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Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc Chapter 5: A Sky Full of Stars

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Foreword - Still no VNTS, so here's another VNTS Review here and I hope you'll enjoy the review here.

I believe that you'd remember the infamous Miagete that was censored for the overseas release (Thanks to Pulltop's policy) when you see the chapter title (I'd use 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc' titling because we have Touko's Patch from Hoshiori released), and you're right about that because I'd use Miagete English name as the title for the new chapter here. As for the reason of the chapter title, it was because in both of Miagete and Sora's route we have Haruka Shimotsuki sang the ending song for both (I knew that she sang for one of Hoshimeno ED as well, but I decided to chose Miagete because it's more in line with Hoshiori in that it didn't involved supernatural element like Hoshimemo). As for the English version of the title, I chose that because it's more appropriate seeing that there'll be a lot of stargazing in Sora's route along with the fact that Sora's name here mean 'Sky', and let me say that Sora's route will be better than Pulltop's localized Miagete because we'll going to have sex scenes in Sora's rute lol. Since we have stargazing in Sora's route, we can treat Sora's route as Hoshiori's main route simply because star was quite prominent in the VN itself (Even Hoshiori title told us that they'll focused on the star (TL Note: Hoshi mean star)).

My comment abut this week title aside, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which other than Touko's patch release we have some updates from Mangagamer and fan translation. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

It's quite a shame that Sol Press did delay Hitotsuba release, but I guess it can't be helped seeing that apparently they still need some time to get the approval from Steam which if we knew is been indecisive. They still hoping that they can release it at this month so let's see if they'll be able to do that. Other than Hitotsuba release currently we have 35,076 gathered from Irotoridori KS with 22 days left, and turned out that the estimated release month at December 2021 was for Akai so we'll have new estimation for the first part that they'll release Irotoridori at early 2020 (I knew the first part full name is Irotoridori no Sekai, but I'll just call it Irotoridori anyway). Personally I'm okay with the first part here, but if you want complete experience perhaps both of the FD is necessary (The fans already treat it as the sequels anyway) even though you'll need to wait a little longer. There's also some updates from Sol Press, but I'll talk about that later in the next VNTS Review.

We also have surprise release announcement that we have Dies Irae Kaziklu Bey being translated, and that the release date for translated version is surprisingly near at 28th later. While it's surprising that we can see the story from our crazy vampire Wilhelm here, I think it's reasonable seeing that so far he's the one with the most appearence and therefore it's reasonable that he have a lot of fan (After all Light add the new battle scene with him in the newer version of Dies Irae). As for Kaziklu Bey itself, it's all age so you better don't expect rape scene even though Wilhelm was quite crazy to be able to do that (At least we can have Mamiko Noto as the seiyuu here if anything else). We also have surprise from Nekonyan that they'll release Fureraba FD at 15th (Friday) later, so you should look forward to that if you've been Fureraba fans and waiting for the FD there. Almost forget ti mention that we already have Frontier was at 22% translated according to the KS update here.

From Mangagamer we have Sona-Nyl was at 83% translated, Rance Quest was fully edited, X was at 24% translated, Sukehime was fully translated and 28% edited, and Room No.9 was fully translated and edited. We also have one more secret project from Mangagamer (Will dubbed as the 2nd secret project in the future), in which the current progress for that was at 85% translated along with 80% edited. Speaking abut secret project, the progress for the 1st one was at 90% translated along with 30% edited. I don't know what those two secret projects were for certain, but seeing from of how fast Mangagamer translated it I would guess that both of those were probably short VNs (Might be nukige). We also have Mangagamer sent their Maggot Bait to Clockup for the scripting, in which they did similar thing back at Himawari (And resulted in long wait for the release, so hopefully Clockup will be quick). Other than that, I like that Mangagamer did managed to have anther update within less than a month although I still prefer if they back to biweekly updates though. For the last word in regard of Mangagamer at this week, I just wonder what's the release that they'll announced after Steam Prison release at Thursday later.

We have Eustia was at 62.79% along with 45.86% edited, Tokihogushi was at 9% translated, Watamasu was at 44% translated, and Harugi's overall was at 56% translated with Shino's route was fully translated. For the last update we have Tsurezure did release Touko's patch for Hoshiori back at Sunday, so if you've been waiting for that then have fun. We also have the translation update for Hoshiori as well, in which Trip already translated more than a quarter (25.6%) of Sora's route and overall we already have Hoshiori was at almost three quarter (74.98%) translated so we should have Natsuki's patch by mid April if all goes well.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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