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Silver Colored Faraway Track 3 - The Underclassman and the Puppy's Fugue



Once again this week VNTS Review is from one of Kanon 2006 episode, in which it's episode 7 (The Runaway and the Kitten's Fugue) only that it's pretty much obvious that I changed 'Runaway' to 'Underclassman' and 'Kitten' to 'Puppy'. The reason is very simple, because we have Hinata as the underclassman and she like dog and the child form of dog is puppy (Kitten is the child form of cat by the way). Also like previous Kanon episodes, we also have musical reference and this time it's fugue in which it pretty much mean a composition in two or more voices built on a subject  that is introduced at the beginning and recurs frequently in the course of the composition, or if you want more simple term it's chasing composition in which it's very fitting seeing that we have Makoto run away at episode 7. In here it's more to show on how puppy like to chase it's master seeing that dog is a very loyal animal, and of course we never have Hinata do a run away problem.

After my rambling on this week VNTS review title, let me say welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week, let's just say that Mangagamer's delay on Sengoku release is not very surprising at all seeing that they still need to deal with their busted payment processor. Other than that we also have another delay for one nukige and usual fan translation updates, so overall this week was pretty much quite a dry one as well (Perhaps we can get more juicy updates at September second half later). Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

We have a nukige release by Fakku was released, which to be honest not a big deal to me. But if you still waiting for that, perhaps you may take a note in that they'll try to have this released at this year (Probably December at the latest). Speaking about nukige, turned out that Valve didn't approved Asagi in Steam seeing that they throw yet another temper tantrum again by removing the store page for that, and the reason for the tantrum is apparently because they see a girl in school uniform which to say not really a valid reason to ban a game that full of rape (Although it might be valid reason for Valve here). In any case, it's quite obvious that the publisher need to find a way if they still insist to sell Asagi on Steam. To close Other section with non-nukige update, we have Lemnisca announced that they also prepared Raging Loop PC release at December 5th later, so if you only have PC and want to try Raging Loop you can get it from Steam.

Once again it's not surprising that Mangagamer delay their Sengoku release seeing that they still didn't resolve their payment processor problem, although it's quite a surprise though that they announce the new exact release date for that along with Haretaka at 19th later. What I can say is that while I'm still think that Sengoku release is redundant at least we finally can have Haretaka released which is good new to me, and for now let's just hope that there'll be no further complication seeing that they'd quite confident that they almost close to resolve the problem. For one more update, we have 07Expansion released Ciconia demo and obviously the demo will available in English so you can try the demo if you've been curious with Ciconia here.

We have a release from fan translation section, and the release is have a very heavy lolicon contents along with very bad graphic (The link for VNDB page of that VN). After do a little research, turned out that the VN is a fanfic of this 1992 anime (Of course the anime will absolutely wouldn't have a very heavy sex contents) and let's just say that the anime graphic is far better compared to fanfic nukige that we have here. For the updates, currently we Eustia was at 75.99% translated with Eustia's route was at 34.77% translated along with some increase on the editing progress so currently we have this at 53.51% edited. Latly we have Ginharu was at 37.66% translated with Hinata's route was at 58.31% translated, and currently Irru was finally managed to settle down after his moving so hopefully he'll have more time to work on Bethly's patch.

I guess that's all for this week, and see you next week. 


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