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Physical visual novel news for January 2019

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The kickstarter for Irotoridori is planned to start Febuary 4. I think it will be interesting to see how it goes especially since the sequal and fandisc is going to be stretch goals. Personally I probably won't back it though since I already own the physical japanese version.


Frontwing has just released a new update with new plans for when things will ship. While this is generally a good thing I doubt they will manage to follow this plan due to the sheer amount of delays we have faced so far. Well if by some miracle they actually manage to follow their plan I just need to wait a bit more for my Grisaia complete box. 


From Denpasoft there are news of the physical copies of Love's sweet garnish being shipped.


Jast USA is currently having a sale on physical copies which last from now until Febuary 11. Link is https://www.jlist.com/c/j-list-visual-novel-sale

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