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Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc Chapter 4: Wagamama High Spec

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Foreword - Still no VNTS at 2019 here because admin Tay was still missing leaving the webpage remain unfixed, so here's my first VNTS Review for this year and I hope you'll enjoy this.

Welcome to my first VNTS Review for 2019 here, and as for the first VNTS in this year to be blunt it's very dry seeing that there's almost no updates from official localization companies. Of course it mean that at least we still have some usual update from fan translation, albeit only usual one. Speaking about the fan translation updates, this week title was reflecting the first update from Tsurezure at 2019 and seeing that Trip started his work on Touko's route it mean that the pattern title will be 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc', and the VN in question for this chapter would be Wagahigh. While at first I chose Wagahigh because the writer for Touko's route is the same one as one of Wagahigh writer (Nissy), this review made me think that Wagahigh here would be more fitting title seeing that Touko here is like someone who want to get her own way at first (Her first song even have 'Wagagmama' word), and that she have excellent talented because otherwise she wouldn't getting scouted into becoming the club member after she defeated all sports club captains in the school. My rambling about Wagahigh meaning aside, let's see what update that we have for this week even though once again it's quite lacking.

Seeing that Steam got active to remove another store page for this nukige, safe to day that there's no December release so we must wait longer if we want to purchase it - not that it didn't make official release is less redundant seeing that we already have one released as fan patch beforehand. We also have estimation date of Majokoi from the leaked picture here at Q1 of this year, although seeing that we still didn't have the announcement from Sekai yet (Not to mention that there's still no Steam store for this unlike Nanairo) perhaps we should wait and see until they'll announce it by themselves. We also have Pulltop announced the plan to release Konosora FD at this month, although unfortunately it might be not worth it though seeing that they decided to release the original version with the sex contents was cut (Their usual tactic) instead of releasing the console version (Cruise Sign) like back at Cross Channel (Translation issue aside) that did have Akari's route addition. What I can say is that while I knew that there's a reason of why Pulltop couldn't localize Cruise Sign easily, it's still their fault for not having the sex scenes localized. Almost forget to inform that Bell Chime for Gold spinoff Kickstarter was succeeded with the fund gathered was at around 220,000, so congratulation for that. 

As for fan translation roundup of updates, we have Yoigoshi was at 36% edited, Eustia was at 61.39% translated, Harugi's overall was at 42% translated with Shino's route was at 19% translated, Nursery Rhyme was at 55% edited, and Loverable was at 32.15% QC-ed. I'd forget to announced that Witch Garden project was dropped according to the translator at his forum post here, so it's quite unfortunate that we wouldn't get Witch Garden in English here (Hope that somebody will pick this in the future). For additional update here, we have Tsurezure did have translated Touko's route and that turned out Trip did some work on translation even after he did say that he took a break, and as for the progress as of now overall Hoshiori did past 60% mark (60.4%) translated with Touko's route was already at almost 40% (37.77%) translated which is quite substantial for the work that was done at the break.

That's all for first VNTS Review at 2019, and sorry for once again quite short here. See you next week.

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