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The Coach, the Goat, and Matters of the Censorship Review



For the title I'd combined both of Aokana and Noraneko because we have a big news in regard of those two, and the title here is a derivative of Noraneko localized title (The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the Hearts). As for 'The Coach' part it should be obvious that it's from Aokana in which it's our Aokana MC (Masaya, which have same name as Evangile's MC) role, while for 'Matters of the Censorship' part it's because Harukaze here have a brilliant idea to release Switch version that was obviously censored for overseas instead of regular version (With 18+ contents obviously). As for 'Goat' part, well it's because we have Noraneko episode 6 in that we have a real life goat instead of usual animation, and I'm not making this up here. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week other than aforementioned big news we have some updates from Sekai and Mangagmer here, so let's see what I can write for this week as well.

For the roundup of fan translation, we have Eustia was at 71.55% translated (Eustia's arc was at 5.53% translated) along with past halfway edited (At 51.97% edited the all of the chapters up to Irene's was already edited), 4,379 lines from Pure x Connect were edited, and Summer Pocket was at 30.30% translated. We also have one release, and apparently it's a VN with shota MC that was about to experience a summer camp together with some elementary students female. Said camp was have some activity that was surely involved with some reproduction process, and one of the tags at VNDB is nukige. Do the math. While I'm not quite fond to that kind of VN (And it can be very disturbing for some people), it's not like I can forbid someone to liking a particular stuff anyway because each people did have their own interest (Although I can't help to notice that the translator is like shota and loli VN though).

The big release for this week is Noraneko, although ironically it's been censored here seeing that for some reason Harukaze thought that the overseas would easily accepted Switch version without the option for seeing 18 scenes. While granted there's some reason such as license and stuff like Phlebas said, it's not like it would be hard for Harukaze to handle the license seeing that there's a lot of release like that (The exception are Pulltop's releases obviously). The only reason that I can think of is that they afraid that Steam would randomly banned this if they localized 18+ scenes as well. As for the cut, it's pretty big seeing that apparently ~30-40% scripts of Noraneko are sex scenes, and unless the change is worth the cut then it mean that it's censorship is worse compared to Miagete (For comparison ~17% of Miagete's scripts did cut to get rid of the sex scenes, and it's already big enough). As for Noraneko itself I think the synopsis at the Steam store is enough for the premise so I'll just say that it's too bad that Noraneko is censored, even though I know that three of the main heroines seiyuu (Kirihana, Sendai, and Kotori Yuuka) will appear at Senren Banka later (Obviously will be not censored).

From Sekai we have a lot of their project was at preparation stage, so it's hard to describe in general here. The only release that they have is that they'd already release Ninja Girl back at 24th (I'll try to talk about it at the next VNTS Review), and that that they already almost ready to release Nanairo (Hopefully by July end). For the roundup we have Nine episode 2 was started the QA, Kemomusu do the build check before QA, Nekonin 3 was awaiting build from the developer, and Sanarara was about to start the editing. We also have Bell Chime otome VN spin-off release, in that if we remember the main game of that was released by Sekai (This time the developer decided to release it without Sekai's help). As for the premise, it'll tell us the story of our female MC after she finished the adventure that she was gone through together with five poor men back at the main game, and that we'll going to see her ordinary life here. While granted that the heroes are still not as handsome as usual otome VN heroes, at least it have sex scenes like the main game (It's still rare to see otome VN with sex scenes being translated here).

As for Mangagamer's update, this week most of those was focused on the secret projects because almost all of their revealed projects are either already finished the testing, in testing, or finalizing the build for the release. But before going to the update, we have surprise news from them in that they managed to have Steam allow Amrilato to be sold at their store which obviously mean that the Steam user can buy Amrilato directly from Steam. I don't really know though who or what pressured Valve to allow Steam change their policy in regard of Amrilato quickly (It need more than four months for HGB to be available at Steam store), but I guess it's good for now that at least Valve is a bit willing to hearing. As for the update roundups, we have Maggot Bait finalizing the release build, WanNyan was at 55% edited, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was in setting, and both of Imopara 3 and Haretaka finished the testing. For the secret projects, we have 6th was at 76% translated and 36%edited, 7th was fully translated and 92% edited, and 8th was fully translated along with 40% edited. Out of all updates, I'm just glad to see that Haretaka here finished the testing. Also apparently Managamer will bring one announcement to AX, although I wonder though if they'll really only bring one.

To me the biggest news to me is not Noraneko release because it's censored, but rather Aokana's physical copy KS. As fr the KS itself like Nekonyan said beforehand the base goal itself was quite low, although to tell the truth I didn't expect the base goal was at 10,000 euro though (I expect at least around 20,000 euro just like usual Sekai physical copy KS). In any case, the KS was very successful in less than a hour after the launch which to say was quite a record. As for now, currently it managed to gather at around 58,000 euro and already managed to reach the third stretch goal, and perhaps they'll be able to gather 70,000 euro considering that it's still 35 days left. In any case I just hope that Nekonyan will be able to deliver the KS goods (I'm not quite interested with the prize), and that they'll deliver the download version at their promised time (Around August end). Almost forget that I like Nekonyan also provided Aokana OST, seeing that sprite didn't manage to add the Music Collection at the VN itself.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week. 


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