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Silver Colored Faraway Track 1 - Introit in Hololo City



Welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for this week of course our focus here would be obviously Ginharu, in which it's a very nice surprise from Tsurezure when they decided to translate it along with the fact that they already released common route patch. Although other than Ginharu we also have some interesting updates, such as Summer Pocket official localization by KEY along with some updates from both of Sol Press and Mangagamer. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

While granted that I should already see this coming, it's still too bad that Sekai once again need to delay Nanairo release because apparently they need to do the final QA here (How many times they need to do the QA for Nanairo before the release?). Speaking about QA, apparently they already finished with Kemomusu QA so nowadays they planned the release date for that and that they'll start the QA for Nekonin 3 in the near future. We also have them waiting a build for Nekogami, and in case you wait for the continuation of Nekopara you need to wait until 2020 because currently Sekai was developing Nekopara 4. From Sol Press we have Nukitashi was at 35% translated (Good luck for November 22nd release I guess), Onikiss was in QA, and Himawari no Kioku was at 40% translated along with 7% edited. From Nekonyan we have them currently they work hard on the QA along with implementing the new feature, so hopefully we can have it released by September's end.

Before going to Mangagamer's update currently they have massive problem with their payment processor, and perhaps the problem is because that the processor did suddenly have a problem with Mangagamer selling 18+ VNs and decided to stop the service. I don't know if it's true or not seeing that it's mostly just my speculation and therefore I didn't have proof for that, but the fact that Mangagamer need to removed their 18+ VNs from their front page in order to fix the processor problem should at least tell us that it might be possible. In any case, unless they want to delay their (Redundant) Sengoku Rance release, their deadline to fix the payment problem should be before September 12th. As for the updates, we have Maggot Bait release build is ready (Which to say is very useless considering Mangagamer's current situation), Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was finalizing release build, 02 was fully translated, Magic and Slash was at 71% edited, Mugen Renkan was at 95% translated along with 80% edited, image editing for Rance Quest was completed, Sona Nyl was at a quarter edited, WanNyan was at three quarter edited, and Uchikano was fully translated along with 24% edited. That's all for Mangagamer's update.

We have Ishu Aigan in which it'll teach us on how it's really possible for a woman to have sex with amphibian, which to say could be quite an intereting experience if you like some out of the box nukige (Otherwise just skip it). We also currently have Eustia was at almost three quarter (74.98%) translated along with 52.42% edited, Miotsukushi Omote was at 17% translated, and Summer Pocket was at 42.98% translated with Tsumugi's and Ao's route show some significant progress. Speaking about Summer Pocket I know that KEY announce their plan to localize it, but since Alka still insist to continuing on this for now I'll just keep a note on the official localization announcement and wait until KEY make a move on that.

The biggest announcement from fan translation here is definitely Ginharu translation project, in which once again Tsurezure will take care of that. For current progress, right now we Common and Bethly's route was fully translated along with Hinata's route was at 24.07% translated and overall it was at 32.56% translated. I don't know on how much Bethly's route percentage from the overall script, but at least it should be quite a number seeing that Bethly's route here is the second longest route after Mizuha (And apparently Bethly's route was even longer compared to Rikka's route which is the longest route in Hoshiori). We also slready have the translation order, so after Hinata's route finished we'll going to have Momiji's route translated, following by Yuzuki and finally Mizuha. Speaking about Mizuha, her route here is the longest one and it should be no surprise that Rikka's route writer was also wrote Mizuha's route. Since Mizuha's route will be translated last, like previous Tsurezure's work I'll call Ginharu full patch as Mizuha's patch. For the last word here good luck to Tsurezure in regard of translating Ginharu there.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - Since we have Ginharu translation project started and that Ginharu here is more or less resembled Kanon in regard of the motif (Winter), I decided to adapt the episode title from Kanon 2006 whenever we have a work for one route started. Since we already have common route for Ginharu released, the title for this week would be 'Introit in Hololo City' in which it was taken from Kanon episode 2 (Introit in the Snow). For the info 'introit' it mean 'part of the opening of the liturgical celebrations' and 'Hololo' here is the place setting for Ginharu, and it's quite fitting seeing that the common route here is more or less is Ginharu's opening part. For 'Silver Colored Faraway' part it's more or less a very literal translation on Gin'iro Haruka, and for 'Track' part it's based on Kanon episode title that have musical theme (Track here is mean one of the songs from an album).


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