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Random VN: Shoujo to Toshi no Sa, Futamawari



For those of you who are curious, I played this VN on a request from an old friend who wanted an opinion before he bought it (I already had the game, just hadn't opened it).  This game is relatively short, being a kinetic novel, but that doesn't detract from the experience at all, at least in my eyes.

Now, I was skeptical about the concept of a VN focused on romance between a middle-aged guy and a girl in school... for one thing, it is a theme that has been mostly avoided like the plague outside of nukige in recent years.  For another, it is a type that is hard to pull off without it seeming like a self-serving old man writer vicariously enjoying time with young girls.

Luckily, this game manages to pull the relationship and its formation off rather believably, which was a surprise to me.  While this game isn't the type to get named in an awards show or make it to the top of my list of VNs to play, I can honestly say it was worth playing, and I don't regret the time spent on it.  The relationship formation is extremely gradual, with neither of them having any feelings for each other beyond awkward friendliness at first.  This made the slow shift in their feelings feel natural to me, as they began to get past their mutual loneliness and began to care for one another aside from the need to ease it. 

This isn't, for once, a story about an old man taking advantage of a much younger girl (if anything, she's the one who forces things along at the critical points), but it doesn't avoid the issues that inevitably come up in this type of situation either.  There is some drama, but it ends on a touching note, with the major issues involving the characters' relationships solved for the most part.


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I played this. The highlight of the VN was the first half (basically everything up to and including the first H-scene). It did a great job of showing two lonely individuals who find comfort and eventually love in each other's presence, and the way Mizuka slowly warmed up to Masumi was adorable.

I just found almost everything after that underwhelming. For almost the entire second half of the VN the relationship just seemed to stay at a stagnant high with neither any significant steps forward nor any major conflict between the two. And there seemed to be quite a few parts that went nowhere and served little purpose but to build up to the H-scenes. I enjoyed the drama in the last chapter though. This could just be a case of me having patience problems (I'm still a newbie to VNs and especially single-heroine VNs are an unexplored genre for me) and a fetish for melodrama. I still think this VN is something that older players in their 30's and 40's could find worth trying out.

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