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Shinji Ikari Raising Project - VN Review



There are three main routes for this game. They are called “Thanatos”, “Pathos”, and “Campus”. It is impossible to choose your route without using a game guide. Even with a guide, much of the game is randomized.


There are 18 endings in total. A total of 6 are relationship related. The relationship endings are only available on the “Campus” playthrough, which is only accesible by playing halfway through the “Pathos” route and fulfilling some secret hidden conditions. In other words, getting an ending where you marry your waifu will be incredibly difficult.

The other 12 endings are “Job Endings”. These are determined by your stat values. Intelligence and sex appeal are key factors in what job you get. Regardless of what ending you get, completing the game unlocks a homosexual side story.

The story follows the Evangelion Anime completely until it splits into different routes. Misato picks up Shinji, he fights the third Angel, he gets to know Rei Ayanami, and the story continues.

The plot is easy to digest. Compared to the anime, the story is easier to understand because everything is explained in order. For example, from the moment you start the game, you’re given background info on the second impact and Misato’s father.

While the plot is explained much more clearly, it removes any sense of mystery from the experience. That’s okay though, because this game is clearly focused on pleasing Evangelion fans with tons of fan service.

The game introduces 3 new characters who are female NERV Technicians. The existing characters are changed to fit a more comedic and relaxed storyline. For example, the nerd Kensuke is now a total deviant and pervert. He takes ecchi photos of girls in class, then sells them to random guys. This makes him far less likable than in the original show.

Shinji is much more happy in this game. There are very few sad or emotional moments.




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