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Seven Reunions Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (07/13/2019)

Good to see that we have another VNTS here (I hope that Decay can keep it up), and as for the drama perhaps it would be better if I'm not delve into it too much. As for this week title, seeing that we have sudden Yotsunoha release in that it'll be dealing with the reunion and some update from Seven Days, I figure that I'll combined both 'reunion' from Yotsunoha and 'seven' from Seven Days (Very obvious) so that we have 'Seven Reunions' as this week VNTS Review. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and like Decay said compared to 28 announcements back at last week this week is more relaxed, although Yotsunoha release made this week is slightly more lively here. We also have Aokana and Seven Days updates along with Mangagamer's updates, so what I can say is that this week is not too bad here and I'm quite content with the overall updates. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

There's one interesting update from JAST in regard of Majikoi, in that apparently they have some problem for the release later. Namely that they need to remove some of the voices in the VN, although at least they left the main casts (Kazama Family) voices intact. While granted that the JList only list 'Kazama Family fully voiced in Japanese' so that I don't know exactly whether the news is true or not (I may miss the announcement back at JAST's panel), the lack of side characters voice here is surely would made their release here is less complete on top of being redundant. The reason for that is simply because you can just play fan translated version, and I'm certain that there's no complain about voice removal back when Majikoi was released at 2015. Anyway to get more detail about this for now we can only wait for JAST's blog, and hopefully we can get the solution about voice problem there. Almost forget that we also have the update from trap VN thanks to Ryechu, and the current translation progress for that was at 87% translated along with 85% edited.

From fan translation we have Eustia was at 72.69% translated with Eustia's chapter was pass 10% mark (13.80%) translated, Miotsukushi Omote was at 86% ported to the PC, and we have Rhapsody already have all of the extra contents being translated. For more detail in regard of Rhapsody currently we have ~85% contents of that were already translated, and Chapter 2 is being TLC-ed and in editing along with one third of menu image is already edited. While this is a good milestone for have another Eushully VN being translated, it's still take a lot of time though for the team to do the finishing touch so we don't have any choice here except waiting. Almost forget that we have Asagi Zero was at 85% translated, so more good news for Asagi's fans after Premium Box patch release (Not me though, although I can't help to notice that the female characters there is quite sexy XDD (It's a nukige after all)).

Speaking about nukige, we have one release from Cherry Kiss and one announcement from FAKKU. Neither of those were lacking the sex scenes for certain, and the latter was far more disturbing. As for the former, we have our MC goes to the land in which it was ruled by four very big breasted female knight and our MC will have his way to form the harem with the four ruler. You can get the nukige from either at Steam (Perhaps because all of the heroines are adults Valve didn't randomly shot this down) or Cherry Kiss store, and have fun. For the latter, the planned will be at 2020 and the name of the VN is 'Abbadon: Princess of Decay' (I'll just call it Abbadon). As for the premise, we have three male (One of the three is the MC) and three female come to the mansion that was the last place where MC's father visited before disappear, and soon they find some horrifying being. The reason it was disturbing it's because it have BL sex scenes in which it might be not appreciate by most of male here, and not to mention that there's some disturbing sex scenes. While I'll certainly avoid this, I knew that some people may like it so hopefully they can be patient for waiting.

As expected Frontwing did have a plan to release Loca Love 2 on Steam, and they already opened the Steam store along with announcing the estimation release month (At August later). Still no word about 18+ patch, but maybe they'll release it at the same time as the main game release time. From Sekai we have Harukuru waiting for Chinese language and the build from the developer, Zombie VN 2 was fully edited and currently in engine work, Kemomusu QA is already started, Nanairo release might be delayed to August, and currently they planning the release date for Majokoi (Hopefully in the very near future). Sekai also already revealed their 4th secret project, in which turned out it was Nekogami so at least it's true that their 4th secret project did have catgirl like one of Sekai's employee said (Currently Nekogami was at 70% translated and edited). For the last updates from Sekai, we have four of their AX announcements (Amatsutsumi, Nine episode 3, Bokukotsu FD, and Love Sweet Garnish 2) are already started the translation and the editing progress. Well good luck with the translation work for all of the announcements, and hopefully the release is in the near future (Especially Amatsutsumi and Nine episode 3).

As for Mangagamer's updates, we have yet another new secret project dubbed as 'Secret Project 9' so we have three unrevealed projects from them. While granted we wouldn't know what's the 9th secret project is until Mangagamer announce it, and hopefully it'll be at Otakon later. For the roundup of the secret projects, 8th was at past halfway (55%) edited and 9th was at 77% translated. For the rest of the updates, we have Sukehime was past halfway (60%) translated, 02 was halfway translated (Apparently the new script is longer compared to the older one (Don't ask me why Alicesoft chose to release the new script separately instead of combined it with the new version back at 2010), so perhaps 02 here is not so redundant even though story wise it still is), Sideboob 2 was fully edited, WanNyan was at 60% edited, Imopara 3 was finalizing the release build, Ciconia release was planned to be at September later because of the delay (Originally it'll be release ld at Summer Otakon), Mugen Renkan was at 80% translated along with halfway edited, and finally Haretaka was finalizing the release build. For now I'm just glad that Haretaka is almost ready for the release even though Mangagamer may prioritize Maggot Bait release first, and that's all for Mangagamer updates.

In regard of Seven Days update, it was already passed the review although apparently Fruitbat was told by Valve to add mature label on Seven Days for the unknown reason. What I can say is that I would prefer them to add the label in order to have Steam randomly shot down Seven Days, although the decision is still up to Fruitbat though. In any case, hopefully with Seven Days pass Steam review we can expect the release in the near future. For one more KS update, we also have Aokana in which currently they gather 73,170 euro out of 80,000 euro in order to fulfill the 8th stretch goal with two week left. The reason I report the funding again is because the recent update, in that if the funding reach 80,000 euro they'll add Switch port and more importantly they'll add new features that were also available at both of Sanoba and Wagahigh (ie Music Gallery, Sprite Review, and ability to skip the chapter). While the latter two is very nice addition, the first one is very important addition to Aokana because it's initial version didn't have it. Granted that there's some VN that didn't have Music Gallery (Such as Muv Luv Alternative), but I think it should be at least standard feature for any modern VN. I hope that Nekonyan will add the feature if the stretch goal is fulfilled, and once again good luck to Aokana's KS.

This week biggest release is obviously Yotsunoha, in which it was released at the same time when Sol Press launch their own store. As for the release time, it should be obvious that they released it back at 13th instead of when they have panel at AX. About the shop itself, I think Sol Press decided to make it after Steam banned Yotsunoha so at least it's good that Sol Press decided that they can't really depend on Steam all the time (They already work together with Denpasoft and Fakku from back at AX). As for Yotsunoha itself, like I said above it's about reunion. Or to be more precise it's about our MC who made a promise at three years ago together with his four female friends for going to met up at a certain place where they bury the time capsule, and that they'll tell what's happening in the years when they separated. Of course seeing that this is an old charage, the MC here will date one of his four childhood friend. Another thing to note that this VN got anime adaptation, so at least Yotsunoha here is quite well known. Once again since Steam banned Yotsunoha here, you can get the VN legally at Sol Press shop itself and the 18+ patch is available for free at Panty Press. Have fun for playing Yotsunoha if you've been interested with since back at announcement.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, albeit very belated one. See you next week.


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