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9 -Nine- Episode 1: Hoshizora Miyako Review

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Foreword - No VNTS again, so you know what it means (I'll write another my own VNTS Review here). Either way, I hope that you'll enjoy this week VNTS Review even though I'm quite late here.

Since yesterday we have Chinese New Year, I'd been quite busy for two days beforehand so I'm sorry for being late here. Also happy Chinese New Year to anyone else who celebrated it, including me. As for the title, since we have Nine first part released I thought that it would be the best to parodied Nine first episode along with both of the main heroines of that work (Kujou Miyako) and Smile PreCure (Hoshizora Miyuki) into the combined name '9 -Nine- Episode 1: Hoshizora Miyako' because both of their character designer (Izumi Tsubasu for Miyako and Kawamura Toshie for Miyuki) work together in Mashiro Iro Symphony anime, and more importantly both of Miyako and Miyuki did share same seiyuu (Fukuen Misato). My ramble aside, I really like that finally Sol Press did their move on both of their rather big announcements (Irotoridori Kickstarter (KS) and Hitotsuba release) and that they already aggressive on that so we should be more interested with them in the future. Other than Sol Press big move, we have usual fan translation updates along with some updates from Nekonyan so let's see what I can write for this VNTS Review here.

First of all I knew that Pulltop did delay their release for their Konosora FD into February because they'd await Steam approval, which is we knew is been indecisive in regard of the censorship. My feeling in regard of that was quite mixed to be honest because while this could be a good slap for Pulltop to not release their work on Steam and started to sell their uncensored VNs on any other store (Beside Steam), this announcement could also mean that some developer would be over censor their localized VNs in order to fulfill Steam's indecisive censorship policy. In the end while I didn't look forward to Konosora FD much, I just hope that we still can see more VNs on Steam despite some happening like HGB and Konosora FD here.

We also have Noraneko release announcement here, and let's just said that we better wait for Senren Banka because the three heroines of Noraneko did share same seiyuu as Senren Banka (Kirihana, Sendai, and Kotori Yuka). One more reason for that is because it'll be censored according to the opening that I saw in which they use seiyuu's real name instead of their pseudonym (I did see that they list 'Eri Sendai' instead of 'Haruka Sora', in which the latter is Sendai's pseudonym in the eroge's credit), which mean that they'll release PS4 version instead of the default 18+ version. Let's just hope that they uploaded the wrong opening (Because they deleted the opening) and that they'll release 18+ version later, because I can see that the team could fix their mistake in regard of their introduction intro at their website so at least they should be able to hear some feedback from the fans.

From Sekai we have Nine first episode released with the premise the MC who is full voiced (His seiyuu is Atsuhi Abe if you curious) did caught up in mysterious incident case, and while at it he encountered some people with superpower. While this is definitely a VN with interesting premise and have the art drawn by Izumi Tsubasu to boot (The art is very good), it's quite unfortunate that Nine here is the episodic VN which mean that currently the story is still incomplete although from what I see apparently each episode will cover one heroine. In this case the main heroine for the Episode 1 here would be Kujou Miyako who is a rich businessman daughter and yet she's like to live humbly and very calculating when spending the money. In any case, we need to wait for 2020 (Estimation) if we want to enjoy it fully because even Palette didn't create the 4th episode yet, and even longer if we rely on the translated version like us because we wouldn't know if Sekai will announce the rest of Nine here (They should announce those parts if they want to sell the complete story). Have fun to anyone else who already been interested into Nine, despite that it's still the first chapter.

From fan translation, we have Eustia was at 65.82% translated along with 45.86% edited and 44.47% TLC-ed, Harugi's overall was at 55% translated with Shino's route was at 96% translated and Branch was at 47% translated (Along with 47% TLC-ed) - I'm kind of curious of how the progress will be going after Shino's route is finished, Watamasu was at 42% translated, Higurashi Yoigoshi's patch was released and the current progress for Tokihogushi was fully ported, 4,719 lines from Pure x Connect were translated along with 1,258 lines of it were edited, Relaxation Yuka was at 66.46% translated, and Hoshiori's overall was at 70.84% translated with Touko's route was fully translated (We may have Touko's patch at this weekend, although I didn't know for certain though). I think that's all for fan translation updates.

We have some updates from Nekonyan, in which we have Fureraba FD as their next release. As for their other updates, we have Aokana was at past halfway (60%) translated along with 20% edited and Sukiren was reach 90% mark translated along with halfway edited. From Sol Press we have Hitotsuba exact release date in which they'll release it at 15th later so at least we can treat it as Valentine's gift from Sol Press, and they already set the store at Steam (Good that it's still not banned) so you should pre-order that if you interested with the VN. I admit that the costumes were not as interesting as Aokana, but perhaps this one could be interesting seeing that it involving plane fight as the in-game fictional sport so that you can try Hitotsuba while we waiting for Aokana (Quite fitting seeing that Hitotsuba has been called as the second Aokana).

For the biggest news from Sol Press, we have them set up the KS for Irotoridori with rather sizeable base goal at 85,000 with the stretch goal was to released two FDs (Or sequels) at 170,000 for Hikari and 215,000 for Akai. I knew that some people did treat Irotoridori as trilogy, but apparently Favorite did sell Hikari as the FD. As for the release estimation, it'll be at December 2021 later which while I think it's too long actually it's quite reasonable time frame because it'll took many times to translate all of trilogy there. Personally I'm fine with the first part only though because it's been too much dying projects there, although obviously it's very good if Sol Press want to translate all of the trilogy. Good luck to the KS there and I hope it'll be successful for the sake of the one who wait for Irotoridori. As for the current funds, right now the KS managed to gather 28,277 out of 85,000 which is quite good for the first part here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next time.

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