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Grisaia Phantom Trigger Part 6

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Tbh, there isn't a lot to say about this episode.  For those who were curious about Haruto's past, this pretty much reveals everything (well, since it is non-ero, it doesn't touch upon my suspicion that there was some classic Grisaia oneshota in there somewhere).  It is pretty bloody - again, as usual - and it properly spotlights Haruto and the group of adults who raised him (questionable whether you can really call them adults, though). 

That said, it should be noted that this is obviously setting things up for the plot of the series to take a big leap forward in the next entry.  As such, we can hope that the next one will be longer and the final episode of the Phantom Trigger series, so Front Wing can produce something unique (in other words, a new series, hopefully), instead of throwing us tidbits of action once or twice a year. 

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I see, and looks like my suspicion that it would be like Meikyuu here turned out to be true. By the way I didn't mind with the lack of sex scenes, and at least I can say that I'm okay if Frontwing want to end this like Rakuen, because at least it's been linear and no branch like back at Kajitsu (Even if you may argue that Kajitsu did have ladder system, in the end it's still a charage because Yumiko's route here really didn't connect with Meikyuu's story with it's own sufficient ending).

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