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Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #17



Shoutout to littleshogun for being the only person who commented on my previous entry :badnicoman:


Now that their part is done they all head over to the snow festival to have some fun. They start by taking turns as reporters talking about the snow sculptures for their documentary. Momiji is a natural, but Mizu-nee, however...


Mizuha: "...why are you all laughing? Huh... my word usage? I can't help it, I've never played the role of a reporter before. I-if you're going to laugh, why don't one of you do it instead...!"

So Yuzuki replaces her but quickly gets flustered


Yuzuki: "Uhhh... I can't do it anymore... Hinata-chan, your turn~"

Hinata just does her genki thing. Probably not very reporter-like, but at least she's confident about it. And when it's finally Bethly's turn she just talks about pancakes. :makina: Can't really fault her too too much, seeing as how she's supposedly still not very good at Japanese... not that you'd immediately be able to tell by the way she talks most of the time, but every now and then Yukito has to explain a word to her and she definitely has more pauses in her lines than other characters. Meanwhile people going up to the top of the mountain are fascinated by their drawing.

Also I found a bug. When going from the day they were drawing to the day of the festival, the date change from February 6th to February 8th, which originally made me think they slept for a day or something lol. But once this scene ends and the day changes again, it goes from February 7th to February 16th. Also wtf, they skip Valentines day?

On the 16th, Bethly comes into Yukito's room to ask him something.


Bethly: "Is it... really alright for me to accept this...?"

Apparently when the festival had a photographer going around photographing stuff, she was so touched by the snowflake that she donated a huge printout of the photo she took of it to the festival committee, and they gave it to Bethly. So Yukito reassures her that everyone wants her to have it, especially since she's not going to be staying in Japan for much longer. He also just so happens to have DVD of the documentary ready to give her. Apparently it's a special cut of it, since they haven't actually finished editing it yet but he wanted to hurry and get a copy for Bethly. That makes it sound like she's leaving really soon...


Bethly: "I'll take them back with me... the photo, the DVD, and all the memories I've made... I'll take them all back to Canada with me and treasure them... to help... me endure the loneliness..."


Yukito: "I'll definitely come see you. Will you wait for me until then?"


Bethly: "Yes... I'll wait for you..."

Apparently his plan is to finish one more  year of high school, and then (after not failing his entrance exams this time) go to university in Canada. "Tronto" arc coming up next hype?? Also song incoming hype??? For those of you that don't know, Tone Work's game have pretty good image songs, and the ones for Ginharu are especially great if you like jpop. Here's a link to the playlist:


They're what made me want to read Hoshi Ori and Ginharu in the first place. And one of Bethly's songs is about a girl greeting her beloved at the airport, so...

In the meantime they have one last h-scene :makina:



And so we skip to 4 days later when Bethly is leaving and everyone's at the airport to see her off.


Hinata: "...but I'll miss you... can't you get your stay extended by a year or something?"

Unfortunately she can't.


Bethly: "Once I'm back in Canada, I'll tell everyone in my family... that in Japan I have a sunny friend named Hinata"

D'aw. Best girls gotta stick together.


Bethly: "Yuzuki... my cute little sister"

She praises Yuzuki's cooking and they promise to cook for each other again.


Bethly: "Momiji... I still remember when you talked to me in middle school"


Bethly: "You were my first friend in Japan. Do you want to be... my friend forever?"


Momiji: "Of course, Bethly"


Mizuha: "Thanks for all the happy memories. I've been away from the rink for a while, but I have something really important instead"

I completely forgot that the reason she's even here is because she got injured, otherwise she'd be over in Russia or whatever.

Finally, it's Yukito's turn.


Bethly: "...I'm not going to say farewell"

And then they kiss


Yuzuki: "Kya..."


Momiji: "Waa..."


Mizuha: "H-how bold...!?"


The VA just reads out the onomatopoeia for whistling, but I choose to believe that Hinata's literally just wolf-whistling at them.


Bethly: "...that wasn't a farewell kiss, but a promise kiss"


Yukito: "Yeah... it's a promise. I'll definitely come to see you. So you have to wait for me too"

When she gets back to Canada, she apparently makes her dad the best cup of coffee he's ever had. She explains it by telling him that she was always the one who made the coffee, and that Maria taught her. Her dad even remembers Maria. When she shows her the photo of their snow painting, he tells her that it looks like her mother's art, which I'm sure is a great compliment for her. They talk about her mother for a bit, and then it fades to white as she recalls her mother explaining to her how snow is formed.


"We were able to complete it thanks to Yukito and everyone else"


"The mote of dust that is me encountered Yukito and everyone else, and grew into a beautiful snowflake"


"This snowflake won't melt or disappear"


"It will always shine a gin'iro light"

TL note: "gin'iro" means "silver"


"Forever and ever, into the haruka future..."

TL note: "haruka" means "distant"

I think they namedropped the title at the very beginning, but here it is again. And yes, that's basically the only reason I bothered to include this part :makina:



Hina is visiting Yuzuki because she's worried about her mock exam. Yuzuki's mom asks what she plans to do in the future and Hina mentions that Momiji went to university in Tokyo. And considering Yukito hasn't shown up yet, perhaps he's already in Canada? And then just as they mention him, they get a phone call.


Hinata: "Hellooo, senpai♪ It's been a while♪"

Apparently it's been 5 months since he graduated, and has been living in Toronto since April (it's currently July 9th). But since classes don't start until September, he's been taking English classes in the meantime.


Hinata: "So what you're saying is you've been going on dates with Bethly-san every day, right?"

However Yukito tells her that Alberta is pretty far from Toronto, and they haven't met up yet. Oh yeah, I guess now that he mentions it she is from Alberta. And Alberta and Toronto really aren't close. I dunno why it took me this long to realize that him going to Toronto doesn't automatically mean meeting her.

After he asks them if their studying is going well, Hina wants to know how hard it is to go to university abroad. When Yuzuki asks her if she wants to study abroad she says she's just wondering. But perhaps she really does have some country in mind? Maybe we'll find out when we do her route. He also tells her in Canada universities don't have entrance exams, but rather decide based on your high-school grades.


Hinata: "Uwaaa... if that's the case, then I'd definitely get rejected"


Yuzuki: "Work hard for Bethly-san's sake, onii-chan!"


Hinata: "Use your lovey-dovey power, senpai!"

Once they're done with the call, we get...


Good old "Tronto" :makina: Though to be fair, if you only heard a Torontonian pronounce Toronto, you'd think it's spelled "Tronto" too.

As Bethly's image song starts playing :sacchan:

The first scene that we get is Bethly's dad driving her to the university dorm


Brian: "It's written all over your face. "I can't wait to get to the dorm""


Bethly: "Huh... t-that's not true. I've always thought that it's lonely to live away from you-"

That hair, though.


Brian: "Yeah, I get it. But you're excited for your new life, right?"


Bethly: "That's..."


Brian: "Sounds like I hit the nail on the head"


Bethly: "Yeah... I'm really looking forward to my life as a university student"


Brian: "I've already send you off twice. The first time was in middle school, and you were all anxious and looked like the world was about to end"


Brian: "The second time was when you were going as an exchange student. It wasn't as bad as the first time, but you still looked uneasy"


Brian: "But this time is different. You look full of hope"

They eventually hit some traffic, and Bethly says that she'll walk the rest of the way, especially since it's a workday and her dad needs to get back to work. She arrives at her dorm room.

Unfortunately the music ends here. A bit anticlimactic, to be honest. I remember skipping through Marika's route in Hoshi Ori and her song plays when she's literally singing it on-stage, so I suppose I was expecting something a bit more grandiose.


Bethly: "...umm"

That's a cute dress Bethly's wearing. And I guess this is her roommate? She introduces herself as Lilian Ryu (sounds sorta Chinese I guess? Can confirm there are plenty of Chinese people in Canada) and because Bethly mentioned she's from Alberta...


Lilian: "...Alberta's really rural, right, is it just filled with bears and deer?"

So if they're not in Alberta right now...

Anyway, Lilian establishes some rules. Lights-out at 1 am. No all-nighters. Phones in bed are fine but only under the covers so that you're not lighting up the whole room. No using each-other's stuff without permission.


"...this girl is very strict..."

And the last rule is absolutely no bringing guys over. (But girls are fine, presumably? :makina: )

When Bethly hangs her photo on the wall, Lilian asks about it so Bethly tells her about her trips to Japan.


Lilian: "...it's really pretty"

Okay, good. For a second there I was worried she was going just going to be an insufferable asshole, but maybe she's not going to be so bad.

Then Lilian proposes they go to a welcome party that's being held for new students as it will give them a chance to have fun and meet people. Once they're back from the party, Lilian is wasted but Bethly didn't drink because the drinking age in Ontario (I'm starting to get the feeling that she might be in Toronto :makina: ) is 19 and she's a law-abiding citizen... But if she's under 19 now, and it's been "a few years" since the previous route... *police sirens sound in the distance*

They also won some prizes from playing bingo at the party. Bethly got a T-shirt and sunglasses, both with the Canadian flag on them. Lilian jokingly suggest that Bethly should wear them to the entrance ceremony (not actually a thing in Canada, at least not in my university), but then suggest they give it to an exchange student, which gets Bethly thinking...


Bethly: "...then I should give it to Yukito..."


Lilian: "Is that... the Japanese exchange student?"


Lilian: "You're trying to get with him, aren't you?"


Bethly: "That's not really what I..."


Lilian: "He definitely seemed nice. Very attentive, bright and friendly."

I guess it's confirmed, she is in fact in Toronto... not that there was ever much doubt :^)


Lilian: "Hey, if you don't want that stuff, you can give it to me"


Lilian: "Since you're not trying to get with him, I think I might give it a try"


Bethly: "N-no way!"


Lilian: "So you are trying to get with him?"

After some back and forth where Lilian tries to get Bethly to spit it out


Bethly: "He... I'm... we're already dating..."


Lilian: "Huuuuuuh!?"


Lilian: "Dating, when you've only been here a few hours!?"

I don't know if she's that drunk or just stupid... maybe a bit of both.


Lilian: "Amazing... you're surprisingly promiscuous"


Bethly: "I-I'm not...!?"


Lilian: "That Yukito is something else too. I didn't think he was such a player. Maybe his friendliness is just an act to get girls..."


Lilian: "Listen, Bethly. I know that when you're a freshman you just want to have fun. But picking a good guy is really important, don't you think?"


Lilian: "Oh yeah, you mentioned that you went to Japan as an exchange student"


Lilian: "Did you feel nostalgic when you saw a Japanese guy? But you can't just jump into bed with the first Japanese guy you see"

In the end, Bethly never gets a chance to properly explain.


We then skip to 10 days later, and we're back to Yukito's perspective. He's rudely awoken by the obnoxious snoring of his roommate, whom he promptly wakes up.


Emir: "...who are you...?"

The dude is like me in the morning, completely out of it. Also I think that's a South African flag? They talk about some stuff, including the drinking age in South Africa, Yukito gives him a drink that he calls the "alarm clock" which is 50% energy drink and 50% freezer pop which wakes him right up. As they're headed to class Yukito tells him how there aren't enough hours in the day to do all the volunteering, studying, and extracurricular activities he wants to do, so he has to cut down on sleep time.


Emir: "But don't you want to be fast asleep in a nice, warm bed?"


Emir: "...maybe next to a pretty girl, that would be perfect. For example... one of them"

He points to two girls


"A platinum blonde white girl and a black-haired asian girl"

Platinum blonde? Please. If that's platinum blonde then I'm a ginger. (I'm not a ginger, by the way. My hair is basically Emir's hair)


"When they noticed us, the girls started to whisper and laugh."


Emir: "H-hey, look! Those girls looked at me and laughed!"

>tfw you're surprised when girls aren't immediately repulsed by you

Too real 1


"The white girl gave us a small wave, and the asian girl winked and blew us a kiss"


Emir: "Hey! She waved at me! And the other one blew a kiss!"


Emir: "Maybe they're hitting on me!? Hey, what do you think!?"


Yukito: "...who knows"

What he doesn't say is that they were gesturing to him, not Emir. Since this is like 10 days later, I'm assuming Bethly finally explained the nature of their relationship to Lilian and introduced the two, especially since he knew Lilian's name. A little disappointing that we don't get to see their reunion.

The two get lunch after their class, and turns we find out that Yukito uses an audio recorder to record lessons since his English still isn't that good and he needs to relisten to some parts. Meanwhile Emir explains that even though he skips a bunch of classes and spends his time getting drunk, he's doing well in classes because one of his drinking buddies is an upperclassman and he gave him a memory card with a ton of essays. If this were my university he'd get kicked out in a heartbeat if he tried to submit those, but apparently he doesn't just copy-paste them but merely uses them as a reference. And as he's handing it over to Yukito...


Lilian: "What are you two conspiring about?"

Yukito tries to play it off as the recording of a rugby game


Lilian: "Hmm... this isn't some weird porno, is it?"


Yukito: "N-no, it's not! Right, Emir?"

But he's speechless, because...


Emir: "You're the two girls I saw this morning! Hey, you're the one that waved at me!"

Poor guy


Emir: "Wait, why are you talking to Yukito so casually!?"


Lilian: "That's because we're really close. We spent a night together"


Bethly: "Lilian... he's going to misunderstand..."


Lilian: "We partied until morning during the welcome party, so I guess you could say we spent the night together"

With that misunderstanding out of they way Emir and the ladies get introduced to one-another and somehow Yukito and Bethly end up making plans to study together in the cafeteria.


Lilian: "Okay, okay, are you done arranging your date?"

Lilian and Bethly end up having to go to class, so...


Emir: "It's decided! I'm going to get a girlfriend too!"

Well, I kind of doubt they'll add another sprite to the game, and Bethly's taken, and Lilian... something tells me she's not interested in Emir that way. So this guy's chances aren't looking good :makina:

When Yukito shows up in the cafeteria in the evening, he spots a strange girl...


Yukito: "Nice sunglasses"

They talk about Emir and Lilian and how they'd make a great couple because they both love getting wasted, then talk about how they missed each other. I suppose they've been pretty busy so they might not have had much time to talk.


Bethly: "I'm really happy... that you came to Canada"


Yukito: "Of course, I promised... that I'd come be by your side"

And then naturally they start making out in the middle of the cafeteria.


"This kiss after a year and a half's wait was sweet as maple syrup..."

The last entry was really long because I basically spent all Saturday reading so I think I'm going to stop this one here before it gets too long.



Recommended Comments

Thanks for the shoutout there.

Anyway now that I took a look at Emir and tone work's male character, I think we find anther tone work's interest in which they like to draw handsome male (From the look) with glasses (Kishi and Sugiyama in HatsuKoi, Shuuchi in Hoshiori, Emir in Ginharu, and Tajima in the 4th VN (Tsukikana)). It's not like I have any problem with that though, just something that I want to point out here because the designer may like male with glasses. I like that in Ginharu we have more side characters get the sprites while at the same time keep the Hoshiori writing (Presumably), because while HatsuKoi here is infamous to be bad at the writing actually they did the good job for designing sprites for side characters while in Hoshiori we only saw three side characters got the sprites. Abut the image songs, I think they also learned from HatsuKoi as well in which they understand that they couldn't force the karaoke scenes for each heroines in order to promote the image songs (The image songs is good though and it's logical to have the heroine singing), so that they tried to insert when the story abut to enter the climax at Hoshiori (Except Misa's in which it's her mid ending song) and that apparently they decided to use Hoshiori's approach for Bethly's route here (I can't say about the other routes though).

For the last word here, once again good commentary.

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