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Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc Chapter 6: Photo Kano

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As for this week title once again we have 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc' here because this week we have Hoshiori Sora's patch released back at 5th which is quite fast, and also we have Natsuki's route update which mean the 'arc' here was about to reach the finale because Natsuki's route is the last route that Tsurezure translated. As for Photo Kano the reason is simply because that VN (Adapted into the anime as well) did have a lot of photography with the MC was a member of photography club, and that Natsuki is quite passionate in photography although she's more like school newspaper club member (I knew her goal is to make year book) in common route though. Other than Sora's route patch release, this week we also have the update from Mangagamer and a miracle that was happening in Irotoridori kickstarter. Let's see what I can write for this week as well, and welcome to this week VNTS Review as usual.

From Irotoridori KS, I must admit that it's quite worrying when it's about to reach the last days seeing that it's still slightly more than half. But when the KS was almost close suddenly there's a lot of funding happening to the KS at fast rate, so we have Irotoridori KS successful with the fund barely reach the goal (At 85,359) in which it managed to hit the goal a few hour before the closing. As for the future title, since obviously the stretch goal was unreachable Sol Press did state that they'll see the way to funding both of Hikari and Akai when they finished with Irotoridori, and it could take a long time there. So in case you want the whole trilogy to be translated, what I can say is that we need to wait for quite a while here. Once again I'm content enough with the first part managed to be funded seeing that Hikari was classified as fandiscs, although getting the rest of the trilogy would be very necessity for Irotoridori hardcore fans though.

I like that Mangagamer managed to have their bi-weekly update again, so let me tried to round it up here. For their secret project, they decided to add one more so we have four secret projects to track from Mangagamer and that we don't know whether it'll be interesting title or just a short nukige although for now my guess is leaned toward short nukige though (I might be wrong on this, seeing that back at 2017 some of the secret projects turned out to be interesting title). For secret project roundup, we have 1st was at 51% edited, 2nd was at 93% translated along with 89% edited, 3rd was at 86% translated along with 21% edited, and 4th was at 69% translated. For their other project, we have Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was at 77% edited, Escalayer was fully edited, Sona-Nyl was at 89% translated, both of Amrilato and Hashihime entering the tesing, and Amatarasu was finished the testing. Other than those updates, we also have one nukige release from them so if you like nukige then it should be interesting to try (At least it got Kawashima Rino as seiyuu if you like her voice).

From fan translation, we have Watamasu was almost halfway (At 49%) translated, Harugi's Branch was at 56% translated, Tokihogushi was at 43% edited, 5,367 lines from Pure x Connect were translated along with 2,120 lines of that were edited, and we have Tsurezure did released Sora's patch in which she's sort of like Hoshiori's main girl simply because her route did carry the star theme that was quite prevalent on the title (You can get the patch here if you've been interested with her since Hoshiori project been announced). Of course other than Sora's patch release, we already have the progress for Natsuki's route and currently Natsuki's route was at one third (33.44%) translated and overall Hoshiori was already reached 90% (91.50%) translated so we should get Natsuki's patch (Hoshiori full patch for the reminder) by the time Easter come later (Should make it a good Easter gift).

I think that's all for this week VNTS Review and sorry for being a short one here. See you next week.

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