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Monda Fina Sindromo Review

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Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week is quite dry to be frank with no new announcements and no releases here (Other than something in regard of Higurashi PS3 patch and Gore Screaming Show partial patch released, in which both of those two were partial release). Although if anything, at least we still got some updates from both of Mangagamer and fan translation so it's not totally dry here. As for this week title here, I'd decide to just literally translate an unknown VN title that was release from Arc System Works in PC (World End Syndrome) back at May 2nd into Espranto because we'd have Amrilato was apparently almost ready for the release, and if we remember Amrilato did have the conversation in Esperanto language. With the introduction and title done here, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From Fakku we'll going to get that apparently they'll release Hemoimo at this weekend here, which to said not really my interest here. But just in case you find cute little sister with Akiko Hana voice that suffer hemorrhoid is really attractive, then perhaps you may find it very interesting (Well hemorroid aside I must admit that the little sister character there (Miu) is quite cute. For other update we also have Frontier was at past halfway (55%) translated, although whether they'll be able to fulfill December 2019 release or not is still unknown though (I hope that Ninetails we'll be able to do the release at that month if possible).

From Mangagamer we have Amrilato beta was finally finished and right now they finalizing the build for the release, so perhaps the release time for Amrilato is getting close. We also have progress for both of WanNyan and NyanCafe with the former was at 35% edited while the latter was at 87% translated along with 85% edited, and for the reminder those two were former Secret Projects (3rd and 5th respectively). Speaking about Secret Projects, Mangagamer decided to add one more so including those two that already revealed we have seven secret projects. For the roundup of secret projects, we have 1st was at 80% edited, 2nd was in beta, 6th was at 62% translated along with 8% edited, and the 7th was at 54% translated along with 51% edited. As for what kind of secret projects that we have here obviously we still no idea, although seeing that Conjueror did retweet 1st current progress it's easy to guess that Conjueror did work on the first project (Although I may read into this too much though).

From fan translation we have Eustia was at 68.67% translated and Loverable was at 63.81% edited. Other than that we have Gore Screaming Show partial patch released, in which apparently the translator decided to retranslated the prologue and the part one, so once again obviously we still didn't have the full patch yet (You can get the patch here if you still want to try it). We also have Tokihogushi patch released, and with that we have 6 out of 10 PS3 arc of Higurashi available in English (For a bit of recap so far we have Tokihogushi, Someutsushi, Kageboushi, Tsukiotoshi, Taraimawashi, and Yoigoshi). As for the next arc that'll be translated, it's Miotsukushi arc in which it's the biggest arc in Higurashi console port, and for the version that'll be translated first is Omote one in that it's PS2 version (Yes we have two version of Miotsukushi with some big difference between PS2 and PS3 version). In any case, seeing that Miotsukushi is apparently absurdly long according to the translator and not to mention it's the first time that it'll be translated, the translation work will took a while here (ie not as fast as previous arcs).

I think that's all for this week and I'm sorry if this week VNTS review here is quite short. See you next week.

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