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Tamamayu ~Miserareta Mitsu no Ito~ 玉繭 ~魅せられた蜜の糸~ [Mireille]



Foreword: Girls with swords - will they repeat success of Gunsister?

Title: Tamamayu ~Miserareta Mitsu no Ito~

Developer: Mireille

Date: 2002-12-06

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v6182

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9XSjuPuqPVDpGPnkGKY1Z-


Synopsis: Mysterious girl Shoko suddenly transfers to main character's school. One day she confesses to protagonist, but gets rejected. She says she has an ability to control the darkness and is drawn to protagonist's inner darkness. But her attempts of mental control get blocked. At that point Shoko starts to involve people around protagonist. Will hero engulf in darkness or break free from it?

Structure: None

Length: 15 hours or so overall

Game type: Mystery devilish school story

Difficulty: Moderate

Character Design rating: 4/10

Protagonist rating: 5/10

Story rating: 4/10

Game quality: 4/10

Overall rating: 4/10


Rating comments: I don't have much to say about this game. It's all in the synopsis. The game itself pales in comparison to synopsis.

Protagonist: Protagonist is the only bright spot of the game. He's mature, with strong will and just adequate in evaluating his power and power of his neighbors. 


Characters: There are five characters. Rei is a small blue hair girl with a huge greatsword. We stumble upon her for the first time at school during her gang-bang... and she does not resist at all. The same action repeats on the following day. And she's freaking cute main heroine! That was enough to ruin the game for me. Rei teaches protagonist to fight and they face Shoko on the night of the ritual together. Then comes the 15-minutes battle scene that's pretty much the only remotely interesting part of the game. The rest 3 hours in each route is just eventless talk. But then start all the other routes - teacher, classmate and imouto ones. And all of them are absolutely the same - again Rei fights with Shoko alone, but just different girl appears in the end. All these routes are degraded versions of Rei route. And finally the featured heroine of the game - Shoko. The most devastating route ever, basicly it's just porn with insulting absolutely every girl over and over with Shoko remaining for finale. 


Story: Game is porn. What kind of story do you wait for? 15-minutes battle scene has 2 (!) battle CG with swords - that should be enough for you. Don't expect any voicing or drama, please.

Overall comments: It's difficult to talk about a game that infuriates me so much. Let's try to find something good in it. Rei route is passable. She has nice background, carries a cat with her and is overall mysteriously cool with her greatsword. Why does not she resist being insulted? Well, let's leave at least this side of story concealed, as well as her identity. Game is memorable for its curious concept and strong willpower protagonist. Is it enough to actually play the game. Don't know, man... don't know...



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