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Physical visual novel news for Febuary 2019 (ongoing)

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The kickstarter for Irotoridori no Sekai now has 18 days left with 37.500/85.000, hopefully they manage to get it funded for an english release. Unfortunatly the funding needed to get the sequal and the fandisc are quite high and very unlikely to be met, though they did mention that they will look into other ways to get them funded than through this campaign if the goals aren't meet.

According to J-list my Grisaia complete box has now been shipped. There have also been a bunch of people saying that they have goten it as well as some pictures, so it is pretty safe to assume that they have actually managed to ship out Grisaia complete box this time, hopefully I get mine the next week. Hopefully this also means that there won't be major delays on their other physicals from kickstarter. 

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