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VN of the Month March 2001 - Silent Hill: Play Novel



The masterpieces of the month are Silent Hill: Play Novel , Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 2: Crystal Valley no KettouSilent Hill: Play Novel is the winner, mostly because Suikogaiden Vol. 1 was already the winner once. But I will play Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~ , because I need to work out my own position here.

1. Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~ さよならを教えて~comment te dire adieu~ [010302] Craftwork 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The protagonist is a trainee teacher who commutes to a certain girls' school. 
Safely finishing the daily practice period, and becoming a regular teacher is his goal. 
However, his mind begins to tire. 
Uneasiness and nightmares come in sudden attacks, causing a strain, a social phobia, begins to grow more and more every day. 
Slowly a fear of the girls he meets with after school begins to emerge, yet at the same time, a desire and passion.
Disgust, a kind of taboo, such a feeling is directed to the adult women who are his colleagues. 
"Am I really fit to be a teacher?"
Day by day, the pressure builds.
Even when the lessons are over, the lights are off, and the school is closed for another night.
He cannot help but wander.
There are English reviews.


2. Silver Gene ~The Mutia Chronicle 1~ シルバージーン ~the mutia chronicle 1~ [010302] Candle
I will not forget those eyes. 
A funny cat-ears girl Mi is picked up at a garbage dump. 
She lost all her memory. 
I search for clues to regain Mi's memory. 
A silver gene of Mi gets her hunted by a mysterious organization. 
For me the only question is how faithfully the story of first Gao Gao is presented and what changes have been made to the story. And in that regard game's done very well. The changes are mostly introduction of more fanservice scenes and eradication of command selection. And that exactly posed the main problem of the game - with command selection gone game has become very short with just one route. I'm still glad Candle stayed loyal to the history, and it's just sad that the other parts of the series could not get a remastered version.


3. Sister Princess シスター・プリンセス [010308] MediaWorks 1 2 3
The premise behind Sister Princess is that an ordinary young man (the player) is made to live with twelve lovable little sisters, each with their own distinct quirks and personalities. Players have about a month to spend with the sisters with each day broken up into three segments: first is the free time period before noon, followed by the period after lunch and ending with another period of time before bed. During day time, the player can choose which of the girls he wishes to escort to school, if any. The period after lunch is similar to the one in the morning, with additional choices which allow the player to go to various places in town besides walking home with one of the girls. Every night before bed, the player will be allowed to check his e-mail and send replies. As the player continues to interact with the sisters, their reactions to their big brother will change accordingly until the ending.
There are two different endings for each sister: the normal ending and the "non-blood relation" ending. As the name would suggest, the special ending reveals that the brother-character and sister are not actually related by blood. In the case of some of the older sisters, this can lead to the protagonist and "sister" marrying one another. 
There is an English review.


4. Condition Blue コンディション・ブルー [010309] PetitPack
Main character visits pension "Grüné" to consider including it into a new tourist tour under premise "Let's return to nature!". He pretends to be an ordinary customer and inquires the local girls about the stories of the place. As he advances his investigation, he faces unexpected issues...
As a feature of this work, we get tour selling points from the girls stories resulting in eight different tour types. Period is one week and one play time is between 1 and 2 hours. Difficulty level is low, but all these words gathering and different leaflets collecting is confusing.


5. Kurukuru Tenki wa Hanamaru Moyou くるくる天気は花丸模様 [010309] Ange 1
Located in the city of Abel Town, a small inn called Moku More Nittei serves mainly the local Sevito people. Very few humans ever come this way. Once in a while, the explorer Lime will show up with the elf Nashan. One day, a girl named Artia shows up with a treasure map. She claims there is buried treasure beneath one of the trees near the inn. Her announcement causes frenzied digging. These reckless attempts are finally stopped, but the atmosphere remains electric. On top of this, Lime shows up with the female swordsman, Gina, hot on his trail. The excitement and commotion grow...
Type is normal ADV, but there are couple battles in each route. There are 7 heroines, and each route takes just from 1 to 4 days. So it's more about chasing girls than anything else.


6. Vie - Itsuka no Natsu no Hi. Vie-いつかの夏の日。 [010309] FlyingShine
Main character is a third grader attending basketball club. One day on the way to morning training he saves a girl from a rampage car, but gets to the hospital instead. The injuries are insignificant and are to fully heal in a week time, but there are so many pretty doctors and nurses around that it would be a waste to miss on such opportunity!
Looks like FlyingShine have not found themselves yet, but they are trying something absolutely new this time. They specialized on insult games, but now it's a moe hospital nakige. Stories are short and H events come relatively early. Thanks to Carnelian graphical part is flawless. The system is improved considerably from their earlier games. Game lacks depth, but it's the first serious looking game of FlyingShine.


7. Mermaid no Kisetsu マーメイドの季節 [010316] Game Village 1 2 3
The game follows Masato Takahata, a high-school sophomore, living alone, going to school classes and working a part-time at Aqua Rouge cafe. The setting is in the near future with technological advancements, but the living style didn't change that much. One day you find a strange note with an address of a home page. You check it out only to see the ominous warning text. While you're not trying to figure out the mystery behind it, you will traverse town meeting various people, mostly girls and women, with whom you'll work on relationship to become friends with, or something more.
There is an English review.


8. Seika no Mori 盛夏の杜 [010316] Guts! 1
This is a visual novel with multiple scenarios, where the story changes depending upon your decisions. You will witness the love story of our hero Seiji Mizuno and his girlfriend Ayumi Takigawa. You will see their lives as circumstances evolve around them: The city and the country, as well as the past and the present. Please pay particular attention to the stage background brimming with emotion.
Considered Guts background, it's useless to expect anything other than nukige, but let's try to dig deeper anyway. A boy and a girl date each other for a half a year, but can't become lovers still. They visit home town Bonbon festival, and boy decides to break up with the girl and tag along other girls. Loli characters and abuse of urination scenes add the finishing touches to the picture.


9. Tsubaki-iro no Prigione 椿色のプリジオーネ [010316] Mink
Chairman of a huge company dies and his son is called back to Japan. He enjoys his life in the mansion with wonderful servants, but a murder occurs. He decides to hide the fact from publicity and investigate the case himself.
There's no surprise game is ero-centered since it's Mink, but let's explore detective side. We need to choose rooms of this huge mansion and talk with the servants. Surprisingly enough, ero part is thin - just service time comes and we get one of four girl servants to do one of the service activities which takes exactly one HCG. In each route there is a different culprit, so repeatability is good. Anime version conveys the atmosphere of the game quite well.


10. Wing & Wind Wing&Wind [010316] Clear 1
From an invitation from his sister, who lives in a small village close to a mountain,
our main character uses his vacation time to go visit the village.
Here, he meets eternal life, or in other words, the heroine, who carries the destiny of
both never growing old and never dying. For the price of eternal life, the heroine is always avoided, the outcast, the outsider. Even with this life of solitude, our heroine leads a happy and bright life. Around this girl are her cousins,
a very quiet girl, and a priestess. The simple, ordinary life of our hero is slowly being changed by meeting these girls. 
Type is a comedy even though such heavy topics like eternal life and death are involved. Game lacks depiction and details - e.g. the three friends of hero remain unnamed. There are four heroines. Difficulty level is high due to fake choices and the story going on naturally for some time after choices are failed. The atmosphere is ok, but there's not enough characters affinity.


11. Silent Hill: Play Novel [010321] KCET 1 2 3 4 5
Silent Hill: Play Novel is an adaptation of the original Silent Hill for Game Boy Advance in the form of visual novel. A visual novel is an interactive fiction game featuring mostly static graphics with text. At certain moments the game asks a player to make a choice between two or more possible variants which affect the following walkthrough. Such kind of games is very popular in Japan, however totally unpopular in the west, therefore Silent Hill: Play Novel was never released outside this country.
The game offered two scenarios: for Harry and Cybil (available after completing Harry's Scenario). Also there were four additional scenarios available for download, the main hero of which was the boy named Andy. However Konami ended the download service after a short time. Besides the narration the game features a couple of puzzles and multiple endings. After reaching the ending a player is awarded with Digital Trading Cards - 32 in total for all scenarios.
Game is localized and has English reviews.


12. Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 2: Crystal Valley no Kettou 幻想水滸外伝 Vol.2 クリスタルバレーの決闘 [010322] KCET 1 2 3 4
After the completion of the Dunan Unification Wars (the events of Suikoden II), Nash intends to return to the capital of Holy Harmonia, the Crystal Valley. However, his travels involve more adventure than he anticipates.
His journey involves traveling through the Grasslands, where one village happens to be celebrating the legend of the Flame Champion and the Fire Bringers who stopped the Harmonians from invading some sixty year ago; an unfortunate stop over in Caleria, the base of operations for mercenaries of Southern Harmonian Border Defence Force; helping stop a wild dragon from terrorizing a village before finally reaching his destination.
Game is localized and has enough English information


13. Harusame Youbi 春雨曜日 [010322] SIMS Co., Ltd. 1 2 3
The game is set in a Japanese onsen-ryoukan (hot spring inn). The player character is working for three weeks in the inn, which belongs to his auntie. There you meet several girls, workers or customers at the inn. Some of the stories involve Japanese mysticism and supernatural things
There are English reviews


14. Sakura Taisen 3 ~Paris wa Moeteiru ka~ サクラ大戦3~巴里は燃えているか~ [010322] Sega 1 2 3 4 5
After events of Sakura Taisen 2 Ichiro Oogami comes to Paris to become a leader of a new formed Paris Kagekidan. In Paris the cover for Kagekidan is not a theatre but carnaval where the members of Paris Kagekidan dancing. New enemies and new romances waits for our protagonist. The members of Paris Kagekidan are: 16-year old nun in training, naive and clumsy Erica Fontaine, heir of old noble family Glycine Bleumer who strongly disrespect the protagonist at first, typical Yamato Nadeshiko, 1/4 French 3/4 Japanese Hanabi Kitaōji, 11-year old Vietnam Orphan who was raised up as a young magician in a circus - Coquelicot and dangerous criminal Lobelia Carlini who warks for Kagekidan for money and to shorten her 1000-year term in prison.
There are English reviews


15. Aoki Shinjuku 蒼き新宿 [010323] Penguin Works
Shinjuku, 2017. Sharp rise in temperature resulted in flood of huge territories. 
Deck runs an "information store" and gets a request to investigate a "NOKIA" program. At the same time a big package is delivered that turns out to be a girl who awakens from Cold Sleep and remembers only Shinjuku of 20th century prior to the huge flood...
Even males are voiced, but the amount of text is thin, there are just two endings. A low cost work.


16. Dear My Sister Dear My しすたあ [010323] Future
Near future, a boom of robotics. A normal family where brother and sister lived in good relations till sister died in a traffic incident. Farther recreated image of the girl in an android. There have never been thoughts of sexual affection towards sister, and yet...
There are three heroines for capture. Hero is dense. First half is fooling around, then H starts. The most prominent point in the work is a great work of voice actors.


17. Heart of Hearts [010323] Doors
Magic has given a great boost to growth of "Shinsen" country, however it also triggered mass production of monsters that conquered this land. As time passed, an expedition was organized to recapture the territory with the use of soldier raising skills.
Raising SIM with dungeon crawler RPG battles. Not my mix of genres to investigate.


18. Kafu ~Kono Shirabe ga Kimi ni Todokimasu You ni~ 花譜 ~この調べが君に届きますように~ [010323] AniSeed 1
Following the great earthquake, the devastated city has finally been reconstructed. Within the city, is a reputable western-style restaurant called, "Fumongen." One day, Muni Saginomiya and her sister Suzune visit the restaurant. The Saginomiya family reign over a very large zaibatsu in the financial world, but for an undisclosed reason, the two girls become waitresses at "Fumongen." This is a high-class restaurant with beautiful waitresses. Through her short time working at this restaurant, Muni is able to learn how to interact and cooperate with people. 
The highlight of this game is the exquisite animation you will encounter from a first class animator. You will find extravagant animation utilized not only in the hot and sexy scenes, but also throughout the entire game, which really heightens the entire performance. 
Taisho era resembling restaurant part-time job... can't help projecting Pia Carrot franchise over it. So basically it's a moege with many animations, including H scenes. Anyone expected an epic story?


19. Ouki 櫻姫 [010323] Lapis
Main character is a teacher of ancient history. When he arrives home, he is kidnapped in a black car and take to a shrine. He is told a thousand year old legend about a girl that can save the capital, but in order to remember her hero must find an ancient sword. So he sets on a journey to find the sword.
System is bad and game is full of bugs including inability to finish the game and frequent game terminations. Patch fixes only ability to reach the ending, but those who managed to do it weren't impressed either with graphics or with a thousand year spurred love story. 


20. Ren'ai Chu! ~Kanojo no Himitsu wa Otoko no Ko?~ 恋愛CHU!~彼女の秘密はオトコのコ?~ [010323] Saga Planets
Main character enters an elite high school where all love affairs are restricted. He has a girl pen-friend who wants to meet him in real life, but he does not want to risk dropping out of school. One day a new transfer student comes to share a room with protagonist and suddenly embraces him! Transfer student turns out to the pen-friend girl who used her twin brother credentials to sneak into this school. Is this the beginning of the end or a new fun life adventure?
There were several games with trap characters, but can they compare with the charm of a reverse trap?! It's a love comedy, but PC version has even main heroine insult darker route. There are also six sub-heroines. Only main heroine has a satisfying good ending.


21. Taiho Shichauzo 逮捕しちゃうぞ [010330] HAMSTER Corporation 1 2
A police-themed adventure base on the manga and anime with the same title. The player takes on a role of a 24-year old rookie police officer who just graduated. The game starts with you coming to your new place at work, and the moment you arrive, a small incident occurs and you get misunderstood for a thief. After situation gets resolved, you get introduced into your new place of work and meet your colleagues, among others the two main heroines from the series: Tsujimoto Natsumi and Kobayakawa Miyuki. The game consists of two gameplay elements. Adventure mode which resembles a typical visual novel style with fully voiced dialogues for all but the main character, and animated portraits of characters currently speaking, as well as action choices during dialogues. Patrol mode features a patrol map of town where the player, along with Natsumi and Miyuki, is performing routine patrol work which may trigger an event scene or one of the mini-games. The points are also awarded for various different elements during patrol work.
Another anime spin-off


22. Brave Soul [010330] Crowd 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
It is a world very different from ours, a world in which magic exists, a world where peasants labor under the burden of heavy taxes imposed upon them by the unfair rulers of the land. Although the commoners have a difficult lot, there are those among them with the strength to use his sword and make a name for himself -- an adventurer. To be an adventurer is the dream of every peasant.
The story details the journey of a young man who was raised in the countryside of Souvania, on the continent of Valencia. Disowned by his own father and forced to make his way in life, he chooses to become a Hunter, a mercenary who accepts jobs for a variety of adventures. Heading into town to officially join the Hunter’s Guild with his dragon Shell at his side, he happens across a mysterious girl who looks strikingly like the Moon Goddess.
The Moon Goddess... Ever since he was young, a beautiful girl appears before him on nights of a full moon. Because of the mysterious manner of her appearance, he gave her her unique name. With the mysterious girl Alicia and dragon Shell at his side, as well as new characters he will join with later, our hero embarks on many bold adventures. But will he ever be able to solve the bizarre mystery of the beautiful Moon Goddess standing in the lake...?
Game is localized and has lots of English reviews.


23. Girl's Chat ~Wakariaetara~ ガールズ・チャット ~わかりあえたら~ [010330] Girl's Software
Main character's younger sister drops a membership card of the chat club "Girls Chat". Protagonist pretends to be his sister and uses membership card to become friends with chat regulars.
8 short scenarios 1-2 hours long even though the period is a whole month. Easy game with easy shift to H. Still game is more of a moege than a nukige, mostly thanks to cute character design and  great voicing.


24. Hinata no Oka ひなたのおか [010330] Pumpkin Software 1
Our hero is stricken with a fatal disease called "Heinemann's Disease." He returns to his hometown to bid his farewells. He is pleased to be among familiar faces, but learns that his first love has passed away from contracting the same disease. As his unfulfilled dreams tear at his heart, our hero begins to build relationships with different women. They confront him with their worries. As he goes about trying to help them, he begins to reconsider his own predicament in life. "Is it enough to merely exist until dying?" As our hero confronts death, his psychological portrayal is truly remarkable. 
Game proceeds by choosing icon on the map. What's surprising is the amount of uneventful small talk for a dying person. The number of heroines is just 3 instead of announced 5. Without patch game does not launch. There is no impact.


25. Kamaitachi ~Hiiro no Sakeme~ かまいたち~緋色の裂け目~ [010330] Bell-Da
Main character comes from an ancient clan and lives with three Shinto maiden sisters. He enters university and visits his home town. On the way back he learns about a strangely cruel murder - it looks like someone is trying to awaken Kamaitachi from the legend. He sees the rift that no ordinary person can see. He needs to enter it and oppose this occult plague himself.
Game is a choice ADV, but is mostly about battles with sexy opponents. Balance is very bad. One playthrough takes two hours for 5 in-game days (till hero becomes 20 years old).


26. Kanawanu Koi no Monogatari 叶わぬ恋の物語 [010330] Foster 1
Masayuki Asano is working at his father's architect office. Ritsuko is Masayuki's little sister; she is a college student. One day, Ritsuko doesn't come home. At first, Masayuki is angry, but he starts to worry about her because he hasn't heard from her for two days. Masayuki goes looking for his little sister. When he finally finds her, something isn't right. Ritsuko has lost her memory. Masayuki used to be her loving brother; now, he's just a stranger to her. They still live under the same roof, but what happened to Ritsuko? Will she get her memory back? Through many hardships, Masayuki and Ritsuko try to find the truth. What will their future hold ? This is a zapping style AVG.
Playthrough only takes 2 hours. There is zapping system, but there's no real need to zap points of view, story feels as a single road. There are very few choices, like six or so. And - usual for Foster - sudden H events are paid much more attention that text itself.


27. Love Love ☆ Strange Days らぶらぶ☆ストレンジDays [010330] Triangle
Main character fails university entrance exams and through an acquaintance gets a place at a boarding house. However, it turns out to be a boarding house dedicated to girls! Girls reject his company and try to drive him out! They don't even let him study. The only way out is to become friends with each of the girls. Is university entrance even possible in such circumstances?
Gag comedy, but with lots of H. Period is almost a year. Number of heroines is five, each with roughly 4 H events, many of which are presented thanks to loopholes in the walls. A light work, but repetitive and without a real story.


28. Onsen de Takkyuu 温泉DE卓球 [010330] Studio B-Room
Main character organizes a hot springs trip to advance relations with the girl he likes. To invite the girl he asks for his sister's help. But it turns out that sister has her own plans for the girl. Only table tennis match can determine who shares the room with the target girl.
Ok, I have not invented a category to block table tennis visual novels. But it does not mean I'll seriously discuss it.


29. Riddle in Riddle [010330] Ast 1
Our setting is 19th century Europe; a metropolis, where among the advancements of 
industrial revolution, prosperity and corruption live side by side. Our hero runs a detective agency
here in a city, that would remind one of London.
Everything from simple robberies, exterminations by organized crime, to incidents connected to the royal family come our hero's way. Many different types of requests are brought to Anthony.
In the beginning, Anthony had to solve the problems by himself; however with his growing business, he brings in a female partner to help him out. With this new partner's help, cases are cracked much more effectively. Special events also begin to happen with this added intimacy. 
This is a crime and mystery game, where trouble brings more trouble, and encounters bring even more encounters. Will you be able to solve all of the cases with your beautiful partner? 
System is quite irritating as each day there's the need to wander around time, sometimes in vain, and time for each incident is limited. Based on observation report is done, and if it's perfectly complete, the case is solved. So it's not a story-focused work, and thus not really interesting.


30. Suiso ~1/2 no Kiseki~ 水素~1/2の奇蹟~ [010330] e-Erekiteru
Main character who attends newspaper club matures along with the girls at school. He starts to see in them what he could not see. He starts to know them from the sides unknown before. Wait... what does he even know about girls?
Each of five heroines has some quirk in personality that starts to show up after start of dating. Difficulty is standard, but it's quite difficult to get to the preferred girl branch. There is a True End for each heroine if the critical choices are properly done, otherwise is the ordinary End. If the same girl route is entered after initial capture, there are more choices available, but the choices are mostly just for additional H scenes. The pace is quite bad and there's no special appeal.


1. Nekoneko ねこねこ [010301] Studio Til
This is a story about cat-girl Mia and her master in four chapters:
1. Mia finds a kitten Rin lying on the ground and takes her to the family.
2. Mia gets separated from her master and suffers from hunger and exhaustion alone.
3. Mia gets lost in the mountains in attempt to find her homeland. She is helped by a group of cats who live there.
4. Mia's journey is not over. There is still something to do to finish the journey. And that approaches with every step.
2. Kango Shichauzo 看護しちゃうぞ [010302] Trabulance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Life in the medical world can be interesting. Shortly after finally attaining his dream of becoming a doctor, Nakagawa Shinobu is asked to transfer to St. Michael's Nursing School as a substitute teacher. Since the person asking him to make this transfer is none other than Maioka Kaede, the first woman he ever fell in love with and also his own foster mother, how could he ever refuse?
The nursing school is full of young, beautiful nurses-in-training, complete with the cutest nurse outfits out there. Despite his desire to be a professional, Shinobu knows old feelings can be sparked back up with just a simple hit of a switch... making any kind of professionalism a thing of the past.
3. Shiritsu Taisei Gakuen Monogatari 私立大成学園物語 [010302] Swallowtail
Pure and innocent Nanami Yuu has just been enrolled at a private school, but it's not your average private school. Secret relationships, kidnapping, and sex are just some of the things going on at this school and Yuu is right in the middle of it. Will he be able to stay the pure virgin he is, or will he get eaten up by one of his fellow students?!
Boys Love
4. Canon IV キャノン フォー [010305] Digital Aniki
Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters.
5. Memories Off Festa メモリーズオフ -フェスタ- [010308] KID
A donjara game with Memories Off characters.
6. Kyouiku Jisshuu 2 ~Joshikousei Maniacs~ 教育実習2 ~女子校生マニアックス~ [010309] Tetratech
Main character is coming on a two-week practice to a girls' academy. He is absolutely shocked first by teachers and then by students behavior. He decides not to hold back if it's the nasty things that girls really desire.
7. Mix Party 2ND みっくすパーティー2ND [010310] PsG System Laboratory
A Hentai visual novel/RPG With characters from Leaf's visual novels.
8. Bukkake Tenshi Silky & Milky ぶっかけ天使シルキー&ミルキー [010316] Evolution
One night two lights jumped into main character's room. They turned into two girls - Silky and Milky. They are heavenly warriors chasing the runaway fallen angels. It turns out that protagonist happens to be the source of the energy required for their activities in the human world. Will girls catch fallen angel if hero complies?
9. Hiiro no Byoutou 緋色の病棟 [010316] Gaia 1
Our hero is admitted to the Tosei General Hospital with a slight lung ailment, only to be erroneously diagnosed as having contracted a serious cancer. He is informed that his mortal days of existence are numbered. No longer caring about consequences, he resolves that if he is going to die anyway, he will do all the things he was never able to, anyway he wishes. He wants to rape every girl that suits his fancy. As he wanders the hospital halls, he looks for opportunities to catch his targeted patients, nurses, and attending physicians. How many young and beautiful girls can you get within 2 weeks?
10. Sakura no Shizuku 桜のしずく [010316] Ail
Main character visits a town where grows a legendary sakura tree rumored to be over 1000 years old. He lives there peacefully until TV station crew arrives to the town. At that time protagonist's other personality suddenly awakens and starts to insult women regardless of his own intention. However, each time he insults a woman, he feels a shift in his other personality. Can he return back to normal?
12. Shi~mania Tenshi no Shizuku し~まにあ 天使の雫 [010316] Oz Project
Watch girls pee. Can you get a drop of an angel?
13. Konbini こんびに [010318] Katokichi
Main character lives in Chiba Prefecture and gets a job at a food shop. But he suffers from loneliness and is about to go to Okinawa where his neighbor Shinichi is supposed to get a job. But suddenly Shinichi arrives at the same food shop, and days obtain a much brighter coloring.
Boys Love
14. Kemono Hime けもの姫 [010319]  NenGollo Software
The royal castle is infiltrated, and virgin princess body gets violated hard with six possible outcomes.
15. Power Pro Kun Pocket 3 パワプロクンポケット3 [010321] Konami
Power Pro Kun team faces a new challenge - Propeller team from Power Pro Kun 1 gets dominated by an evil organization and threatens to corrupt sports world.
Gameboy exclusive
16. Doura III ~Kairaiai~ 瞳裸III~傀儡哀~ [010323] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1
In order to prove the correctness of philosophy (alchemy) to the world, our hero has tried to complete his perfect cyborg, Aria. Our hero, Mislandia, has given the cyborg magic stones for eyes. It will take 30 days to prepare the necessary conditions to create "Doura," Cyborgs are expensive to make. He must have capital, and he must collect materials he will need. Our hero must also raise the power level in his cyborg assistant. In order to reach his goal, our hero has chosen to open a sex item shop.
17. Innocent Family innocentふぁみりぃ [010323] Nekotama
What is the definition of a family? Blood bonds? Mamoru has fun with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law every day. It's not a usual family, but he swore to protect and love the people who are important to him. There are also girls outside his house, so his life can get a bit noisy, but he can handle it, no worries.
18. Kairaku ~Haitoku no Tsubasa~ 快落 ~背徳の翼~ [010323] Rouge
The world where angels and demons live in constant struggle. Main character is an angel who gets captured by demons turning into a fallen angel getting accustomed to local life flow. One day two more angels get captured - protagonist's older sister and former lover - but he can't recognized them after his memory is erased. He gets a task to taint both girls and train them into fallen angels...
19. Mofuku no Gibo 喪服の義母 [010323] Penguin Works
One day main character's father suddenly dies in an traffic accident. But cruel father leaves his young and beautiful widow behind. Step-mother, childhood friend and a teacher - what do they all find in protagonist?
20. Warawanai Erika 笑わないエリカ [010323] Penguin Works
Main character's beloved sister Erika dies of heart disease. He lost all the motivation, but his part-time job of private tutor gradually helps him recover. Can he find his other self?
21. Yasou Bunkasai 夜想文化祭 [010323] Peach
Main character is forced to be in cultural festival executive commission in his new school. In such position girls who rely on protagonist show up. Can he meet their expectations and bring the festival to a success? At the same time a suspicious person tempts protagonist every night. Is her true intention to corrupt him? What choices will he make?
22. Love Hina - Smile Again ラブひな スマイル・アゲイン [010329] Sega
Gameplay is mostly just dialogue, but it has a few mini-games and the storyline can be changed based on a luck system. You take control over Keitaro and talk with the girls in Hinata House. Game starts with a menu screen, where you can choose between Story mode, Message Cards or Gallery Mode (Purikura). The story mode has 9 chapterss; Naru's Story, Mutsumi's Story, Motoko's Story, Kitsune's Story, Suu's Story, Shinobu's Story, Muzuho's Story, Bonus Story and Omake.
Omake is the last chapter and you can only unlock it if you get a 100% score on the Story mode by completing the other chapters. Each chapter turns into a gold colored square when you have completed it.
23. Sentimental Graffiti ~Yakusoku~ センチメンタルグラフティ 〜約束〜 [010329] Interchannel 1 2
Sentimental Graffiti Yakusoku is a sound novel game based on the Sentimental Graffiti series of dating simulation games. It is not actually a game, it is more like a text novel with voice-over about the first meeting of protagonist and each of twelve girls during childhood.
There is only one CG for each girl and the background is just the place where the conversation or action takes place.
24. Ecchi na Bunny-san wa Kirai? エッチなバニーさんは嫌い? [010330] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Yukari Fujisawa had no idea what he was signing up for when he started working at the trendiest new restaurant in town, "Platinum."
Platinum is a very classy, upscale place, catering to those with plenty of money in their pockets. And the gorgeous women working there all dress in bunny costumes! But these gorgeous girls aren't your average bunny girls -- they're incredibly horny! As Yukari works alongside these sexy girls, they begin to let him know just how exciting they can be. Apparently you need quite the libido to be a bunny girl, and these girls seem to have some really unique desires.
25. Kisaku 鬼作 [010330] Elf
Kisaku, professional letch and all-purpose pervert, is the best when it comes to blackmailing the local women into performing lurid sex acts. While quality is preferable over quantity, Kisaku has some plans for both. 
26. Kiss x 100 GiriGiri na Onna-tachi KISS×100 GiriGiriな女達 [010330] Winters 1
Keiichi has been an only child until his father remarries. All of a sudden, he ends up with 3 stepsisters. Time passes on and Keiichi reaches adolescence. He begins to learn about sexual passion from his stepsisters. We find him spending his days and nights in passionate lovemaking with his 2 sisters, Mikage and Hitoyo. What's more, his stepmother, Mina is added to the list. Keiichi's sister Luli cannot put up with this. She tries to put a stop to this nonsense
27. Nayu-chan no Yuuutsu 奈夕ちゃんのユウウツ [010330] Honey Dip
Main character is a psychiatrist, and Nayu-chan is his assistant. They use new mental extension device SECOM at treatment sessions. With its help they listen to girls troubles and lift mental suffering. However, there is a suspicious organization that aims at SECOM device. Will protagonist protect Nayu-chan and SECOM while solving patients' problems?
28. Paro Special! Oui Soudatsusen パロスペシャル! 王位争奪戦 [010330] Omni-sha
Underground military base is visited by the princess. Unexpectedly alarm is triggered and base becomes sealed while regime enemies show up. Main character needs to protect the princess and manage to escape in a week's time, or she can't attend coronation and conspiracy faction takes the lead. Luckily all the base personnel are women, so it may be possible to find non-violent solution for some of them.  
29. Vanishing/I's [010330] Gastro
Main character lives peacefully with his sister after loosing both parents. But one day beloved sister dies as well. The autopsy shows that sister bore a child. To avenge humiliation and death of his sister, protagonist infiltrates her education facility. He chooses the means to insult the officials who could not notice sister's despair and that way approach the real culprit.


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