seeing that the company is a branch for nukige producer Softhouse-seal, and 31 scenes here would be quite a lot for a medium length so-called charage VN) while for Kemomusu it's only five scenes here. In any case, both of VN should be interesting here so perhaps you should try those two and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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